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Adventures in Family Photography (AKA HERDING CATS UPSTREAM BOTH WAYS)

OMG. So I have like, 40 million things to do today. And approximately 30 million of those things may or may not involve butter.

Screen Shot 2012-11-21 at 8.54.25 AM

(Plus I obviously need to go to the store and buy some more butter.)

But I just got our photos from a photo shoot with Blue Lily Photography we did last month, for the second October in a row. (Once again: I have the best boss who gives out the best Christmas presents.) Last year, Ike was a four-month-old blobby of suspicion

This year, he proudly moved up the ranks to fully accredited goofball:


He's in good company, obvs:



Despite bribing them with toys and threatening their very lives, my gorgeous children were a horrifically uncooperative pack, I must admit. 


Luckily, Tyler stumbled on the winning trick of getting them to look at the camera by ordering them to not look at the camera




Occasionally, we even managed to ALL look at the camera at the same time:




(And by "occasionally," I of course mean "basically those three times.")

And finally, presenting what may be my favorite photo of anyone, ever:


I plan to use this photo as my universal reaction to everything from stupid PR pitches, writing deadlines and suggestions that maybe I should take it easy on the butter. 



If I had any talent for witty phrases I would meme the sheet out of that last pic!!! Love that expression!!!
Cute pics of the family! I'm digging the 'car broke down in an industrial area, but lets take some family photos' vibe. (I kid, I kid!)
Happy butter day!


You five are so stinking cute. And mark my words, Ezra is going to be the biggest heartbreaker, ever.

Call Me Jo

Your children make this pregnant girl swoon! So stinkin' cute!!


We definitely need an "Ezra is not impressed" meme now. Just sayin'.


Ezra looks like he's a rock star, like a true rock star, in a bad and all. He's adorable. All your boys are!


Oh wow! They're lovely. And that last picture... perfect.


Love, Love, LOVE the pictures!

We once went for a family photo and the studio's instructions were quite clear: do NOT try to get your kids to cooperate, smile, etc. It is our job to get a picture that captures your children's personalities. Liked that concept but there were days when I did not want those personalities captured.

PS: the portrait came out wonderfully.


Omigosh! SO great.


Zah says to ridiculousness: you need more people. Look at him. It's what's he's saying. That or try again, motherfucker.

It's wrong to be this cute, you know that right? There needs to be some sort of familial fine for cuteness SPANNING FIVE DIFFERENT PEOPLE.


the one of the three of them beating each other up? that has christmas card written all over it!


Haha that one photo of Ezra looks like he's about to slap a bitch. With a smile on his face no less!

Cassandra from TX

What a lovely family! I love the last picture of Ezra. Also, as a dance teacher I must say Noah is really rocking the parallel attitude side.

Amy M.

Fantastic family photos - I hope ours turn out just as well! And I think you need more butter!


Nice kids, but really, the beard, I swooooon, looks quite sexy. Oh yeah, you look pretty too lady! Enjoy your holiday...



Awww these are GREAT. Please tell me where you got that hot purple blouse. I want it, and the jacket.


Ezra always looks like he's got you figured out, and don't even try to get past him because he's ON TO YOU!

Jason got a beard? HOT!


I heartily approve of Jason's beard. Yeah yeah cute kids and all, but hot husband for the win!

(says the happily married lady, whose husband also rocks the scruff)


Land O' Lakes Butter! I'd almost forgotten the fun we had with the box!


Ezra looks awful rock star in all of these photos.. his little jacket and faux tie are certainly not hurting either :) He's adorable!


I love the photos. I like the industrial settings - it is a nice change from the backyards and christmas sweaters I get in cards this time each year.

They look like a young, aspiring indie rock band.

Suzy Q

Such a beautiful family!


@JenVegas The jacket is quite a few years old, but I believe it's from Urban Outfitters. The top is Rag & Bone (though courtesy of a clearance rack at the Barneys Co-Op outlet, cuz damnnnn).

Also thanks to all on the beard approval. Jason was about to shave it off this weekend after seeing these photos and I nearly cried, because I love it so.


I feel like I need to send you a PR pitch just to get emailed that pic in return!


Ezra is a mini-Amy! He looks exactly like you.

In other news, all of the boys are freaking gorgeous.

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