The DIY Green Ninja Costume of Fail

Bait and Switch. BAIT AND SWITCH!

On the other end of the Halloween Drama Spectrum, Noah walked into Target a few weeks ago and calmly and casually pointed at an Anakin Skywalker costume.

"That one," he said, like a perfectly regular kid who has never flipped his everloving shit at the mere mention of dressing up. 

It was one of those hugely baffling, come-from-nowhere breakthroughs that I no longer question. Just shut your mouth and hand over the credit card, Mom, lest you say the wrong thing and accidentally rip open the fabric of the universe anew.

I planned to take Ezra to Party City yesterday, hoping that maybe a non-Green-Ninja alternative would look more attractive in person. If that failed, we could pick up some poster paint and take another crack at a homemade costume, using the adorable cardboard ninja tutorial that a bunch of you linked to in the comments that I had somehow missed during HOURS of Google-fu for all things DIY Ninjago. (Though I was deeply doubtful that Ezra would tolerate wearing a cardboard box for more than five minutes no matter how cool it looked, and our attempt at the homemade ninja scarf was already a documented disaster of GET THAT OFF MY HEAD OFF MY HEAD OFF MAH HEEEAAAAADDDD.)

(So basically, he wanted a Green Ninja costume but did not actually want to wear a Green Ninja costume. Thanks for making so much sense, four year old!)

Before we left, it dawned on me that I hadn't actually tried any of our toddler-sized costumes on Ike yet, but was just sort of assuming we'd have something that fit. Probably better double-check that thesis, brainiac. 

So I gathered up the sad little green karate suit and hauled out our box of hand-me-down costumes: Monkey! Steve from Blue's Clues! Random alien monster thing! Obi-Wan and Baby Yoda

Hold the phone. Obi Fucking Wan and Baby Goddamn Yoda. 

Photo (77)

Lesson learned: Never underestimate the power of the words "If you wear this, I will buy you a lightsaber."

Photo (79)

Of course, THIS costume is technically at least two sizes too big for him, but since it's a cheap-as-hell piece of mass-produced shit, there's no hemming or seams: Just cut off the extra fabric and you're done.

Now THAT's a level of Do-It-Yourselfieness that I can handle. 

Photo (76)

Now I just need to figure out a costume for myself. I'm thinking Sexy TIE Fighter or Slutty Jabba the Hutt. 



That is the cutest Yoda I have ever seen! And a cool Obi as well. I bet that Luke will just fit in perfectly.

sonja lange

Parenting WIN!


This post seems to me to be the best reason to have three children. Group Halloween costumes!


All you need is couple of cinnamon buns over your ears and you should be good to go as Princess Leia.


Genius! If you have a spare Luke Skywalker costume, I need one by tomorrow.


So stinking cute!

If yours are like mine, and love Clone Wars, they'd be lobbying you to be Asoka, Amidala or Leia!


I have to get one of those baby Yoda costumes one of these days. I might replace the costume my toddler already has! (Or not, he's a lion and roaaaaars. Too cute.)


OMG! I want to hang that last picture on MY wall it is so stinkin' cute!!!!

May the force stay with you!


Ezra looks fantastic and Ike in the background.... I just want to eat him up!! They are adorable!



I am SO glad this worked out and for only a lightsaber. Fucking score. Also, I think that Obi Wan Zah is reading mah mind. (Is it wrong that I want to be a slut? Can I find different parties at different times and be different people, one appropriate for the kids and one feeding into my weird desire to sluttify myself? DID I JUST FUCKING ASK 4 YR OLD OBI WAN TO GIVE ME ADVICE?)


clearly the answer is slutty jaba the hut. duh!


The force is strong with your younglings. Mine are Padme, Leia, and that exact same Yoda costume this year, only he won't wear the ears so we just wear the outfit and call him "Obi Wan Ke-baby."

the grumbles

bikini Jawa or it didn't happen.


Anakin, ObiWan, and Yoda? You are perfecting your geek household, and I love it. (Can Jason be Chewbacca?)


That last picture just absolutely CRACKS ME UP! I can't stop chuckling at it! Total baby Yoda photo-bomb!

Mom in Two Cultures

I SO wanted to do the baby Yoda costume but the size of the Yoda head was off. No Yoda head = No fun. My 7 and 1 year old are going as a Power Ranger duo. Sure the costumes are crappy and cost a lot of money, but nothing can beat a baby Power Ranger (except maybe a baby Yoda).


Nicely done! I vote for slutty Jabba the Hut.



Adorable, all around. Go you!


WOW! I am waiting for my son, who painstakingly assembled his Perseus (a la Percy Jackson) costume for the school carnival last week to reject it utterly on Halloween.I have no last minute costumes figured out. Might be time to buy the karate outfit just to have a Zane in the bag.....just in case my mommy intiuition is on. He wants to dress up his mommy as a mummy, gods help me.


btw Ezra may also be set for a Christmas pagaent as Joseph or a Wiseman (DIY I see another parenting win in your future!)


I think you should be the droids they're not looking for.


Bravo! Jason could be Darth Vader--although that might make poor Noah's head explode (you can't have young Annakin *and* Vader around at the same time is what my kid would say). We had that Yoda costume and I loved it! This year I'm making an Ewok costume...


You could stick to the jedi theme and do Barriss Offee

A black dress with black cape like scarf, and eyeliner for the diamonds

Jessica V.

Korinthia's comment just sent me over the edge into funny! I LOVE the last photo of Ez and Ike, so cute!

And, that Yoda costume is my fave - I borrowed one from a friend when my youngest was 2 and it still makes me smile. :-)


Yoda-Ike is too cute for words and don't even think of messing with Obi Wan Ezra!

Recycled DIY FTMFW!


They're all 3 as cute as freakin' buttons, but there is something about wee Yoda Ezra in this pic that grabs me. Perhaps it's the expression, perhaps it's the casual 'just hangin' around' stance. Whatever it is, charmed I am.


When did Ike turn into such a little Ezra clone?!


HOW CUTE IS BABY YODA!!! That is some Halloween WIN right there. Please come TOT at my house and I will give them ALL. THE. CANDY. (That my own children, double vampires, have not sucked the lifeblood out of.)


The baby Yoda cuteness in that last pic is unbearable!

Since you've got an Anakin, I'm thinking you could go as a Jezebel Jar Jar?


It has just been pointed out by my equally geeky other half you are rocking the star wars theme, but in reverse age order!

Also, that last photo - awesome on so many levels!

jill (mrschaos)

Can't even begin to explain how you just made my fucking morning. Cutest Obi Wan and BABY YODA picture right there. Add in Anakin and you pretty much just won Halloween.


Freakin' amazing.

Amy in StL

Slutty Jaba can eat all the things.... I'm just saying.


His folded hands are just too much! So cute!


I will buy you a lightsaber if you go as slutty Jabba...


Man. I wish there were a slutty jabba the hut costume. Cause I would totally rock it.


AT AT! The kids will be trying to trip you anyway. :)

Nature Nerd

So Rad. Star wars is way cooler than lego-ninja-something-something (at least to this mom). And that last picture? Cutest yoda and cutest Ike picture ever - all in one!


SHUT. THE. F. UP. !!!! So adorable!

kim at allconsuming

Baby Yoda! Reason to breed right there.


You need to go Princess leia all the way!


So, I am late to this party, but my three boys (6, 2, and 6months) are going to be Darth Vader, generic Jedi, and an Ewok respectively. Oldest boy wanted to be Darth Vader, so I said ok, we'll order it (proud to say he seemed a liiittle disappointed I wasn't going to make it. But no, unh-unh, not even going to try. Boy two is going to be a Jedi ( will be diy-ing a robe out of towels since all the toddler Jedi outfits are in the romper super chintzy yet amazingly ecprnsive for the crsp they are variety), baby Ewok, have a black bear outfit to upcycle from boy two's first Halloween. All I need to do is rig up some sort of head wrappy scarfy thing.
(oh, and totallying boycotting party city from here on out. Had a coupon for 25% off order of $50 or more PLUS free three day shipping, did up an order Monday to see how much I'd be shelling out and the free shipping showed up. Went to order Tuesday night before the coupon expired and the free shipping didn't show up!! It said "this service is not available for your area" still kind of debating calling and bitching to get my $10 in shipping back. )

Bailey R.

"If you wear this, I'll buy you a lightsaber." Genius. Saving that one for later!

and OMG to Baby Yoda.


As a kid, but especially now as a mom, I hate Halloween. Coming up with a costume I don't actually have to pay more than ten bucks for is just not my thing. I always did dress up, and my daughter loves it. We're going on year number three of being a princess.
BUT omg they match. My friend and I got our kids to match when my first was 1, her first was 2 and second was newborn. They were the three blind mice and it still makes me squee. Then, the next year, we had a wicked witch and dorothy, but of course the oldest insisted on being an octopus. Spoil sport.
This year, my 1 year old gets no say and is being an elephant, and I'm trying to get my five year old to wear the giraffe costume we have (for a 4K circus - don't ask). Safari animals! Matchy! Of course, she wants to be Ariel, and doesn't want to think of wearing anything under the mermaid costume. We live in Wisconsin. Bah.
Back to my original point. Not a fan of Halloween. :)


Ezra looks all "use the force" in that last photo, and baby Ike is all "said that, who did?". CUTE!


I'm thinking you should wear a bagel over each ear and a gold bikini. That costume would go well with your boys' outfits.


Stop! Too much cuteness!


OMG I love the look on Ike's face in the last picture! I'm still cracking UP over it! Hilarious!!


Holy maloney, I have been reading you since like forever, and that last shot is THE CUTEST EVER. Way to win Halloween! (My oldest is Merida, and I'm going as Queen Eleanor Bear. If I could've turned the 2yo into triplets, I'd've spring for a kilt for the hubs. But the 2yo wants to be Dora, so there we are.)


Clone wars, indeed! Sorry, Jason. These three are ALL Amalah!


Clone wars, indeed! Sorry, Jason. These three are ALL Amalah!


May the force be with you. And also with your slutty Princess Leia-in-a-bikini-tied-to-Jabba-the-Hut costume.

(Oh, WAIT - you should totally do the slutty Leia and have Jason dress as Jabba so he can hold the chain while you trick or treat with the boys. You'd totally win best parents ever. Or, a visit from CPS. Either way.)

Big Gay Sam

Oy Gevalt! Halloween.


Love it. I vote sexy eviscerated ton-ton, personally.


I'm seriously dying of the cuteness! Love this!


I can't stop laughing about the slutty Jabba the Hut.


Jabba the Slut:) could be a whole new movie.


I just died over here from all the cuteness overload.

Big Gay Sam

Good luck with that storm moving in. I have a feeling you're going to lose your electricity again. :(

Leigh Ann

Well done! They look freaking adorable.

My girls switched it up on me after I'd only bought half the supplies, thankfully, from ghosts to bats. And since they're also 4, they refuse to actually try the homemade bat wings on or let me measure them. They just want to BE BATS MOMMY.


On a totally unrelated note - did you hear about the recall on the jalapeno string cheese? A thin layer of plastic stays on the cheese and creates the dreaded parenting choking hazard. Item info - UPC 2100002977 Best when used by 23 NOV 2012. I feel I should be tying this back to the Star Wars theme somehow, um, maybe "these are not the string cheeses you are looking for..."

Corey Feldman

Those are adorable.


Ha! I'm dying laughing over the 'Slutty Jabba the Hut' costume idea. I have a cramp in my side from trying to hold the laughter in!
And the cuteness overload from the Obi-Wan and Yoda photos is too much! :)


Awesomesauce. I can bring over my little Boba Fett and they can make up little dramatic scenes together :)

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