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15 Things I Love About This, The Greatest Gift of All

Thing #1: Why yes! I do love this so much I might marry it. Thank you!

Noah's book01

Thing #2: He's inherited my favorite writerly colloquialisms.

Noah's book02

Dear Mom and Dad,

I hop yall (ed. note: YA'LL! YES.) like this book. Yall proble be so prod of me (ed. note: DAMN SKIPPY). I love you.

From Noah

Thing #3: Seriously, though, he wrote us a book.

Noah's book03

Noah's book04

Thing #4: All farms still have red barns, even when they actually don't.

Noah's book05

It's nice to see that life has not shaken his belief in the big red barn.

Thing #5: This picture of our timbering tree.

Noah's book06

Thing #6: VIOLENCE.

Noah's book07

Noah's book08

Thing #7: Trees on top of cars. 

Noah's book09

TREES ON TOP OF CARS. No big deal, Mom. 

Thing #8: No detail is worth leaving out.

Noah's book10

You are learning well, young blogger-san.

Thing #9: When your narrative drags, go with some hyperbolic exaggeration. 

Noah's book11

(We did not drive over a river. It was more like a slightly dramatic puddle.)

Thing #10: I...I did?

 Noah's book12

I think Dad might nitpick this version of events, as Mom is a useless asshole. 

Thing #11: Seriously, I am coming off SO WELL here.

Noah's book13

He left out the part where I got all annoyed at my children's useless decorating abilities and wanton ornament destruction and finally did the dramatic "JUST LET ME DO IT MYSELF" parenting win of the year move. 


Noah's book14

"My favorite ornament on the tree is the Frodo ornament."

Thing #13: Everything about this illustration.

Noah's book15

The clasped stick arms! The dreamy dream bubble! The image of Santa delivering presents while possibly strapped to the electric chair!

Thing #14: "About the Author." 

Noah's book16

Noah's book17


Thing #15: The secret bonus material on the back page.

Noah's book18

"The alien zombies from the Black Lagoon showed up and stole all the presents. The end."




OMG, that is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. It is definitely a book I will read over and over again (today, while I should be working. Darn the end of the holidays.)


Does that kid have a total grasp of narrative, or what?! Second grade teacher and mom here so proud of him and thrilled for you. MARRY THAT BOOK!


Totally and completely AWESOME!


I love reading kid's stories. Noah did a great job! My stepson made me look like an asshole in his story he wrote about Christmas Day. Something like, I thought Cristin would be mad because we woke up early, but she wasn't! Great. Thanks for the memories!

Sue C

Love it! Very, very nice! As a teacher I couldn't help but notice the wh/w confusion exists in other locales besides my classroom. LOL!! Great job, Noah!!


This makes me want to cry. Also, send my three-year-old to school and tell her to start writing me books, dammit. Mommy loves them!


What a fabulous gift! Marry Christmas indeed.


Hey -- keep that and remind Noah of it when he is applying to colleges. My son got into Colgate mostly based on his essay about our tradition of Christmas tree procuring.

Mom in Two Cultures

My son is trying to write a comic about himself as a superhero. It starts "Somewhere in Ohio..." Which is awesome, except we don't live in Ohio. So I am not sure if he is trying to keep up our tradition of anonymous blogging or if he doesn't know what state we live in.

Here's the link to the first panel: http://www.momintwocultures.com/2012/12/whats-your-super-power.html


SO CUTE. My 6 year old made a book for my husband for Christmas called "Wat my Daddy likes to to." Each page is a different thing (work, play guitar, kiss, eat spaghetti, swim, etc.) with an illustration. It's wonderful, and she cranked the whole thing out in two days of frenzied drawing. It's the most focused I've ever seen her.


7 years ago, Noah was a teeny tiny baby and my son was yet to be born. We discussed (via email) having boys.

My son (about to turn 7) just came into the room and wanted me to read Noah's book to him.

I feel like I have now officially come full circle.


That's amazing! Well done Noah!!!

Suzy Q

SO fabulous! ALL OF IT.


Oh wow, just wow! That kid rocks on so many levels xxx


He's got his moma's talent for writing a pretty fantastic story :) What a sweet gift! And he did such a great job!




So....his blog could be called "Noahala". Right?? Show of hands - who besides me would read that??


LOVE this book, getting misty. Where can I find one of these blank white books, so I can stick it in a drawer and wait 7 years and hope my kid will also write me a story?

Cameron from WNL

What a cute book!


That is *awesome*!!! I will be so proud to say some day "Ah yes, Noah Storch. I was reading him long ago."


So amazing - great job, Noah!

(PS - for you: "y'all")



Generally a lurker here but since I teach first grade I had to comment: VERY COOL! Writer's Workshop? My kids love to write so much that when they are misbehaving I threaten to take away writing instead of recess :)


Adorable. Well done Noah, and well done Amy and Jason!


Adorable. Well done Noah, and well done Amy and Jason!


You got the best gifts EVER!


Awesome! I love the Frodo ornament page! Perfect for your little man. :)


Awesome! I love the Frodo ornament page! Perfect for your little man. :)


I heart this, so very much.


That is some really good stuff right there. Love it.


That's an awesome book! :)


For Liz-Soulemama had a recommendation for blank books- barebooks.com.


I CANNOT WAIT to get something like this from my kid!


So sweet! The casual way he drops in the part about the tree on the roof--who would've thought? But my personal favorite? "Owch!" Love it!

tonya cinnamon

this is too cute :)


This isn't a sad story, but why am I having tears in my eyes?? Ugh! I really do appreciate children making things like this. They're expressing their love through arts and I love that. If I'm only there, I could have hugged your child! Lucky you! :)

not supergirl

I love this. I'd totally marry it.


I love how confident he is that his parents will be prod of him. That is a secure & well-loved child through & through - good work Mom & Dad!


For the LOVE OF PETE that is the most adorable thing EVER. My son is 2.5; I cannot wait until we get some of this narrative action over here. Love!


That is seriously SO TERRIFIC. Your kid is a budding graphic novelist and I'm not just saying that because of how I'm making a graphic novel right now. Get him some Calvin and Hobbes and Foxtrot STAT


The auto-generated ad I got just below this post was for Hallmark University. I like to assume that is where you go to learn to make awesome cards and books like this. Clearly Moah does not need their help.


Gaah! Make that Noah!



Lynda M O

It's in the genes, Heather, and aren't you just as proud as you an be !~! I love young writers and it looks like you are growing a crop there in the wilds of Minnesota.

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