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Family Homemade Chaos Night

NEWISH RECENT HOTNESS: Family Homemade Pizza Nights. 

Okay, I'm perhaps overstating the "homemade" part. We use pre-made frozen dough from Whole Foods. We dump canned tomatoes in the food processor with a handful of bagged pre-peeled garlic and some olive oil for the sauce. Top with cheese, pepperoni and oregano. Bake on a cookie sheet at the highest temperature your pathetic electric oven can crank up and CLEARLY you will be immediately transported to a rustic pizzeria in Italy. Or maybe just to that pizza joint at the airport. Close enough.

I am not, however, exaggerating the "family" part. We get pretty super into it. We may or may not have special outfits.


Complete with accessories.


Ezra is always nice enough to lend Ike one of his non-pizza-specific aprons. 


(What? Don't all four-year-olds own multiple aprons?)


Family Homemade Pizza Night is strictly pants-optional, however.

As for Noah...

Once upon a time, getting him to touch something like raw pizza dough or pepperoni would have been unheard of. So was getting him to help in the kitchen, willingly. Pressure! Instructions! Expectations and blenders and all kinds of squishy things!


It's all different now.


Super different now.


Not to mention we did have a very special guest of honor over recently, someone Noah wanted to impress with his pizza-making skills extra badly.


The Occupational Therapist Formerly Known As Ms. M___. 

Who is now known, around these parts, on Family Homemade Pizza Nights, in a much less formal capacity. 




And so it begins...the need to impress the ladies. (The others aren't far behind what with the smile on one and the pantslessness on the other.)


Ahhhh big smile on my face right now!!


I LOVE the aprons and all the smiles. Good times.


I did not have children and am way past the point of no return. However your posts and your sweet boys make me want a do-over.

As for Ezra and his cooking photos, these will come in so handy in twenty years when he becomes an Iron Chef, great promo shots!!


Aprons on little kids is the best!

Suzy Q

Baller, indeed! ALL OF THIS is so, so cute. And Noah has come so far. Yay, Storches!


Awww, how can you make me get teary-eyed after a post about pizza?!? But seriously, that's an awesome thing you are all doing, and I'm sure it's helping Noah immensely to have Ms. M. still in his life.


Every now and then I de-lurk to tell you how adorable your family is (they are) and what an entertaining writer and wonderful mom (you are) and how much I enjoy the peeks into your everyday life (I do). Thanks!


In the first picture of Ike he looked all super boy-all-grown-up-I-ate-the-baby. I was so relieved to see him rocking the diaper butt with sock look in the next picture. Seeing the pictures of Noah (missing teeth and all) interacting with pizza dough made my heart so happy.


Awesome! All of it!


Go Noah! That's huge!!! I could never get my special little dude to willingly touch pizza dough!


Ahh...looks like everyone is enjoying it! Wish I had more than one, then nights like this would be so much more fun!


In light if recent events maybe the title needs reworking but your kids are so adorable and i wish you luck in the nanny search.

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