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This post is sponsored by Kraut Rocks

I've written about the semi-complicated process of sponsored posts. I love them, I need them, I also kind of fear them because I tend to overthink them. What if the client hates it? What if you guys hate it? Cue the self-doubt-fueled writer's block gaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

But then sometimes a sponsored post comes along that involves hanging out with an old friend, gossiping, drinking beer and cooking mussels and hot dogs and sauerkraut over an open flame on a bar counter wait WHAT.

There's a month-long sauerkrautaganza going on in D.C. right now called Kraut Rocks. Top Chef's Spike Mendolsohn is the host and several other local chefs are featuring their take on sauerkraut on their menus. I was asked to write a post about it. 

Amy's Mouth: Sure! Why not?

Amy's Brain: Why not? You mean other than the little fact that you don't particularly like sauerkraut? 

Amy's Wallet: QUIET, YOU FOOL.

At first I thought maybe I would do a cooking demonstration of my own, or we could visit one of the participating restaurants and photograph me attempting to gain a new appreciation of sauerkraut the superfood, but then when I saw the final list of chefs I remembered that OH YEAH, THIS HAPPENED

"This" = appearing as a judge on an episode of Throwdown With Bobby Flay, once a upon a time, a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away where I only had ONE CHILD and was only about 10 weeks pregnant with Ezra. 

As I (repeatedly) mentioned in my posts about it, Throwdown judges are punked right along with the local chef. In our case, the local chef was Teddy Folkman of Granville Moore's. We've been buds ever since. 

(You may also remember him — or a totally unfairly edited, pretty much fictional version of him — from The Next Food Network Star. He's shrugged that one off; I still get rage-face-y over it. SHUT UP TELEVISION YOU ARE FULL OF LIES.)


(Holy cats, this is the longest wind-up ever, no?)

Teddy seemed like 1) the perfect person to re-introduce me to the wonders of the kraut, and 2) the perfect opportunity to get paid for doing something I'd totally do for free. 

In this case, consume some alcohol and then come dangerously close to setting my hair on fire.


(Look at those percentages. LOOK AT THEM.)


(Look at how well this could end. LOOK AT IT.)

Teddy, being awesome AND a fairly regular, long-time reader of this very blog, came up with a pantry-raid idea for our little cooking experiment. He grabbed a ton of typical kid-friendly ingredients and other stuff most of us are likely to have on hand, and proceeded to explain that you could make a broth for mussels (his specialty) with just about all of them. 


Right down to the dehydrated cheese packet in a box of macaroni-and-cheese.

(Cook milk, butter and shredded real cheese with powdered cheez product, add mussels, serve over the pasta and favorite chopped herbs.)


It was like an episode of Chopped. Only drunk. 

Then he put me to work on our Frankenkraut creation.


My crowning contribution to the proceedings: I can chop hot dog coins like nobody's bizness, yo. 

He offered to let me actually cook the mussels, at which point I put down the knife and laffed and laffed, because dude. I like you. I really don't want to burn your restaurant down.

So, into the pan went:



Hot dogs


Spicy mustard

An apple juice box

Beer (a pilsner)

And mussels.


You guys.




These suckers smelled amazing. The sauerkraut broth? So full of win. I loved it. I am totally stealing it. I am brining my Thanksgiving turkey in it. I am going on a sauerkraut recipe bender AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME. 


*drops mic*

Here's a video of Teddy making another version of kraut mussels and then drinking beer with Spike, Mike Isabella and Ryan Wheeler. So basically a recreation of our cooking session, only with more talent and dignity.

(Locals can actually order this dish at Granville Moore's this month...the rest of you GET IN THE KITCHEN AN' MAKE ME SUM MUSSELS)

Giveaway! Check out the recipes and pick a favorite. Tell me which it is and win a $100 prize pack (t-shirt, coffee mug, one of those beer steins from the video that I am TOTALLY COVETING and a restaurant gift card).





I'm torn between Teddy's mussels and Mike's PORK BELLY tacos! Maybe Mike wins just because it's pork belly? Must go try them out...


I'm a true PA Dutch girl with a huge appreciation for sauerkraut... so, I would go for the more traditional Pork Loin Kraut from Chef Ian Reeve. In fact, after reading it, I just might try it soon... have a jar of REAL kraut from the Amish waiting to be put to good use.

Last time I made Pork and Sauerkraut, I added some leftover Sangria (I know, how did I possibly have LEFTOVER Sangria??). It was ahmazeballs.


After all that talk about mussels it has to be Folkman's recipe. Want now.


I have a love for kraut because I grew up eating it. I mean, my grandma canned it herself so it has to be good, right? Anywho, we traditionally eat it New Year's Day... some sort of good luck thing. I don't know, I just love me some kraut.

Of the recipes, I think the Sauerkraut Scotch Egg recipe sounds amazing and interesting. Sauerkraut sausage?! I've been in love with scotch eggs since a tailgate way back in grad school (don't judge... it was good)


I don't care for kraut much, unless it's in a Rubin. I am dying to try the Soupe A L'Oignon. I'm a suck for French Onion soup and this is right up my ally.


The Soupe a l'oignoin looks fantastic. As my husband says, "cheese and onions make everything taste great."


Kraut is one of my favourite foods and I have yet to encounter it in a way I did not loooooooooove. Incidentally, this may be a way to do that, but that's because I firmly believe mussels are Not Food.


Due to living far from the ocean and the dubiousness of "fresh" seafood here, I have to choose the pork loin kraut. I like sauerkraut with brats and can even talk the boys into eating it on occasion.




Mmmm...onion soup or Scotch eggs? Onion soup for the win!!!! And not just because it has German beer in it, although that helps.

margie s

Soupe a la oignon. Totally.


Ok. I love mussels and am neutral about sauerkraut. Thumbs down to hot dogs Don't think this could reallly be good but am willing to try it!


Definitely the mussels. I've still never been to Granville Moore's and I'm dyeing to go. I am going back to Spike's burger joint tomorrow night. I haven't been since you and I went and that was YEARS ago.

Shelly T.

The onion soup would be my top choice. Think I might actually try to make it this weekend!


I'm a sucker for french onion soup - I have loved it since I was Noah's age! Will have to give that recipe a try...


Can I just try them all?! My mouth started to water the minute I began to read your post about Kraut. I'm a lifelong fan, but married to a well um... non-kraut fan. And I find an excuse whenever I can to eat it when we're out! (BTW, a Ruben and a Guiness are the shiz). I will definitely be trying the Krautzza, that just looks amazing.


These all look good and I love sourkraut so I'm going with your chef's recipe... the Kraut Rock Mussels - yum!

Jenny H.

Crap! Dilems. Whilst I am a HUGE lovah of mussels, the pork belly tacos have me all drooly and intrigued. GAH. Fine. I pick the pork belly tacos. But only 'cause you forced me to.


The Pork Loin Kraut and roasted apples wins hands down, cook time only 40-50 minutes = OMG fablous for a hard working mom!!!!


This really makes me wish I could cook. I'd love to be able to just off the cuff assemble ingredients into tastiness. Ah well. :)
I've never tried cooking with sauerkraut, but I'm going to have to try this as I love it and mussels. Nommy!


Spike's Soupe a l'Oignon. Please and thank you!


Eww ack no never @ sauerkraut- but as sponsored posts go, this one was fun!


Oh sauerkraut, how I love thee. I host German New Year where I make a pork loin, sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes. Throw in some horseradish and it's my favorite meal of the year. So I have to go with the Pork Loin Kraut recipe b/c I'm old school and also APPLES.

Fun fact: my favorite shot glass is of a little german guy and it has a line at the top that says "Happy Kraut" and a line at the bottom that says "SauerKraut" Wordplay, FTW!


Those mussels sound amazing and will definitely be made. But the Scotch eggs... I have to run an errand in Old Town tomorrow. Is it appropriate to have an order of Scotch eggs for lunch?


They actually all look really good, and I don't even like sauerkraut all that much. I don't hate it either. I think the aumoniere from Redline is the one I'd most like to try. The french onion soup is a close second though. Spike's restaurants are kind of near my office and I keep thinking I'll go over there for lunch one day. but I don't think he's serving the soup, is he?


Sauerkraut Scotch Egg looks amazingly good.


The aumoniere -- becasue that must be French for bacon...and sausage...yum!


Not a big kraut fan (which is odd because I live in Baltimore and it is apparently big here...for Thanksgiving. I don't even know) but wow! Those mussels look and sound amazing. Mussels and hot dogs and beer ALL TOGETHER?! GET IN MAH BELLEH!

What a fun sponsored post!


Mussels FTW!


I love the crap out of sauerkraut! I am so excited that there is an entire month devoted to worshiping it in D.C.!


The Kraut mussels do look fantastic. Mmmm...mussels. My husband actually loves kraut but I have always been skeptical. I may have to give this a shot and see if it will win me over.

Bozoette Mary

Pork loin kraut!!

Liz K

Pork Belly Lettuce Tacos please!

Sarah G

Ok I've read your blog for a long time but I'm not really the commenting type but I had to comment I'm from MD originally but now stuck in TX and NO ONE HERE EATS SAUERKRAUT! Haha I actually got my husband to try it at a German fair and I was so sad because it was the WORST I had ever had (it just tasted like cooked cabbage and surprisingly, he hated it) :( I am very envious of those with access to Amish kraut (and bread, and apple butter, mmmmmm...)! But anyway I would have to choose the Pork Loin it looks freaking amazing!


The Soup a l'Oignon! I neeeeed it!!!!


Alright, husband loves mussels, but ONLY from this one, ridiculously overpriced restaurant down the street.(Why? I don't know. He's a boy. I stopped guessing long ago.) I refuse to pay $25.00 for mediocre mussles. REFUSE!

Tonight, I'm making Teddy's mussels (hellooo, awesomeness!), and if they're as good as they sound, I may never, ever see a charge for that crappy resturant on my billing statement again. :)


My favorite is the sauerkraut scotch eggs... gonna try this weekend!


Oh my lordy! I live in the area and have never heard of Granville Moore's...obviously I do not spend enough time on H Street!

I just emailed my boyfriend a link to the restaurant...I want to go to there. Mussels, fries and Belgian beer...does it get better?

Still not sold on the kraut (yuck!), but nice try :)


pork belly lettuce tacos w/ kraut slaw !!!! yummy

Jen L.

Definitely the soup a l'oignon. Of course no one would want to be around me for a day or so after I ate it, but those are the prices we pay for deliciousness, yes? Yes.


Baja Fresh Bundles...definitely... Those look so delicious. I know I would eat them...the question is can I convince my husband to?

Grethen Wilson

The Soupe à l'Oignon? Yes, please!


ok, the pork loin kraut is making me drool...


Soupe A L'Oignon looks really yummy. I looooove kraut. My (now dead) grandpa used to grow his own cabbage and make kraut every year. So good.


Soupe A L'Oignon!

Jenn S

pork belly tacos! YUM.


Man, those scotch eggs actually look good.

I used to hate sauerkraut. Then I married my husband, who seriously ate sauerkraut and kielbasa 99% of his bachelor days. He LOVES kraut. After many years, I have come to...not hate it. But I know when he hears about Kraut Rocks it's going on our destination list.


As much as I love me some mussels I'm going with Spike's Soupe à l’Oignon on this one!


Wish I were back in DC. I would totally love to participate in KrautRocks!


Sauerkraut Scotch Egg FTW!!!


Chocolate Kraut Cake?????? I'd certainly give it a try (the word chocolate is in there) but I was also eying the Baja Taco Bundles. The scotch eggs look interesting as well, I haven't had one of those in years (since I stopped hanging out in bars after the kids changed my life) (for the better of course!)


Pork loin kraut would be my fave, but they all look amazing!


I would kill to try Spike's recipe, the soup. First of all: cheese and Rye bread and beer? You had me at hello. Also, since I'm veg, this recipe is the one easiest to change up and still keep the essence of the magic of the...ness. Yep. Gimme sum soop.

scholarpon pon

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Kraut mussels went straight on the menu for tonight, gonna stop at the market on my way home to buy the ingredients... 'cept those franks, cause I always keep some in the fridge. I'm gonna eat that in front of my huge TV like a boss.

Melissa F.

I'd go for the Aumoniere!


The kraut mussels sound amazing and might be something I can actually cook. Ezra is a better chef than I am, but I'm working on it.


Chef Spike Mendelsohn's
Soupe A L'Oignon

OMG - I need this now!


It super sounds delicious, but for us single gals, is the spokesman single? Or is he gay. He's awfully fantastic! (I prefer that he likes girls, just so you know. :-)( not sur which face to make and I don't have Facebook, although I'm sure Facebook has the perfect face!)

Also - yay Amy for the sponsored post!!!


I'm no doubt being swayed by the dreary, rainy day of ick we're having today, but the Soupe A L'Oignon served up by Chef Spike looks in-freaking-credible. (Also, full disclosure: I'm not a sauerkraut fan - sorry!) Of the non-featured recipes, the red pepper and feta pizza and the Baja Tacos look mighty delicious as well.

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