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Just Some of the Things I Pretend to Be Good At

Yesterday I got dressed up in my best guess at what 'business casual' entails these days and watched my husband give a software presentation and demo-thing at Microsoft.

(Or more accurately, I watched my husband give his presentation for the fourth time, since he rehearsed it for me three times the night before while trying to get it down to under 50 minutes, which he finally did sometime after midnight. I think. I fell asleep about 20 minutes into the third run-through.)

I sat in the back row and copyedited marketing materials and poked coworkers with pens until they agreed to contribute to the corporate blog. My phone's signal kept dropping off and Microsoft's corporate wifi doesn't play nice with an iPhone (IMAGINE!), so I ate two croissants and doodled a lot instead.

It was still all very exciting, since I leave my home office all of four times a year, as "consultant" is basically another word for "socially maladjusted hobbit." I also did not fall down, spill anything or get attacked by pigeons in the parking garage, so. Win.

Today I skipped my shower, put my hair in a decidedly not-foooling-anyone topknot and am currently bracing my nerves for Ezra's dentist appointment. He is promising to be brave but I think he is a lying dirty liar and I would pay cash money to outsource this task to ANYONE ELSE ON EARTH. Are you free around 10ish this morning to take a surprisingly thrashy four year old to the dentist? They have an Xbox in the waiting room and I will give you fancy business cards that say "senior executive dental appointment consultant" on them.

Any takers? Don't make me poke you with a pen. 


smart aleck

I'll do it. My due date is tomorrow and I have a feeling that making some sort of commitments to other people will help push it out :-)
Plus, business card? Suh-weet!


Dammit. Already after 10. Sorry.


"socially maladjusted hobbit" - this just made my day. Thank you.


The ability to do a top knot is the main reason i am scared to ever go with a pixie. That and I'm pretty sure i'd look like a boy. Hope the dentist went well!


Another random post idea - is it hard to parent Noah and Ezra, given that they are differently abled? I first thought of this during the karate post - Ez ultimately wasn't able to control himself, but you were worried that Noah would struggle due to "attention and impulse control" and were pleasantly surprised when he did great. Is it "easier" (wrong word choice, I know) to parent Noah b/c when he struggles, there is a diagnosis for it? I don't know, it's an awkward way of asking what are some of the challenges of parenting differently abled, different aged kids. Love, love, love your blog and your beautiful boys.


Meanwhile, over across the river in NoVA, my daughter had a meltdown 2 weeks ago when the dentist's office had the audacity to cancel her appointment because of the bad weather. She had the date written down, and woke up and proudly exclaimed that today was the dentist! Yay! When they called to cancel, it was like we had cancelled her trip to Disney. Girl asks about going to the dentist ALL. THE. TIME. She just turned 5. It is weird.


My 4 year old just had her first dentist appointment yesterday too. She was nervous but very brave. All the dentist did was count her teeth and give her a free toothbrush/paste set and a badge. Hopefully now next time she goes she remembers it as a pleasant experience, hopefully.


Wait, my hubby was at Microsoft yesterday, too, for training (Chevy Chase?). But part of it was some sort of personality typing, so maybe not the same meeting. Not sure how to ask him if he saw "this blogger that I read and her husband, no I don't know what the husband looks like, but they were there. She was poking people with pens? Doesn't ring a bell?"

P.S. LOL, Wendy!


Dang. 2:48. I hate I missed a shot at that business card.

Tina C.

umm, get a different dentist. my kids love theirs. also i do not go back there with them.


I also took children to the dentist today. My 6yo daughter couldn't WAIT to jump in that chair! She smiled! She charmed! She showed all her teeth, pointing out the ones missing and the "grown up teeth growing in"! Then there was my 4yo son. The bribery involved just to get him INTO the chair...ugh. I will say that for the first time I didn't need to lay underneath him and play the restraint game. I consider this a win. A HUGE WIN. Hope your appointment went as well.


A woman of all trades...there's never just one role for a mama on the run. Hoping the dentist was a happy experience....just remember, next time you go, Ezra will be 6+ months older, and SOOO much more maturrre.


An X-box in the waiting room? Wow. Our dentist should try that. He'd be guaranteeing a lifetime of dental care from my video game deprived boys.

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