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It's easy to get a little melancholy around their birthdays...I spend a couple days going through photos and videos, watching them grow up in fast-forward mode, feeling alternately proud and wistful while absent-mindedly tugging the sagging, aging skin around my jawline over and up, like a fake facelift, because FOUR. He's FOUR. My baby is four.

So it's good know that some things haven't changed. Much. Yet.

That boy still enjoys the hell out of a good cupcake.


Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate-chip cookies on top. Young minds, BLOWN.


And there it is.


It's like a choco-riffic autopsy.


However, he IS four years old now. So. You know.



(Bonus flashback:)

(Aaaaaannnnndddd there's that melancholy all over again. Dang it. Somebody get me a cupcake.)



The manners picture at the end... I laughed so hard it was a little embarrassing...


Well, he is darling.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets to feeling maudlin around my kids' birthdays.

Face plant in the cupcake? AWESOME.

Corey Feldman

That is hilarious and adorable


Too cute! Happy birthday Ezra


He suddenly looks long and tall and skinny. Sigh. Mine'll be four next month too. Happy birthday, big man. But stoppit, right?


God that's adorable! Happy Birthday Ezra!! BTW how the heck is he fitting all that cupcake in his little baby mouth!

Paula in Ohio

That video? AWESOME! Who knew Zah had such a craw? Must be part squirrel! Happy, happy, little cupcake champ!


ERMAHGERD how is it possible that make such adorable offspring?!?!


Best blog post title ever.


I read this as I devoured leftover fried chicken at home alone. So that was appropriate.


These pictures make me want one (or seven) of those cupcakes.

Synnove @

That boy can do it right! No gratuitous hand usage for him! Face first, buddy!


I never get tired of that video! I love when he notices the little bit of frosting on his finger. Then super fast like into his mouth it goes! Glad to see he's picked up some manners over the years. Hahaha!! Love that kid!


Not that you planned it that way, but the back to back birthday extravaganza for Noah and Ezra is kind of like ripping off a band-aid. You can wallow in cupcakes and then move on. Until Ike turns two. Dammit.


I like the moment when Jason takes the plate and toddler Zah's eyebrows crinkle down in that "the hell?" expression we all know and love.


You had me at choco-riffic autopsy! And manners. How is your brain so hilarious day after day after day? I said it before, those munchkins are lucky to have you for a mommy. Happy b-day Ezra!


You really do have some cute boys! Ezra is ridiculously adorable!

And by the way, I love your placemats! Would you mind sharing where you got them? I've been looking for something similar.

Lynda M O

Baby turned 27 last week. Can't be, I know. But damn if she doesn't own a home and a car and work and all that stuff...

Wanna talk about sadly watching time pass? no, thanks, I'd rather eat cupcakes.


OMG LOL in my cubicle at the manners photo! =)


@Lea We got those placemats at Ikea. They're great, since OBVIOUSLY we need us the easily-wiped-down non-fabric kind of placemats around here.

(I also randomly noticed them being used as a kitchen backsplash in James Van Der Beek's apartment on "Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23." And I was all "OMG MAH FAMOUS PLACEMATS." So. Yeah.)


I just love how he stuffs the whole thing in his mouth! But then he had to because mean daddy was threatening to take his preshus preshus cupcake away.

Bad daddy...


Go broke or go home, that's what I say. Good for him!


This is exactly how I feel. It's really going to be a shame when I won't let them go to college...


Thank you! I think I need go to go Ikea now! We have woven placemats, and you think it's clean after you wipe it down but then the food seeps in through the small holes, and your table is secretly a horrible, sticky mess underneath the placement.

Thanks for sharing!

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