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Adventures in Cloth Diapering, Part Whatever: 18 (FREAKING) Months Later

COMPULSIVELY WORDY & SLIGHTLY NEUROTIC DISCLAIMER: A lot of people have asked for another cloth diapering post. And I really do mean "a lot." And hardly any of them were sockpuppets or the voices in my head. (Who, incidentally, sound just like Cookie Monster and Tom Hanks narrating a war documentary.) 

But I kept not writing another cloth diapering post because I ALSO know that a lot of you could not be more bored by the cloth diapering posts. Bored! Boring boredom streaming out of your eye sockets! 



Anyway. Guess what! This is a post about cloth diapers. The bored portion of the class is hereby dismissed for the rest of the day. Go sneak smokes by the monkey bars or throw vodka bottles at each other for awhile. 



The rest of you, well...let's talk hippie butt rags.

(Note: Amazon Affiliate links ahoy! I have no affiliation to any of the other sites/shops mentioned/linked, however; they're just the places where I like to be shoppin',)

So when we last chatted in excruciating detail, Ike was still a very small, slightly chicken-legged baby. We were using a combination of newborn-sized prefolds and fitteds with covers, and were still not super-enthused with the one-size options. 

PROTIP: Don't kid yourself wth the "one diaper from birth through potty training" thing. Just...don't. While that might look like the most attractive from a cost-savings perspective, you will likely be much, MUCH happier if you start off with actual newborn-size appropriate diapers. Newborns are SMALL, y'all. Even my 9 pound, 15 ounce Noah was more like eight pounds when he came home, and would have NEVER fit in a diaper meant for a 10-12 pounder. And while they don't stay that tiny very long, even just six to 12 weeks of bulky, leaking and ill-fitting diapers are going to drive you (and/or your partner) up the wall, or make you feel like a failure. Trust me, you don't need that kind of stress from your diapering choice when you're all emotional and newly post-partum.

RETROACTIVE RECOMMENDATION #1: If I were doing it again, I would either buy one of the newborn starter kids offered by Green Mountain Diapers  or the gDiapers newborn bundle (more on these in a bit). Yes, you will need to buy more diapers in a few months, but trust me: You (and your skeptical family members) will be much happier with properly-sized diapers. 

By the time Ike was about five months old, most of my major issues with the one-size diapers weren't a big deal anymore. They fit him pretty well and weren't quite so ridiculously bulky. But I discovered that my stash of used diapers were in worse shape than I realized. The fleece and suedecloth was repelling/leaking, some of the leg elastic had given out, the microfiber inserts were woefully thin and permanently funky-smelling. 

I didn't really want to shell out top dollar for new pocket diapers...especially since I'd grown pretty enamored of my prefolds and fitteds. So I ordered the next size up in GMD prefolds and Workhorse Fitteds, and then tried (and thoroughly failed) to find reasonably-priced WAHM bamboo velour fitteds like the ones Leanne had made for us, as she had to take an extended break from making and selling diapers. I bought a few different kinds of fitteds from Etsy, but ultimately have nothing to recommend here. The Workhorse fitteds were by far my favorite from this phase. I also love the Workhorse Doublers.

PROTIP: If you buy the Workhorse fitteds, you'll get a couple extra inches of growth from the ones WITHOUT snaps. Use a Snappi or pins. I've bought both and the snapless diapers always fit Ike longer. 

But then. BUT THEN!

Right around the time it was time to upgrade Ike from medium to large prefolds/fitteds...he started getting terrible, terrible diaper rashes. Just awful, persistent chapping and redness. No cloth-diaper-safe rash ointment or cream would help, and for some reason, the cotton diapers seemed to aggravate his poor little bum more than anything. He needed something that wicked moisture away, and our fleece liners didn't seem to be doing a good enough job...unless I was up for changing diapers almost every hour on the hour, anyway. Which. Um. Yeah. 

And then. AND THEN!

The rash got even worse over the summer. It was yeast. Fucking asshole yeast. We switched to disposables while we treated the infection with all manner of heavy duty creams — cortisone, an anti-fungal, followed with a protective coating of Triple Paste

Meanwhile, our stupid HE washer couldn't get the water hot enough to kill yeast on its own, so I had to disinfect allllll my diapers. (Oh! OH how I miss my old machine! It finally died this year. Even though I polled Twitter for cloth-diaper-friendly HE machines [we went with an LG top loader], I maintain that my old cheap-o non-HE machine was SO MUCH BETTER AND EASIER.)

I straight-up bleached the cotton stuff. Everything else — covers, pockets, microfiber, etc. — was treated with liquid grapefruit seed extract. About 15-20 drops right in the washing machine. It took about three washings to finally stop the re-infection cycle.

But I was left a little gun shy, after all that. Plus I was getting tired of buying new diapers — however relatively inexpensive prefolds and a half-dozen Workhorses were — every few months. Our Thirsties covers were constantly wearing out before the diapers, too, since I could never be bothered to wash and dry them separately.

And Jason expressed his weariness over the diaper-plus-cover (plus doublers, extra inserts, liners, etc.) routine. He missed VELCRO, he said. Besides, Ike was now a solidly big baby. The one-size pocket diapers fit him perfectly, and I knew (from my experience with Ezra) that they truly would be the last diapers I'd have to buy.

So back to the bumGenius 4.0 One-Size fold we went. I splurged on five new one-size diapers (with velcro!) from Kelly's Closet, and then immediately tossed the microfiber inserts they came with into a bottom basket and stuffed them with Ike's outgrown prefolds instead. BEHOLD. PERFECTION. 

RETROACTIVE RECOMMENDATION #2: You will never regret investing in a good stack of quality prefolds, like the GMDs. Even if you don't use them as a stand-alone diaper with cover, they are THE BOMB DIGGITY of diaper inserts. Easier to wash and keep smelling fresh than microfiber, cheaper than hemp and bamboo and all the other fancy fabric options. Cut 'em up and stitch up the sides and make your own doublers. If you come into a stash of secondhand pockets, skip the replacement inserts and buy some prefolds. They work GREAT. (And are also super-handy household rags, once retired from diapering duty.)

RETROACTIVE RECOMMENDATION #3: As far as pocket diapers go, I have tried FuzziBunz (both sized and one-size), bumGenius and Charlie Banana. I did NOT love the FuzziBunz OS — too much adjusting of too much elastic, and as the fleece wears out the buttons around the leg holes become more and more visible and can dig into your baby's leg. I had no problems with the sized FuzziBunz — they were about 50% of my stash with Ezra — though they didn't make great hand-me-downs because the leg elastic wore out. Minor quibble, though, since I got over two years of solid use of them.

Likewise, the Charlie Bananas wore out a tad prematurely for my taste — I'm now suspicious of any diaper with adjustable leg elastic, as the fleece tends to get holes and rip around the buttons. So I guess bumGenius 4.0s are my favorite by default, as the suedecloth inner holds up better than fleece. HOWEVER, if you are debating between velcro and snaps, know that the velcro WILL eventually wear out. If you hope to diaper more than one kid — which is a longshot, but always a goal worth keeping in mind — go for the snaps. 

(Though I find the velcro gives you a better, snugger fit. OMFG I KNOW SHUT UP.)

So that should have been that, right? Maybe wait a month or two and buy a few more bumGenius pockets, spread out the expense, sit back and coast until potty training, right?

Enter the diabolically evil Kelli from gDiapers. Who arranged to have all this show up at my house one day:



I'd had exactly ONE experience with the gDiapers system, back when Ezra was in diapers and I took him with me to BlogHer. I had the (not actually terrible) idea to bring a package of the flushable/disposable inserts along and use them with his pocket diapers, so I would only have to travel with the covers. Except that I forgot to read the instructions and flooded my hotel room's bathroom because I just tossed the things in the toilet whole. (You actually need to rip them in half and either wait for the guts to seep out on their own or use a plastic "swish stick" to break it down before you flush.)

There are many different reasons to cloth diaper. I actually cloth diaper for three reasons: the cost, the Earth and...the cuteness.

gDiapers wins on the cuteness. gDiapers blows EVERY DIAPER IN THE WORLD out of the water on cuteness.


They are also a very cool hybrid-type system. The diaper is a trim cotton pant (that looks like little undies and comes in like, stupidly adorable prints) with a snap-in waterproof liner. You lay your insert of choice in the liner — we use the reusable fleece/hemp ones at home (OR OUR PREFOLDS) and save the disposable flushable ones for when we're out and about or traveling. (You can save money on the disposable inserts via an Amazon Mom subscription, which delivers however many packages you want however often you want.) (There are also flip disposable inserts, but I have not tried them personally.) You can reuse the same pants and liner pretty much all day, swapping only the insert. If poop gets on the liner, you can remove that and snap in a new one. The velcro is much better than the stuff on our bumGenius diapers too. 

My ONLY complaints about the gDiapers is that Ike is still too heavy of a nighttime wetter for these to be a solid nighttime diaper. No matter how many inserts I pile up, wetness seems to leak through to the outer pant after awhile. So I use these during the day and the pocket diapers at night (stuffed with one prefold and one or two additional doublers). Not really a huge criticism. A heavy wetter who sleeps 11 or 12 hours straight is a LOT to ask of ANY diaper, in my opinion. 

Oh, and Jason has really, really bad luck with flushing the inserts. He SWEARS he follows the instructions but has managed to overflow our toilet a couple times. (I have no such issues, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.) It is true that not all plumbing systems are going to play nice with the flushable aspect. A trashcan with a lid is probably a better option for some households (OR SOME HUSBANDS). At least you still can feel okay with tossing them because they are completely biodegradable. You can even compost them! 

So that's where we're at. bumGenius and gDiaper shells, plus a motley assortment of inserts, doublers, prefolds and various other absorbent diaper guts I've collected. (I still use all the snap-in fold-over inserts from my infant fitteds, by the way. They work great as doublers in the gDiapers.) Everything is fun and colorful and easy, and save for gDiapers coming out with irresistible limited edition colors and holiday gPants (ERMAHGERD AGAIN), I think my purchasing days are at last behind me. 


1) Invest in a properly-sized newborn bundle, either GMD or gDiapers. Otherwise, just give yourself a break and use disposables for the first weeks/months. 

2) Then buy a dozen (or two) good quality prefolds. GMD, again, is tops. (I have them in small and medium — the medium is the PERFECT insert size for us now. The smalls are a little undersized for a toddler insert, though note that Ike is big for his age. I use smalls as doublers with hemp or microfiber inserts.)

3) If you use prefolds as diapers, you'll want about five waterproof covers, a pack of Snappis and fleece liners for wicking. I also recommend getting about two wool covers for nighttime, or for just wearing around because they are so goddamned cute. Etsy is a great place for wool. I'm a huge fan of the covers made from recylced sweaters!

4) Workhorse Fitteds and Workhorse Doublers are awesome and really inexpensive. Fitted diapers are nice options for nighttime, long car trips, for family members who are easily intimidated by prefolds, etc. 

5) If you want to move to a one-size system, start trying them out around the four/five month mark, or when your baby is between 12 and 15 pounds. See which ones you like before fully committing to a specific brand or system. (gDiapers are technically sized, but there's a lot of overlap in the size/weight ranges, so you might not necessarily need to purchase every size.)

6) Mixing and matching is OKAY. Remember you can always use those prefolds as inserts and doublers in just about any diaper shell/system. You may prefer different diapers at night vs. the day. You and your partner (or childcare provider) may have different preferences too. So don't be afraid to TRY a diaper or two out as opposed to registering for EVERY DIAPER YOU WILL EVER NEED when you're pregnant and having them ready and hoarded in your nursery. Your baby's birth is NOT the apocalypse, requiring a year's worth of diapers and freeze-dried food. You're allowed to leave the house and go shopping and stuff. 

7) As for diapering accessories, I like Planet Wise diaper pail liners and wetbags (get a small one for your diaper bag and a bigger one if you plan to cloth diaper while traveling). The GroVia Magic Stick and Angel Baby Bottom Balm are wonderful cloth-friendly rash ointments. Biokleen Bac-Out helps minimize pail odor. Charlie's Soap and Rockin' Green are the best detergents. And while we never used a diaper sprayer with Ezra, we bought one this time around and it's really handy. (Our HE machine is waaaay less forgiving about what we can toss in there than our old washer, alas.) 

Okay. I think? I think that is it. I think I have mostly run out of things to say. Ike is 18 months old, and I'm hoping we can start potty training between two and two-and-a-half...though frankly I'm in no real rush. (PROTIP: Chill out, yo. Trying to get anything accomplished with a potty training child sucks way worse than diapers, even cloth diapers, especiailly if you're trying to force it to happen too early.) And then you'll probably never hear me yak this much about cloth diapers again. 

(Maybe. Unless you ask real pretty.)


Call Me Jo

Thanks for the tips! I'm right in the middle (or maybe just the beginning) of my pregnant diaper hoarding experience.


I second a lot of Amy's advice on the cloth diapering. We're on month 18 of our first little one and have learned many of these lessons the hard way.

We do all BG4.0 one size, pockets with snaps... but after seeing those gDiapers... my husband may kill me but I may consider something slightly different for travelling purposes.

In my opinion, a sprayer is a must. Sticky poop, people. That's all I have to say.

As an additional recommendation for diaper soap, EcoSprout. We've used it from the beginning and I actually just referred another friend to it. We've never had stink issues (we use some bleach in the soak about once a month per BG's suggestions) and we don't have absorbency issues. Sure they're stained but, let's face it, a small person poops in them often. What do you expect?


Love your CD posts! We have a 5 month old and since she was a preemie were in NB size diapers for 3 months. I loved newborn fitteds,including kissaluv size 0s, B4s, mutts, goodmamas, and the new twinkie tush teenie tush diapers. I agree that GMD prefolds are the best, very trim and fit perfectly under thirsties covers. Now that we are in OS diapers I do a mix of BG 4.0s, blueberry pockets, GMD prefolds, and lots and lots of expensive but amazing fitteds, Twinkie Tush are by far the best out there right now. Ecosprout detergent has eliminated any stink issues we had and we have a HE top loader.


love this! my son is a heavy night wetter (and 12 hour sleeper) as well, and we have to use overnight disposables for him then, which he STILL wets through. we love our tots bots easy fits, he's pushing the high end of the weight spectrum right now (32#) and they are getting snug, but they've been awesome all the way through. i love the gDiapers, and will consider those for newborn baby #2 options. thanks! :)


confession. with my now 3 1/2 month boy i've probably read every word you've written about cloth diapering at least a half a dozen times. Before i was pregnant, while i was pregnant, now that i'm in the reality of navigating these murky waters. I just want to say thanks. i never found these posts boring.


That GMD kit looks great, especially the mix in covers because you never know what's going to work. Thirsties are my absolute favorite. The Bummis covers were okay but not awesome for us. I also had a Mommy's Touch newborn cover I bought through GMD and didn't like it.. I'm all about the leg gussets.

GMD fitteds are my hero. I had a very small baby (5.5lbs at birth) and the bulk we got from the trifolded prefolds was wayyy too much. Even having some NB fitteds on hand, we ended up going with disposables for the first six weeks or so because the cloth diapers just seemed like they were making her wee self uncomfortable. But when we came back.. GMD fitteds. When the real smallness is done, the trifold deal comes back. (I bought 2 dozen each orange and yellow edge prefolds, and FWIW while I *do* somewhat regret that, there's really no point, because they retain almost 100% of their value if you want to resell them.)

Hey, thanks for all these posts. They were (and continue to be) a great resource for me. It seriously took me several weeks and fifty eleven read-throughs to even begin to understand the terminology, so I needed all the help I could get. (And now you have me wondering about the gDiapers..)


I want to say thank you for this, but I am so confused. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant with baby #3...babies #1 and #2 (who are 10 and 5, so not really babies I am sad to admit) were disposable diapered without a second thought. But now I am getting all old and hippy and am a stay at home mom now, and am very interested in try cloth diapering. I have read EVERY SINGLE one of your diaper posts, here and at AlphaMom, and I guess maybe I am just low IQ? Because my head cannot wrap around the logistics of it all, and it all seems so difficult, convoluted, time consuming, etc. I know it cant be, or people wouldn't advocate it, but why can I not grasp that cloth diapering can be easy and relatively hassle-free the way you and other advocates say it is? I still, even after reading and reading and reading, don't have a clue where to begin. Am apparently dumb. And may actually disposable diaper this baby too, in spite of really wanting to give cloth diapering a fair go.


Heh. I love the new gDiapers patterns. FYI, my first child worth of gdiapers fared about as well as my first child worth of bumgenius - pretty well shot. But I used them as our nighttime diaper for 2 years (mediums, then larges) with the disposables and they were great!

Wally Hartshorn

I'm bored! I'm so bored! Enough with the diaper talk! How about something about Legos? :-)


I think the HE machine doesn't do as good a job with the diapers because it only uses 5 gallons of water per load, as opposed to the 40 gallons per cycle in a top loader.

While it is environmentally friendly for the rest of your clothes, there's no way to increase the water levels to do the diapers...


Theresa, I think the GMD newborn kit would be perfect for you. It will take all the thinking out of it, and give you time to get used to it before you have to buy bigger stuff.

But, ok, can we talk about doublers? And bulk? I'm using CD with my second, who is 3 months. I got a wool cover that seemed to work for two nights, then started to leak a little. It was like the wool was wicking the moisture into his jams. He wasn't soaking wet, just damp. Like he had been sweaty or something. So, I tried adding a newborn prefold into the medium fitted (which is still too big, I thought I could skip small). The bulk was RIDICULOUS. Like, his crotch was down at his knees almost. I could get the wool over over it, but I couldn't fit him into any clothes like that.

I think I might need to re-lanonize (what's the word? you know, make it water proof)the wool, but it made me wonder. If he's a heavy wetter, I can add more stuff, but then what the heck does he wear?

Also, could you write that gDiaper review already? I'd like to know your in-depth thoughts. Like - doesn't the liner ALWAYS get poop on it if he poops? Mine does.


Amy, just a thank you from the "bored" section of the class. As with many things, you keep it real, and your keeping it real on cloth diapers helped me decide not to use cloth diapers. That may not be the goal of these posts, but it is a useful side effect.


I have no butts to cover but I read it anyway. For reasons.


Yesssss! gDiapers! I love love love love them. Honestly, I've pretty much given up on cloth around here. My 11 month old is 26lbs and he knows how to undo snaps and velcro, so pretty much my only options these days are sposies with duct tape or gDiapers (velcro in the back - GENIUS!).


Theresa! I was totally there. It took me forever to understand what I was reading. And now I'm doing it, and I think it comes down to this: it can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. I think what happens for some/many CDers is that it turns into a bit of a hobby, something that's fun to experiment with (and sometimes, as with Amy's heavy wetter, the experimenting comes out of necessity). So people play around with pockets, AIOs, unbleached organic cotton vs. synthetic whatever, etc.

We have one system. A fitted diaper under a PUL cover*. Simple as can be.

What worked for us was starting out doing both- initially the balance was really 95% disposable, dipping our toes into the cloth every once in a while. Then I started using cloth a couple times in a day when I was going to be home rather than out and about. And eventually the pendulum swung to where it's 95% cloth.

The other thing is, you absolutely DO NOT have to do 100% one or the other. Once we felt comfortable with our daytime diapering we did branch out into playing around with combining our same diapers with doublers/liners/wool for nighttime but at this point we almost always just do a disposable. And that's fine. Whatever your reasons are for CDing, doing it part time DOES count.

You'll get this, I promise! Have fun with it. :)

*We use GMD Workhorse fitteds and Thirsties covers. On the fitteds we have the kind with snaps and without, and we've got covers with snaps and aplix/velcro closures, just to have the options- but IME these are minor details and by and large a matter of personal preference.

shin ae

I have no children needing to be diapered, and plan to have none needing to be diapered (knockonwood), but I love these posts (1) because you're entertaining and (2) because I did get some helpful information. Specifically, you confirmed my suspicion that my super eco-friendly HE front loader isn't doing quite the same job of cleaning that the fantastically water-gobbling, old-timey top loaders did. I was told the front loaders clean better, but I'm not so sure about that.

Those microfiber inserts make great dusting cloths.


Thank you! I'm in my 3rd trimester and starting to freak out about all the options and want to buy ALL the different diapers lol. And you answered a ton of my questions.


This is SO TIMELY for me, as I have a baby ETA of Jan. 1. 2nd baby, so getting a "do-over" of certain stuff, one of them is using cloth this time around. I spent literally ALL DAY yesterday reading about HE machines (we haz one) and detergents and microfiber and hard water and e-mailing with cloth diaper people in my neighborhood. First Baby was teensy and chicken-legged, so I'm not sure when the BumGenius 4.0s are going to fit. Thanks for the great ideas! Off to lose myself in a wormhole of GMD and gDiapers....


Forget boredom! "one of the newborn starter kids offered by Green Mountain Diapers" made me laugh.


Forget boredom! "one of the newborn starter kids offered by Green Mountain Diapers" made me laugh.


You knew you'd hear from me as soon as you mentioned gdiapers, right?!

We just completed our second round of gdiapering. (Yes, we're officially on underwear now with our 2 year old!) I can't say enough good things about gdiapers. We were able to use the same cloth outers with both boys and they stood up just fine. I also loaned them out to a friend when the last boy grew out of the size and then sold them on Craigslist...and they still looked great*. I'd say we never had more then 8 diapers at a time and that worked just dandy. (I can't seem to stomach the cost of the diapers, no matter how cute.) (That being said I LOVE my little green ones the best.)

My husband also never seemed to master the gdiaper flush. Like you, I rock it. And since we live in Seattle, and are legally bound, we compost the non-poop ones as much as possible. Or just throw them in the garbage. They still compost down in 50 days.

Also, both boys peed out at night as well. I doubled up for a while and then did the math and realized that was too much money. I ended up buying a few disposables for night time only.

After all of that I never tried the cloth inserts as opposed to the flushables. Not sure why not. I guess I should have.

As always, thanks for your insight.

*Just did some more math. I bought the gdiaper cloth outers for around $18 each and then used them on my two boys (as well as my friend using them on her little girl) I then sold them on Craigslist for around $12 each. Dude...that's some good math.


Hi! Thanks for the post! My daughter is turning 2 this week-end, and we're a BumGenius 4.0 with snaps for day, and disposables for naptime and night. I started using the BG when she lost her stump at 3 weeks-old, and never looked back. Around 1 year od, we started the disposables, but at 2 diapers a day, it still really is economical! I have a front-loading HE with sanitary cycle, and extra water option. I use a disposable liner so the poop is easily collected.


Your post makes me smile. I'm "old school" as my kids say. Cloth diapers that were rinsed, then soaked in bleach before washing. Bleach rinsed out then washed in dreft. Of course they wore rubber pants. (mostly plastic). It's all about dry and rash-less!


Yay, cloth diapers! I am so not bored.
Regarding systems for teeny babies - we used rumparooz for the first year-ish. We had some of their "lil joeys" which are just TOO FREAKING CUTE for words and meant for babies something like 5 - 11 pounds. For our 9lb+ baby, that turned out to be super impractical, but I still say the cuteness factor made it worthwhile. Rumparooz 1-size diaper actually fit our chubster just fine from the day we brought her home - they have a shorter rise and an extra layer of snaps (which we never even used) compared to other 1-size diapers. Unfortunately that also means they were approaching outgrown by her 1st birthday, so we switched to BG 4.0 and flips, which we love now. We briefly flirted with g-diapers but hated pretty much everything about them (except the cuteness. which, sadly, wasn't enough to make up for the leaking/blowouts/etc). My husband wasn't happy about buying a whole new round of diapers after a year, but I'm hoping it will pay off with subsequent kids (although, a little part of me hopes we still need to buy some new ones, b/c buying adorable cloth diapers has turned into a creepy obsession for me).


I heart my BG4.0s! Both kiddos have been on the small side at birth, so we used disposables until they grew into the one-size. Daughter #2 has just started fitting them at about 9.5lbs.

Even the velcro ones take a beating and keep going. I used mine for 18 months, then lent them to my sister for a year, and am now using them again, along with some new ones, because I wanted to try snaps vs velcro and, hello, new colours. :)

The only place BumGenious is slacking and missing the mark, IMO, is the horrible lack of patterns. I like the broader range of colours, but I'd REALLY like some fun and funky styles.

PS I prefer the velcro over snaps. Having skinny babies, I find they're a better fit around the waist, especially in the early days.


Can we turn the last two sentences of #6 into a bumper sticker or a t shirt or something? Because it doesn't just apply to diapers, and seriously, world, STOP DOING THAT TO PREGNANT WOMEN. You are totally allowed to go to the store after you have children (and! the internets!)

Also, Theresa- I was right there with you before I had my girls. I used to wake up in the middle of the night with my brain swimming through all these details. I think it's just that it's one of those things that's easy in practice but hard to explain simply. Like driving or riding a bike.


Love this post! I came across your blog just a few days ago when I was reading up on speech delays and speech therapy. Anyhow, I cloth diaper both of my kids (2 year old & 6 month old). I've never tried the gDiapers, but I may give it a shot. I use Flips (love love them), bumGenius 4.0, and Kawaii baby. Never liked the FuzziBunz myself.


Regarding Flip diapers: You wouldn't want to reuse the same cover all day long. It does get damp, you'd at least want to alternate between two and give them time to air out in between. Also, they don't "snap in". They tuck into the liner. And they are available in velcro and snap closure. I'm a snapper all the way. And I am not bored by your cloth diaper rantings. Although they do usually confuse me, even though I am a cloth-diaper momma. I am the type-A type who needs everything to be from one company and all the same and matching and working the same way every time! All your mixing and matching makes my head spin. I clicked through on some of your links, looking for some newborn options for our bun-in-the-oven. But seriously, if it's not bumGenius or Flip, it confuses the bejesus out of me.


So I'm an idiot. I just realized you were saying you can use Flip disposable inserts and snap them into a gDiaper. Mah bad.


In case anyone finds this helpful: we use BumGenius 4.0s with snaps and ADORE them. We started when our kiddo was about 2 months old, long enough for the BF poo to slow down a bit. I was fine with purchasing a couple packs of newborn disposables since they're so wee and you get so many in a pack. We also got the diaper sprayer and LOVED it with the BF poo. Now we use flushable liners laid on top and just throw the poo away (the thin papery ones).

I follow the recommended washing instructions in our super NOT fancy, old washer - cold wash, hot wash with regular Tide powder soap and extra rinse. Then dry the liners and hang the shells. Kiddo is 14 months old now and we still LOVE the dipes. Every once in a while they start to smell just a little (honestly, just the tiniest bit stinky) so we put in a 1/4 of bleach in the hot wash every few months. He's only had one diaper rash his whole life.

Even if they don't last through kiddo #2 I'd gladly invest another $300 for another set instead of paying thousands for disposables.


No love for the HE washers, huh? I don't cloth diaper but I can tell you that my Electrolux front loader gets my clothes cleaner than they've ever been. I do have sanitary and heavy duty cleaning tho as options, so maybe that's why? I LOVE mine. I wanted to cloth diaper but never got into it being a WOH mom. My bad, I know others do it. They are totally cute.


BTW, Elux doesn't pay me. I just wanted to share that it has worked really well for me.


Here's what I really want to know. I have a 4 year old who isn't dry through the night, but wants to wear underwear to bed. Do you know of any pull up style cloth diapers than can handle heavy night time wetting?

Suzy Q

I read everything you write, no matter how irrelevant to my life. Because of you, I have FAR superior knowledge about cloth diapers than any mother (or other human being) that I know, and I don't have kids. Useless information, GIT IN MAH BRAINS!


These posts crack me up, because they just prove how very individual diapering is. I hated, hated, hated the G diapers I tried. A recent post to my local cloth diapering group asking for opinions on them received universal negative responses. And yet, you liked them. I, on the other hand, loved GMD prefolds and Thirstiest covers all the way through. My daughters nasty yeast infection healed so quickly, and I believed it was in part because she was in all cotton and I could leve the cover off at home to allow it to breath. (I bleached, vinegar rinsed and sun dried during it, though). And because I hung my covers to dry, prefolds and covers lasted just fine.


Ok. You convinced me...but I'm super sad that they don't have the chevron print anymore! That's the one I really wanted! I ordered the Starter Kit with two of the pants. Hopefully the hubster will like these better than prefolds and covers...also, I should tell you that you convinced me to buy wool shorties for nighttime diapering and I am raving about you on my blog...I've linked to you a million and one times already.


Oh, now I wanna try gDiapers!
But they don't ship here, and Amazon doesn't either. I'm gonna see if I can find them anywhere else.
But, if I do, I have a couple of questions.
On Amazon, you find the gDiapers little gPant, if you order that, does it come with the snap-in waterproof liners? Or do you have to buy those separate?
And, Ike is a little younger than my 22 month old, but he kinda has the same body type. Can I ask which size he wears? And how much he weighs and how tall he is? (Just to know my kiddos size.)

Suzy Q

Oh, also? Gratuitous photos of Ike are always appreciated!


I tried to read anyway because I LOVE your writing, but yea, got bored a couple paragraphs in since my girl is 10 YRS OLD. Still love ya!


I loved BG's with my (now 3yo) son but am not having such good luck with my baby girl. Like Ike, she got horrible yeast rashes this summer and I switched to disposables "just until the rash goes away" and can't bring myself to try them again, even though her rash is long gone. Everything I read about how to treat yeast in diapers is so intimidating. What did you do to treat yours?


I cloth diapered for 5 years. Prefolds with a cover were by far the cheapest (and easiest) method for cloth diapered. This is what I used, exclusively, for my son. For my daughter, I tried nearly one of everything I could find. My favourite cover was the booroi (has great elastic, very stretchy). I didn't like pockets (the pocket is in the back and if the baby has a poo 'splosion, guess where your sticking your hand to pull out the insert) and was definitely not a fan of the gDiaper. For a great workhorse of a diaper, I used the mother-ease one size fitted. LOVED those, and they lasted for 3 years (even the leg elastic). If I was going to splurge, the Blueberry Minky One Size diaper was my top choice. SO soft and cute. It lasted at least 2 years and was still super soft when I passed it on to my SIL (who still uses it!). I used the bamboo inserts and they were perfect for car rides and naps.


I just went to the Blueberry site and it appears the Minky is a pocket only now, which it did not use to be... Sad.


I was one of the many who requested an update, so thank you muchly! I found your previous cloth nappy posts really great too and readily admit that you convinced me almost single-handed to take the plunge and go cloth myself. Those Gdiapers are so cute... it's probably a good thing there's no stockists in Australia because I think spending any more on fancy bum wrappings in this household could constitute grounds for divorce. >_<

It's interesting how everyone ends up doing something slightly different and that it so often changes over time, but I suppose that's the nature of babies. Different bum shapes, leg thicknesses, poop consistencies, overnight pee quantities... a bit of trial and error is only natural. Even with disposables so many people change brands or are constantly asking what to try to prevent night leaks (the oft-recommended sanitary pad + disposable makes me wring my hands a little...), I think it's just that cloth has so much more scope for troubleshooting.

At 10 months we use primarily Real Nappies prefolds and covers, but at night we have to use a specialty heavy-wetter night nappy (Bubblebubs Good Night Sleep Tight, which is frankly amazing) with a wool cover, since she wets too much even for a disposable. Pockets and fitteds never really interested me that much, but I have 5 or 6 all in ones/ all in twos for those "I so cannot be BOTHERED" moments (and to encourage cooperation from the snappi-averse husband who was previously dipping into our stash of emergency disposables way too much). Since I didn't switch to cloth until she was 7 months, we haven't had the constant-outgrowing problem at all with prefolds - in fact chances are the first batch will also be her last, if she stays at the same percentile and toilet trains at a usual sort of time for a girl (like, before 3).

Whoops, excuse the blah blah. I could kind of talk/read about cloth nappies forever :x. As always, love your work!


Love this, and all your CD posts! You convinced me to give CD a try. Like Theresa, I read, read, and read everything but nothing ever made sense. Theresa, just take the plunge...I found I learned by doing.
I am BG 4.0 all the way, baby. In the beginning, I had a lot of expensive fun trying everything but know that BG OS pockets are the real deal for us.
I have a 2 1/2 mo that is in disposables. I was going to wait until he was 4-5 mo before switching to CD. After reading this post, I am ready to start again!
Also, I used gDiapers for my daughter when I was new to CD. I think they are a great "intro"to CD as well if you're unsure of how it works/want to make the commitment. It made me feel that I was at least trying to do a small part for the environment. This has become a post as well - sorry. I love talking CD. Keep it up, Amy!


Love this post and all of your cloth diapering posts, actually. My daugher is nearly 7 months old and we've been cloth diapering her since she was 7 weeks old. Going well so far - we were lucky to find a daycare in our small town that was ok with cloth! Yay! Right now she's in o/s Bum Genius pockets, which I love, but I'm doubling the insert for daycare (regular sized plus newborn sized). Is there a better insert to use (to prevent me from using TWO)? She fits into the diapers really well but her little bum is a bit bulky. :)


I love my FuzziBunz OS, but they're the only pocket that I've tried. Now that my son is bigger he does better in prefolds or fitteds and a cover, but I feel like he stays drier in the pockets.

The gdiapers look cute though and I think the disposable part my appeal to my husband. I'll have to take a look!

Amy v

I rented newborn sized fitteds and covers, which saved us a lot of money and gave us a chance to get used to cloth diapers before I went out and made the big purchase.

We used a few GMD fitteds in small and medium and liked them, but my favorites were fitteds from GroVia (the Kiwi Pie line) and Blueberry. Both are one-size fitteds that have done well with fit from week 10 till now, for a very large 1 year-old. They're absorbent enough to use without a cover during the day, making a breathable option, and I use GroVia covers other times. We love, love, love the GroVia covers (which rival Gdipes in cuteness!) for their versatility. They have a disposable/compostable insert, or a snap-in organic cotton insert, or they work well over a fitted or a prefold. They really do it all.

We tried the BG 4.0 and a Fuzzibunz one-size, and I didn't care for them. We had serious leaking problems with them. I've thrown the FB in the trash, and use the BG as a cover over a fitted now.

Hopefully someone finds that helpful, because I feel a little silly going on about our diaper choices for that long! For anyone who's interested - we rented the NB fitteds from Itsy Bitsy Bums and had a great experience.


Alright people, I need your help. I have NO friggin' clue about cloth diapers, and I am mucho confused about inserts, refolds, liners, snaps, etc., etc., etc. after reading this post and all the comments.

But just this morning, the hubby and I decided we have to try cloth diapers for nighttime after peeling our soaking-wet kid out of his crib for the third morning in a row. He's six months old, and now that he's sleeping through the night (HELLZ YEAH!) he's completely saturating his diaper, pjs and sheet.

Based on the amount of pee, I'm guessing we need a "heavy-wetter" solution. I should also mention that he's a big boy--he's just shy of 19 pounds--and a stomach sleeper.

Please, JUST TELL ME WHAT TO BUY! I do not understand all the terminology. (But bonus points if you can help me understand all this jibber jabber!)


Heather, my daughter is a heavy wetter as well. We use the bumGenius Freetime All-in-one onse-size for overnight. She's nearly 7 months old, 16 pounds and a stomach sleeper. We have not had any leakage problems whatsoever. Love these diaps!


Do you have a brand of Diaper Sprayer you could recommend?

Thanks for all of the specific recommendations!!

VT Meg

Gdiapers, I know, right? I've been using prefolds (and FLATS, I know, totally hippy but rags but they dry so fast on my drying racks in the winter when I can't line-dry outside....) and thirsties covers (some of which have lasted me for 2 kids, kid you not!).... but then I saw the gdiapers and thought about starting all over again. they are such a great idea! Too bad I can't justify the expense, when I have enough diapers to last me for the next year or so, but they look like the bomb. I might sneak a few into my stash since my littlest is so damn wiggly that the diaper/snappi/cover thing is kid of annoying.


Isn't there some part of you, when you receive packages of really expensive stuff that you could afford to buy yourself, that is tempted to send it back to the company and say "thank you for the lovely stuff, but please send it to someone who really needs some free diapers"? Or to just donate it yourself?


Theresa and others, CDing can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. For us, we used disposables with our daughter for the first 2 months (the Pampers with the wetness indicator on the outside were CLUTCH for clueless new parents like us.) Then we started using one size FuzziBunz pocket diapers. I bought 12 and that has always been enough. They paid for themselves within the first 4 months of use, we figured out. We wash them with plain ol' dye free Tide (one of the recommended detergents on the FB website). I decided that I liked sleeping more than worrying about whether my child had a wet diaper all night so we use disposables at night and if she gets a rash. (Which does happen, even with CDs. Sometimes poop is irritating to their little bottoms no matter the kind of diaper they are in. No blowouts EVER with CDs, though!) Some people get way more into it, but for us simple was fine and we are still using the same system. (My daughter is 28 mos.)


Due January 24th and TOTALLY into hippie butt rag posts. I have been obsessively making woolie pants out of thrift shop sweaters for 3 weekends. (Etsy has all sorts of tutorials!)


About 8 months ago, my 2 month old was having nasty rash problems. Nothing that needed super treatment, but just persistent slightly angry red butt. So I decided to switch to cloth diapers, and I read everything that you wrote on the topic, and then decided to try gdiapers anyway, because your objections were to the disposable inserts, not the system, and they seemed to be the easiest. Not the cheapest, but the easiest.

And 8 months down the road, I estimate that we've saved some money. My 10-month-old is wearing the larges, but we started in the mediums, so it's not a huge deal. And the insides transfer over between those sizes, so it's just an excuse to buy the cute covers.

Anyway, anyone looking for cloth diapers who is a little hesitant about the lingo and the choices, gdiapers are a super-simple system that anyone can manage.


@leslie: I think grovia now makes a cloth training pant. We use grovia all in 2s/hybrids, so I get emails from them occasionally.

For everyone else, we only use grovia all in 2s/hybrids. I read everything I could, and decided if I was going to cloth diaper I wanted to commit to a system. The differences between washing different types of diapers seemed daunting to me. (ie soem cotton inserts, some hemp, some fleece some AIO in the same load just didn't seem like a good idea to me). We can generally reuse a shell with a new liner unless there was big poop or big wetting (like after the kiddo found mommy's water bottle and drank half of it. . .) I usually alternate, air out the "gently used shell" while I put on a fresh one.\

And laundering, it can take some experimentation, and what works can change over time. I definitely need an extra rinse every time now that my kiddo is making bigger everything. Just needs that extra run through. We do a rinse and spin, then reg wash (warm) with extra water, and an additional rinse and spin. We have an LG front loader HE that i LOVE. It took some time to get to this routine, and I still do a deep clean strip every 2 months just cause I think it helps.

My bottom line: Cloth diapering can save you major cash, even if you splash out on the "good" ones. It's the upfront cost that stinks. We are now diapering for free (15 months). And I have no problem with the disposables on vacation or as back up. Vacation on a tropical beach does not equal washing diapers.


We love the GMD prefolds and Thirsties covers. We did disposable newborn size until the wee 5.5 lb-er fit into the newborn prefolds. WE did get a few GMD fitteds and wished we got them without snaps. It would have been easier to undo the wet material with a snappi.
Day care requires disposables, which we do Honest diapers. Cheaper than what we can buy 7th Gen at the store (w/less chemicals) and we don't go through that many, so we appreciate the donations made to those who need them. Also super cute. We like the skull and crossbones pattern - you've been warned. The dinos are cute too.

Husband wasn't too sure at first, but now likes the cloths better than 'sposies. Our little guy needs a doubler at night, and then just make sure there is no cloth exposed beyond the cover or it will so wick.

I made my own GMD newborn bundle. I went w/2 doz newborn size and bought 1 doz of the smalls at the same time. Got 6 of the snap fitteds and liked them, just wish we had the snap-less instead. I got an assortment of covers similar to the ones that came with the bundle.

We love the cloth wipes and the potion that you add to witch hazel. There are so many preservatives in the store bought wipes. For poopy diapers, use the spray with paper towels and toss. Put a shelf over the changing table and mount a paper towel dispenser below it. You will love it.

We use an old laundry tub with a garden hose sprayer for poop that won't shake off into the toilet. We have an old, catacombs basement so it doesn't hurt the decor. If I get a new front load washer, the old one is going down to the basement. (I have horses too, so it would be nice for blankets and what not.)

Don't fear the cloth dipes. The pre-folds are great, no stink issues and you can hit them with bleach if needed. We do Charlie's soap with borax and haven't had issues.


You may be sick of writing cloth posts, but we're not! You are my go-to source for cloth advice, problem solving, what to buy next, etc., and these posts are very helpful!
My daughter is 8 months, and I've been lovin' the cloth so far. Thanks for taking the time to post!!


I'm not a fan of the Thirsties covers. The velcro wears out far to quickly. When start buying replacements w/ baby #2, I'll just buy all Bummies and call it a day. I splurged on a Blueberries cover and that thing has the worst snaps ever. Such a cute cover - Monkies on my son's butt - but just not worth the $$. Love the GMD prefolds and workhorse fitteds though.

amy corinne

I also did a newborn diaper rental. It was all Swaddlebees newborn fitteds and I loved them. The rental period was 12 weeks and it was the perfect amount of time to almost grow out of the diapers (he was a big baby at 11,1 though). If I have another, and I doubt I will, I'd totally do the newborn rental again. Mine was from Sweetbottoms Baby but I know that other sites do them too.


I tried gDiapers - could never get over the terror of plugging up the plumbing. BUT gDiaper covers, with a regular, washable insert? The BEST. Easily the most heavily used covers in our rotation.

D. Spafford

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