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Yo Voté & So Can You

Today is the day. 

The day when all bloggers, blobbers, bloogers, Facebookers, Instagrammers, Twitheads and other Professional Oversharers are legally required (BY INTERNET LAW) to post smug-looking selfies while wearing "I VOTED" stickers.

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Ta-da! My job here is done. Now it's time for some coffee to further amp up my nerves until results time tonight. 



Lynda M O

I miss my voting sticker cuz I vote absentee and mail in my ballot weeks early and get NO sticker. Of course, I seldom get out of the house when I have a two-year old in my lap all day so no one knows I have or haven't voted.


I'm on caffeine overload! So anxious! Hoping for a project at work to distract me. I don't live in Maryland, I live in a much redder state, but yes, VOTE YES!


I wish I voted. Sadly, the people of Sweden have no vote in the united states. I guess they thought we would not be affected by the results ;-) good luck tonight!


My town didn't give out stickers! I want my sticker!


Yay for voting! I voted this morning in Wisconsin and plan on drinking copious amounts of wine tonight to calm my nerves.


I voted early, on Sunday, but I saved my sticker for today, becaue, you know, DORK.

Big Gay Sam

I vote for Obama a week ago. :p


I voted in my swing state and I cannot WAIT to hear that we are finally rid of Obama.


I live in Maryland and I was a big fat YES for six. So proud of my state that we got this far and fingers crossed that it will pass!


I never get a damn sticker. I want mah sticker!! I am glad that I work late tonight because my poor nerves can't take the stress.


Wine...yeah...that's a great idea! I'll join you in that one!


I've always thought they should send out those stickers with the early/absentee ballots. I want one.


Kinda hard to vote yes on 6 when it isn't on your ballot. A friend in PG County didn't have 6 or 7 on her paper ballot (voting provisionally (special?) because she hadn't received her absentee ballot)). She demanded a new one with all questions (it didn't appear that many didn't have 6 or 7 but that were definitely more) and they tried to keep her from taking a picture. IPHONE QUICKNESS ACTIVATED!

I'm going after work; we've been given an hour of free leave to do so. Also, I'ma need that coat.


I voted for Obama this morning in VA and got a huge sticker. Butterflies, but hopeful for tonight.


I took my selfie after my vote this morning AND my kids got their own stickers. We are extra smug.


I live in Virginia but WiSH I could vote YES on 6! Hoping for a good outcome.


And in Maine, VOTE YES ON 1! (Same deal, different state)

I can't wait to get out of work and take my daughter to go vote with me. I might even let her fill in the bubbles. (She's 6. We have paper ballots.) After that, we'll celebrate with pizza from our local farm/bakery/hippie commune. :)


OMG, I didn't get a sticker with my absentee! Arg. I am not cool now.

On the plus side, I totally registered for BlogHer today, and I'm going to convince many beauty blogging friends to go to SparkleCorn so I can just be in the same room as Amalah!


INTERNET LAW! We love it!


Right with you here in Maine... channel flipping all day and stressed out but hopeful. Cool thing about those little kids turning into young adults - they can vote! Both of mine in college, in different states, voting in two very important senate races, and my husband and I here in Maine voting Yes on 1! Loved the Move On link. Huge turnout in my town.


my coworkers and I were joking about Question 7 today. We live in Virginia but we've seen so many ads on Question 7 we've stop yelling "I don't live in Maryland!" at the TV and just started repeating "yes on 7" like zombies. Is there a 7 on the Virginia ballot? We're voting for it.


I voted this AM without LO. When I went to pick her up from preschool she stole my sticker. I guess at 28 months a sticker is a sticker is a sticker no matter what it says.


I voted yes on 6! But since I live overseas and vote absentee I didn't get my "Yo vote!" sticker. Yo is very bummed about this.


Even Sandy won't keep me from voting.


What does a professional oversharer who is not a US citizen do on a day like this?! It's a difficult day for me, going through some serious withdrawal.


Yes on 6!! Let's do this Maryland!


I voted absentee and didn't get a sticker either, and then I whined about it at work and my boss gave me his. Win - win.


Fellow Marylander here- I got my sticker and voted YES on Question 6!


Thank you for voting yes to marriage equality :D I would love to be able to marry my girlfriend someday.
I live in Australia, but Australian politics only ever does things after America does, so it would be a big step.


Maine VOTES YES ON 1! Marriage equality by the people's vote here!


MARRIAGE EQUALITY IN MARYLAND. IS A THING THAT EXISTS. Oh, I am crying so hard right now. Yay for all your beautiful families.


I voted! I had to drive 50 miles one way for a parent teacher conference, wait for hockey practice to get done, drive my kid 50 miles home, drop teenager off with toddler then drive 30 miles in opposite direction to get to my precincts poll, but I did it cause its important. Plus we got pizza for dinner since there was no time to cook so win win win! (Voted, pizza dinner, no dishes!)


hooray for marriage equality!!! and hooray for your ever awesome posts.


So far, our same sex marriage referendum in Washington state is passing!! Fingers crossed! And I'm so happy Obama was reelected!

To add to our total liberal street cred, we've approved the legalized use of a small amount of marijuana for adults! Since I'm a 62 year old grandma, that doesn't personally affect me, but I think it needs to be decriminalized.
Hooray for voting!


I had a sticker! (My toddler ate it. :/)

On the other hand, I'm writing this from the future--the good one, where Maryland voted for equality! (Nobody step on any ants and change the nature of causality, okay?)

Big Gay Sam

Thank you America. Thank you for returning us to sanity.


I don't live in Maryland. Or Virginia. I live in dreaded Arizona, a red state filled with homophobes. Well, mostly homophobes. Some of us aren't. I voted for Obama again, and the day that I can vote for marriage equality, I will do that too.

Corey Feldman

Very proud to be a Marylander right now

Big Gay Sam

voter referendum equality marriage for the win!

I have been crying tears of joy since Tuesday. I lost a partner to hate. He was murdered. I'm 49 years old and my entire life has been one of shame, fear and anger. For the first time in my life I feel like an American.

Voters did this. Fellow citizens. People that I used to think would rather see me dead than be happy.

Thank you so much. I plan on visiting my partner's grave this weekend and telling him all about it. I'm still crying. :)

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