This Is Me Not Writing About Being Sick; This Is Me Writing About Being an Idiot
Ezra the Collector

Sunrise, Sunset, Yeah, Okay, We Get It, Whatever

So it seems like something interesting happens once you embark on parenting your third (3rrrrrd) child while also entering your 10th (TENTH) (TENNNNNNTH) year of blogging: Reruns. 99.9% of your life has happened before, and hot damn, did you already done document it to death.

Friday was Ike's official "first" day of "preschool." But since the school prefers a gradual transition into the program, it basically meant he and I stayed there together for an hour, and then left.

So...not much different from the day we visited the school a couple weeks ago. So...not much to report, no matter how badly I wanted to work my insides into a nostalgic wreck and then vomit said insides all over my blog because my baby. MY BAAAAAAABY.

Instead we came home and I realized that I've written variations on that first-day-of-school entry four or five times already. Probably three times for Noah, twice for Ezra, at least. So that means I am either:

1) Growing as a person and a writer as I no longer feel compelled to wring emotional drama and emotive blog posts out of ONE HOUR at a GLORIFIED HALF-DAY DAYCARE because my kid PLAYED WITH SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT TOYS THAN THE TOYS HE PLAYS WITH AT HOME, or...

2) I dunno. Just kind of over it? It was an hour. He got REALLY excited in the parking lot and said something that sounded like "yes school yes!" He played with a ball tower for awhile and threw a basket of plastic fruit on the floor when it was time to leave. THE END!

This Thursday he goes for an hour by himself. I am kind of tempted to leave him there a little longer, because: Yeah. He's not gonna care, y'all. He's got an independent streak the size of the Grand Canyon and I predict that instead of rushing into my loving joyful arms when I come to collect him he will again hurl plastic fruit and run in the opposite direction because STOP EMBARRASSING ME BY EXISTING, MOMMMM. 

(There's another not-quite-two-year-old boy in the class who spent the entire hour I was there asking for his mommy. I confidently informed the teacher that Ike would NOT do that, mostly because he still refuses to call me by name, or acknowledge that I even HAVE a name other than a sharp poke to my chest when asked where or who is Mommy. SHE'S RIGHT THERE, DUMBASS.)

Good thing he is so cute. Good thing they are all so cute. Good thing they never get tired of me telling them how cute they are, even if I can't muster up the energy to write about it for the squidrillionth time.


How we all keep swapping these cold germs back and forth, I will never know.



That is an awfully sweet photograph.


What an adorable picture!


Avery starts preschool (daycare? whatev, i'm calling it school) at the end of the month and while i'm all MAH BAYBEE!!! i suspect, like Ike, she'll be all "later lady who lives with me and wipes my butt" (she also rarely acknowledges me as mommy/mama/mom, etc.

nice to see my kid is totally normal - or not

Amy M.

Sweet picture!

On the first day at 4K, I was nervous about leaving my daughter, but she gave me a hug, took me by the hand & lead me out the door saying, "Go to work, Mommy!" *sigh* I'm already embarrassing her at 4!


Noah looks amazingly huge and boyish in that photo! So big compared to his "little" brothers!


Those adorable little boys may not know who mom is but they sure love their dad, don't they?


Are you a brunette now, or is that not you under the pile-on?


The little boy who kept asking for Mommy, ugh. Makes my heart ache. That is what I picture my child doing while she is at 'school.' I have been told otherwise but thanks to this, I will never believe it now.


Just delurking to say I love that picture! :)


First of all, I love this picture! It makes my heart all warm and gooey and whatnot. Second of all, it doesn't matter if you are writing the same story over and over again. You write it so well, I promise I will continue to read it over and over again.


I personally do not care if you write the same thing twenty times about each child, because I love reading what you write so much, it's always new to me.


You go ahead and write whatever you want - I'll read it!

Love that photo, but how on earth did Ezra get so LONG?


Heartbreak for the little man missing his mama...awesome that you don't have that to worry about!


Excellent use of the prefix, "squid." :-)


I would read your laundry list:). And my best friend has 5 kids and she was so over it. Although maybe not until the 4th. But maybe that's because she had some different gender options, so you know, WOW IT'S A BOY INSTEAD OF A GIRL I THOUGHT I ONLY KNEW ABOUT GIRLS....


Great photo! I'm a longtime reader of your blog and my jaw dropped when I read that your third baby is already going to school!


How many zeroes are in a squidrillion?


I don't know. It's kind of like a gradual transition. I've got three kids, too.

First kid, first day of school: weepy, emotional mess.

Second kid, first day of school: a little teary eyed, a little relieved.

Third kid, first day of school: has not happened yet. But you can bet I will be standing in the driveway with him, waiting to gleefully shove his adorable little bum onto the bus, then smiling and waving maniacally as they drive off to school.

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