Baby, It's Cold Outside, But Let's Not Be Ridiculous About It
This Is Me Not Writing About Being Sick; This Is Me Writing About Being an Idiot


Lynda M O

That sux, and I for one am declaring that the sickies LEAVE YOUR HOME. It's been bad here since the ball fell in Times Circle a month or so back. Illness has crept in under the door and left the entire household wishing it would disappear. I have no kids left at home so your situation is much ickier with those three little angels to take care of too.

Sending Love, Tissues, Tea and homemade chicken soup for lunch until you get back on those tired little feeties of your'n.


I wanna come and just, I don't know, fluff some pillows or something. Open the windows, have a seance, banish the anti-health hellion(s?).


I'm so ready for this winter to be over! Every week feels like russian roulette but instead of bullets it's influenza and norovirus. Pop in a movie for the kiddos and feel better soon!


Right there with you lady. In my case I was just diagnosed with pneumonia and tennis elbow. Because why not. Feel better soon!

Big Gay Sam

Flu? What flu? Keep your ickies back east. On this of the Rockies we're just fine. ;)


Hang in there! If it is the respiratory bug it's 1 week of feeling horrible followed by 1 week of feeling a bit better but coughing up a lung at every given opportunity, followed by 1 week of almost-better-but-not quite. Get some rest!


Sorry! Here's to feeling better!


I hear ye! I am fighting to stay healthy. My 4 yo and 2 yo were sick back to back. And now, my 4 month old is miserable! It is so sad to watch him suffer through the congestion and sickness. And now I'm not feeling so hot.
Thanks for listening! Hope you feel better soon!


Isn't it wonderful how quickly our kids learn how to share germs. Now if it only worked with toys...


I do declare this cruddiest year ever. Sending vibes of wellness.


I feel bad for laughing at your misery.

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