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21.5 Months, Which, What?

Excuse me, but did I or did I not have a baby around here somewhere? At least somewhat recently?


We all call him Ikey now, instead of Baby Ike. It's a good compromise. He's funny and cute and incredibly laid back, one might even say downright easy, but he's also totally trouble if you aren't paying attention. He looks just like Noah, eats just like Ezra and is the only one of my children who loves Elmo beyond all sense and reason. The way he says "Mama" puts my heart through the shredder, every time. 

Everybody tells you it goes fast; it goes so, so fast; enjoy it because FAST. They tell you this when your first baby is like, seven minutes old and the idea of him ever being anything but a fussy little non-sleeping blob sounds completely crazy. You've aleady forgotten what it feels like to sleep. It all goes so fast? THAT'S FASCINATING. OKAY, TRYING TO KEEP AN INFANT ALIVE OVER HERE, BRB. 


What they don't tell you is that it goes even exponentially faster with each subsequent baby. You have a frame of reference now. You know the stages: That already-sleeping-through-the-night-newborn is nothing to brag about now (HA! N00BS!), because in a few weeks he will wake up and realize that the world around him is BRIGHT and LOUD and SUCKS.

IMG_1022 IMG_1024

That swaddled burrito will figure out what his arms and legs do and start rolling and scooting and general not-staying-where-you-put-him-ing. Then comes a long, hazy stage of constant injury prevention and choking hazards. Crawling, cruising, walking, falling.

IMG_0957 IMG_0953

IMG_0958 IMG_0960

Booties become shoes. Then bigger shoes. Pureed yams languish in the freezer because it's all about the finger foods and then the fork and the spoon and gimme some of your steak, plz. The pajamas that looked laughably huge just a few months ago no longer stay snapped in the crotch. He refuses to sit in a high chair or even a booster seat, his legs hang over the edge of the changing table, he helps put away the groceries and knows how to turn the TV on and how to get to Elmo videos on my phone. Mimicry gives way to independence, babble turns into conversation, and suddenly you realize you're in the final year (or maybe even months) of diapers and cribs and babyhood altogether. 


And then you catch a glimpse of your reflection next to theirs in a shop window and wonder when all that happened. The lines and the eyebags and the neck. And when your babies' heads came up past your thigh, your hip, your waist, your chest. When they stopped loving Elmo and calling you Mama. 

At least we're not quite there yet with this one. It'll all happen soon enough, because FAST, but...not quite yet. 


And something tells me I'll be swallowing back the "baby" part of "Baby Ike" for a long, long time, because he is. And always will be. 



That last picture kills me. So cute. My youngest is 14 months, and she's up and about and turning into a person before my eyes. Bye-bye, baby.




Oh, crying. Yes, fast. Fast, fast, fast. And I simply could NOT hear that when people told me so back in the day... it was just inconceivable. And now I wish I had all of those days back. xox


Yup...that. All of it so beautifully said.

Mine is 2 and one week....just bought him Easy Ups yesterday because."Up and down diapers, potty, Momma!" *Sniff*


Damn you for the tears... My big girl is 3.5 and my little boy is 10.5 months and I already know what you're saying.


This is so true. Mine turned 2 in January fast!


Will he not, you think, find it incredibly hilarious that he has THRONGS OF STRANGERS who will forever and ever amen refer to him as Baby Ike?

I am there with you, nodding at the passage -- the swift passage -- of time and trying to beat it back like the bitch it is. And mine is 3.


My youngest baby is 42 this year!!!!


FAST is so right. I am planning my oldest's grad party - what the? how? and I have become one of "those" moms and referred to my 16 y/o as my baby yesterday when he was kicked in the head in soccer and the ref didn't call the foul. My baby's HEAD. GAH. I am old. and apparently sappy as all hell now.


*sniff* My baby (baybeeeeee) will be eight months tomorrow, which is still pretty wee, but yeah, FAST. So fast.


I swear you are inside my head sometimes... because yeah, I've got a 21.5 month old boy (his name is Ethan Zane and we call him EZ). It's like crazy weird how connected I feel to you sometimes. And that is not at all meant to be stalker weird but I'm totally sure you feel that way right now. :)

Suzy Q

Oh, that boy.


Yeaaahh . . . My two (and a half!!1!) year old is my second (and possibly last) child, and I can't help but coddle him a little, because MY BABY!

I had to have a night to grieve and blubber over all the baby clothes I was packaging up to give away. I've been in denial about it for a while, and they've just stacked up into an ugly pile in the living room that I just can't seem to make myself clear out . . .

I hear ya. I totally hear ya. :)


Oh how I was hoping this post would end with an announcement that Ike isn't the baby...that there's going to be a fourth! Such a sweet boy.


Oh, my creyes. <3 :'(

Donna P

Your boys are so beautiful. They look alike, yet each one looks so different and they all resemble you and Jason. What a lovely family!


I just have two - 5 years old and 2 years and 2 months. They're both boys. Every day, I look at them and say "Oh mah gosh, they're real people now!"


Yes on the fast! I have 3, one is Ezra's age, a 2 to, and an almost 5 month old. He!! Yeah it goes exponentially faster with each one!
I knew Ike was getting big. But that pic where Ike is next to They both look big.
And now I'm going to cry.


SO TRUE on the next one going faster than the first baby! I swear I just gave birth, and she's already rolling around and teething (oh, and sleeping WAY worse than she did as a newborn! Not cool!) and turning into a whole real person who will be chasing her brother around before I can blink again. This whole growing and raising human beings is CRAZY!


boys this age should only be allowed to wear tiny plaid button down shirts. it makes me melt


My son is 14months (not rapidly approaching 15 at all...) and I'm 20wks pregnant. I don't want to hear it goes faster second time, cause man, where did the last 14 months go?!

Also, how many people want you knocked up again?!


My son is 4 and my daughter is about the same age as Ike...I feel the same as you.


Oh geez Amy, WORKING HERE, stop with the tear jerkers please! I know exactly what your talking about. My baby boy, my only child, is turning one in April . .APRIL . . the BEGINNING of April at that! :(
I honestly do not feel like I have spent enough time cuddling him for it to already been a year yet, not from lack of trying mind you!


Sniff. so true. My second baby is just about to turn two, and it just whipped by. full sentences? what???


I am the youngest of the three children and my mom still calls me "her baby" when she introduces me to people. I am 32 years old, but I find it endearing so I let her do it :).


He's such a big fellow...until that last picture and WHAM! Baby. This makes me want to ditch work and go snatch my toddler from school so I can stare at him.

jill (mrschaos)

It *IS* so fast. It's horrible (and still wonderful?) how fast it goes. Gah.


Thanks for the tears! My son is 20 months and I wonder were the time went. All the planning while pregnant to have a baby, and now I don't have one. I am so lucky that he still loves to snuggle at bedtime.


Not only do I have my own bay-bee for this post to make me teary eyed over, but I've read your blog so long that I even get nostalgic about YOUR kids...but not in a creepy way, I promise!


Could you please have another one? Do it for us, your loyal readers. It's what we all want, you know.


I have been struggling with letting go of the baby phase, too. We *know* we are done, no more babies, more babies. The youngest is 3.5 and quickly running away from toddler into little boy and I am trying so hard to SLOW IT DOWN even though it's not possible. Finally took the crib/toddler bed down after seven years straight of someone being in it. It felt so final! sniff, sniff

sue c

Yes, I remember those days very clearly when mine were babies. They are all in their twenties now, but they are all still my babies.


I was nursing my two week old son as I read this and *sobbing* because 1. hi, hormonal mess over here! and 2. I can't wait to see him reach all the milestones you mentioned, but every one will take a little of my precious baby away and oh I love him so.


Oof, my heart! This one got me. I'm currently pregnant with what will likely be our last... and daily I am simultaneously forgetting I'm pregnant and savoring every single kick.


Exactly. My baby boy is 13, taller than me and with a mustache. But at night, when I shut his bedroom door before I go to sleep, I hear the sound of his gentle breathing and for just a moment it all comes rushing back.


Oh, I was fine until that last sentence. Ya got me! My last baby has her sick 3yo self folded up on my lap. I may be revelling in the feeling a little bit.

Peggy Riegel

My "baby" is 43 years old and on the highway driving several hundred miles for an important appointment. I shed a tear for the time when he would sit or sleep on my lap, and I could somewhat assure his safety.

Relish that young one as long as you can!


OK...My heart's been put through the shredder as I've read this! Working my way out of the first trimester with our third and final baby, and I already can't believe/stand how big my big boys are!


Exactly, exactly, exactly true. We have three, they are four (five in four days ...), three and one. And it is just exactly like you said. The first one, the third day, someone told us to 'cherish it' and I'm still glad my husband didn't hit her. CHERISH WHAT THERE IS NO SLEEP AND THE BABY CANNOT BE COMFORTED. Now they are all ... grown. Well, not grown, but POOF it flies. It is hard not to tell brand new mamas to cherish it, but I try to swallow and not. Thanks for always being so eloquent and sharing your wonderful journey.


And I cried....Thanks.


You have such adorable children. ANd yes, it goes fast. I just got done facetiming with my oldest (22) who is studying abroad in Australia. I look at his face on the phone, and listen to his adult voice, telling me adult things, and I am floored, because I swear he just came out of the womb yesterday.

Korinthia Klein

It does go faster with each one, doesn't it? Crazy. My kids are now 11, 9, and 6, and they were all babies just minutes ago, I swear.


OMG is it my hormones? I'm so tearing up here! Last night when I put my 17-month in the crib without nursing him for the first time he cried...and then I cried! So, SO fast....

Leigh Ann

My youngest just turned 3 and she's still Baby Zoe. Then she yells at me that "I not a beebee!"


Oh lord, my first baby just turned 8 months and is pulling up on everything and I wish she would stop because for gosh sakes she just learned to crawl and she isn't nursing as much as she used to and I don't know what to do with the empty hands that got SO used to holding her grumpy newborn self all day


That is SO sweet.
Also I'm mildly disgusted that you haven't titled any of your posts "Ike, Ike baby".


Oh lord. Yes, yes it does. So, so fast. And you have SUCH gorgeous boys.


Our "Baby Julie" turned 34 last month. Sigh.


Pleeeeeease have another one. You make such nice ones.


No fair making women with 22-year old sons cry. Speaking for a friend, of course.


I am still the baby to my brothers and parents. Like they call me baby Kate- never Kate or Katie- harsh during my teens/20's- now, eh, it is kind of sweet.


Gah... Sniff... To think my baby is yet to be born and knowing tomorrow he or she will be grown up... I sure hope it will all be in the cute way ike does that.

die Frau

My Little Bear is just a bit younger than Ike (21 mos this Saturday). This post really hit home for me, although he's my first. He's just getting so BIG so FAST.... But he'll always be my baby.


Tears! So many tears. My baby is 21 months old next week and I can't even believe it. My hubby and I were both in tears the other night because we went to a birthday party and he just went off and played with the big kids. He wanted so badly to be like them. To think just months before he was this little wiggly guy and now he's getting to be a big boy. My parents said it would go fast but man, I had no idea.


I am looking at pictures of my 22.5 month old and just sobbing now. Please tell my husband that I need another baby soon because this one is just growing up too fast.


Oh god this made me cry. My first is barely four months old and I'm panicked that he is growing too fast. TOO FAST!! It's not fair!


i remember when you announced that you were pregnant with him, and i was totally jealous (because why wasn't i pregnant yet?). I cannot believe he is so big. Also i just blinked and i have a 6 month old who is crawling and not sleeping through the night at all.


Thanks for making me cry this afternoon!


Who's that cute toddler and what have you done with our baby Ike?


Now I am all teary! My second son was born just 2 months after Ike and it is insane how fast he became the big kid he is now!


My mother still forgets and calls my brother "baby boy" sometimes... He is 28.


Crying. In the Walmart check out line.
I cannot bear these babies growing up. Mine are 8 and 21.5 m.
Literally seems like yesterday you were telling us you were pregnant!


GAH! my first baby girl is turning 18 soon and my 2nd baby girl is going on 21 months.... (Since they're so far apart, they BOTH get to be my baby girl)One is graduating diapers and the other is graduating LIFE! so not fair it goes so fast, like FAST-fast. I was just talking about moving one girl's bed into her new home and the other into a big-girl bed...


Sigh... I wish it wasn't so fast. My biggest baby is 14. FOURTEEN. Which makes me old, I guess? When I realized that he will become an adult in 4 years, I nearly passed out. Instead, I cried. Because I know how quickly 4 years goes by.


Your kids are the same age spacing as mine...they're just all about three months just described my life and my feelings about my kids and life right now. Exactly. I mean I was just changing our youngest yesterday and looked down to tell her "you don't fit on this changing table anymore" and then she was babbling yesterday and I answered her and my husband says "oh, y'all have conversations now?" And we do. Just now. My life exactly.

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