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Spring Break, Parental Abandonment Style

Usually, during spring break, we just end up kicking around at home, trying to get work done as usual as our children slowly, surely descend into stir-crazy insanity from the break in routine. I believe by day three of last year's break Jason and I were hiding from them in a closet, whispering desperate promises to NEVER DO THIS AGAIN. Next year we would take them somewhere, anywhere, as long it was outside of our house and offered a reasonable number of activities, particularly of the "tiring kids out" variety.

We looked into Disney and other family-friendly vacation spots and were stymied by either the price or the fact that Ike would be too young to really participate or remember any of it. (And SORRY, if I'm shelling out the big bucks for a magical family vacation Y'ALL BETTER REMEMBER IT, even the parts you spent crying because Mommy refused to buy you cotton candy for breakfast. Here, stand next to the vendor and direct your wailing at the camera so I may preserve this preshus memory forever.) The timing for a big family vacation was off, maybe next year when Ike's a little older. So how do we kill a week this year?

Then Jason's parents spoke up and floated the idea that hey, they'd really like some time with the boys and wouldn't mind us coming up for the whole week. Maybe you two could get a few days away while they watched the kids for us because oh hey wait, what are you doing?

JASON: I'm buying plane tickets to Vegas, that's what I'm doing.

So yeah, I'm abandoning my children to the care of the grandparents next week and taking a completely selfish grown-up vacation to Las Vegas (AGAIN, though not at all work-related this time).

I have a giant heap of reasons why I do not feel guilty about this. See: they love their grandparents, my in-laws have more energy and more interest in daily trips to playgrounds and museums than I do, we got a really good deal on the airfare and hotel, we'll be back in time to still spend a few with them before school starts again, we'll take them to the beach later this year, etc. etc.

But of course the reality is that I am a mother and feeling guilty about things is just kind of what we do sometimes.

So I feel do feel a little guilty about leaving Ike in particular; I feel guilty about how much work my mother-in-law is going to end up doing, even though she swears she doesn't mind. I feel guilty that I won't be there with my mom on the second anniversary; I even feel a little guilty about not feeling REALLY guilty. Because on the other hand, it's going to be so, so nice to get away. To sleep in and not work and walk around holding hands with my husband and eating whatever we want and seeing some shows or just hanging out on the balcony with a book and a glass of wine for hours. Oh my God, ah mah gah, ermagerd, etc.

And on the other, other hand, the trip necessitated that we finally bite the bullet and order some lightweight luggage (I bought out current suitcases well over a decade ago and they weigh close to 25 pounds EMPTY, so we regularly get nailed with weight charges now, grabble grumble air travel the worst these days garble), and they came in giant boxes. Which means the kids are totally down with the whole plan, because GIANT BOXES YAAAAY.


(I am going to miss them.)

(I am also going to sleep the fuck in so hard.)



Throw away the guilt and have a great time!


You lucky thing. Have a fab time.


It doesn't matter what you do, you will always have some amount of mom guilt. So, go and enjoy!

The kids will be tickled at the time with Jason's parents, because it's something new and different for them, too.

BTW, Ike is free this year at WDW, and you pay for everything once the kids turn 3. I milked that part of my Disney vacations, because my younger son could eat more than me!


Have fun!!!

Also, Delsey suitcases are amazeballs.

Jan Ross

Have a ball in Vegas! I'll never forget when we went there for the first time a couple years ago and one of the first things we saw was a guy walking down the street with this huge boa constrictor wrapped around his neck. Yeah. Vegas. The best kept secret is that there is a monorail in Vegas. It only goes to some of the hotels but it's kinda cool to ride. For great burgers and milkshakes with alcohol in them (!) try Holsteins. Here's a post I wrote about it when we went: http://www.wanderlustwonder.com/2011/04/28/burgers-and-shakes-and-fries-oh-my-visiting-holsteins-in-vegas-for-the-first-time/


I'm heading to Vegas in a couple weeks too, without kids and without husband! 2 of my closest girlfriends and I all have multiple kids and live in different places, so we haven't all been in the same place in 4 years! Sipping umbrella drink by the pool is a great call ;)

We've left the kids a few times, and usually the 10 minutes before getting on the plane is tough, and then it's pretty smooth sailing. Although, you're right, I mostly feel guilty about how much work the kids are, and their grandparents never believe me!


We did this last week, and, lo, it was spectacular. Though I will caution you that getting back to life and reality, where you're suddenly required to get up at a certain time and feed and dress three people (including yourself) and get those people out the door so they're on time for school and work has been craptastic this week. But last week sure was amazing.


Travel without children is brilliant (of course travel with them is brilliant, too, but ...)!


Have a blast!

And as a fellow foodie and former Vegas resident, may I recommend Lotus of Siam? It is mind-blowing Thai food, better than anything I have had anywhere else (including here in the DC metro area), plus they have a wine list to go with it that has earned mention in Wine Spectator.

You'd probably need to taxi there and back, as it is just off the strip in a crappy looking strip mall, but it is amazing. Be sure to make reservations if you decide to go or you'll probably face a long wait.


I needed this post, Amy! The hubby and I are taking a much needed vacation this summer. It just so happens to fall during our only child's first birthday. Insert mommy guilt here. But this mommy NEEDS a break and some QT with the hubs. And our kid will never remember that we missed her first birthday. And she'll get quality time with her grandparents. And, and, and... there are so many reason we need this trip!


Every time we go away I am always blown away by the fact that I do not have to cut someone else's food into small pieces. For me that is the ultimate sign of freedom.

Lynda M O

One word of advice:


Who knows when an opportunity like this will come again....


Psh. You're gonna wake regular time as your brain screams, "The children are hanging off the balcony" THEN remember they're not there THEN drift back off and sleep the fuck in so hard. With drool.

You're welcome.


Disney's kid rates infuriate. Child rate applies to age 3 - 10. adult rates apply starting at 10 TEN FREAKING YEARS OLD!!!

have fun in Vegas!


I haven't even been able to convince my parents to take all three of my boys yet. (The older two, sure. But the 15 month old? No. And then when his big brothers are gone the little one just wanders around despondent, periodically banging on their bedroom door and wailing. It's more work than having all three of them!)

So, my point? Please, go without guilt. Sleep in. Drink alcohol. Eat in a restaurant that doesn't provide high chairs. Do it for us all. :)


My parents do an annual "Camp Gramp" where they take all their grandkids for a week while we parents skeedaddle to go have some fun marriage time. It is awesome for everyone. Some things are all win, no lose, and this is one of them.

Enjoy Vegas!


Have a wonderful time!
This picture made me so happy when you posted it last night; All I could think was how happy they all seem and how LOUD it no doubt was in your house last night


Yay vacation without the kids! I grew up without grandparents so that kind of experience is foreign to me. I live close to my in-laws now so I totally intend to give my son this experience once he's born! Also, will you do me a favor while you're in Vegas? Go eat a double-double at In-n-Out and send some juicy burger vibes to the pregnant lady! West coast girl having an east coast pregnancy has created some cravings that can't be fulfilled. :)


Our favorite phrase is " I'm going to sleep the shit out of tonight". Don't forget the spa!


We're supposed to take a parents-only vacation this summer, and I can't WAIT. Have fun with your bad selves, and play the hell out of the slots while you're in Vegas.


Le Cirque at the Bellagio. Yum! Pricey, but fantastic views on the fountains and great place for foodies! Absinthe at Ceasars is a raunchy but fantastic show. The dolphin exhibit at the Mirage was worth ever dollar. Awesome 2 for 1 martini happy hours, every day starting at I think noon, at Paris. We left our 14 month old at home with grandparents. Best sleeping in ever. Have fun!


We are going to the NC Zoo for 2 days this spring break. Over the summer we are beaching it with the inlaws.

*sigh*...one day.
My parents watch our kids for us regularly so there is NO WAY they are offering to let us fly somewhere. They know better.


We are going to Florida, with Michael. I like your plan better.

(Also, what is with our ridiculous 10 day spring break?)


Have so much fun with the sleeping and the drinkin and the eating and everything! Seriously, you work hard. So does Jason. You totally need (and deserve) a little break.

And your boys will love being spoiled by their grandparents. I know ours do!


For the past 2 years, we've left our boys with my MIL and gone on a week-long kidless vacation (last year was Aruba, this year was Hawaii). My youngest had just turned 2 last year and I was still breastfeeding, so pumped occasionally to keep up my supply and STILL didn't feel guilty about leaving him. Sure I missed him, and we kept doing activities where we'd go "the boys would LOVE this" but it was so worth it, and so necessary for our relationship to spend time away from the kids.


YESSS!! We have an 18-month-old and no parents in town, and haven't been away together since before she was born. We just booked a 3-day weekend in NYC, and I am SO FUCKING PUMPED.

We'll pay our awesome nanny to stay here with her, and yes, we'll miss her, but we can see friends, eat leisurely meals out, have one too many drinks, and SLEEEEP IIIINNNNNN.


Remember to eat slowly. (I used to cram my food in so quickly when my kids were young)
You picked the best people on earth to stay with them. Enjoy!


Sounds fabulous! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Amy in StL

That last line, cracked me up!


I've been on annual leave all week and after 3 days of a coldy child, visiting family and broken sleep for the past week (he's 22 months old... i'm not used to this 'not sleeping through' shit!)

So... I sent my husband to take him to nursery on Thursday, he brought back a mcdonalds breakfast, I watched a film and a half in bed, got a shower, returned to bed and watched the other half of the film. It was 1330 by the time I got up and then I had a mid-afternoon nap on the sofa. It ROCKED!!

You are totally allowed time off. It's good for everyones health! (although the amount of mcd's breakfast I ate, probably not so much!!!) Enjoy.

Suzy Q

Have a great time!

Also? Play 8 on roulette for me.


Pshaw!! We do this every spring break. My mom takes my boys for the week and we get to SLEEP, and EAT dinner without cutting anyones meat, AND go see R Rated movies and its heavenly. Just you wait.


Dude, you were all, "we're going to Vegas" and I was all, "sleeping in..."


Have a great trip! I have yet to convince the hubs that our daughter wouldn't self-destruct if we both spent the night away from her, but an adult vacation is def on the to-do list.

Also, Disney! Big trip, magical fun! When do you go? When the youngest is old enough to remember, the magic has worn off for the oldest, no? The baby is wayyy obsessed with princesses at the moment, so I think we're going this summer even if she will only remember the car ride and maybe the funnel cake.


Have fun! Our day care owner wanted to take the girls for a slumber party. I think I said yes a little too fast.

Baddest Mother Ever

Oh...it's going to be delicious fun!!! And seriously, the best memories of childhood are the nights we spent at grandma's house, playing in her makeup and trying on costume jewelry and spectator pumps. I hope your boys have just as much fun!


We spent weeks with our grandparents every summer. They are some of my favorite memories.this is a win all around!


(a) of course there should be no guilt here!, have fun, blah blah blah.

(b) for next time, have you heard Julia (here be hippogriffs) talk about Best Vacation Destination Ever, Tyler Place? it sounds like heaven on earth for the whole family and i want to go sooooooooo badly. she discusses it here and here:




Hi Amy! I just love you! I was in tears over your post about where did my baby go...and now this one. I so relate to you in many ways, I have 3 kids who are just about the same ages as your 3. We are going to CA for 4 days in April, and I have been having major guilt/anxiety about leaving them, mostly my littlest who will just be 2. I am just thankful for your words, they are so much what I think in my head and can't say, and you say it perfectly! Thank you and have a GREAT trip!!


A year ago my husband had to go to Mumbai for work, and I was insanely jealous, so he arranged for his parents to come stay at our house for a week+ so we could both go. It was amazing to travel with my husband! We had a 24-hour layover in Amsterdam!

So this has opened doors for us. His mom is coming next month during break to play with the kid and we are escaping to NYC for some concerts and kidless fun. This is the BEST THING EVER.


Oooooh! Did you get the Delsey colors? I just bought some and I love them do much we're constant trying to figure out ways to incorporate them into our furniture arrangement.

As for the rest of the post I can't even comment because my body is seized in a cramp of jealousy.


My hubby and I are doing the same exact thing! We used to take a trip every year even if just a night or two without our girls. We haven't done this in a while. So when he asked if I wanted to go to Vegas for a few days and my parents (retired and have a place at the beach) offered to watch our girls I was all over it! We leave Easter night to fly to Vegas and I am soooooo excited!


What an awesome getaway! You know you'll always have mom guilt....don't have any thoughts on how to make it disappear. So just think of this as time for yourself and time to reconnect with your husband. Power on!

Amy M.

Have fun! I'm feeling guilt that I have to work while my kids are on spring break! So I'm definitely jealous of your opportunity to recharge!

Amy M.

Have fun! I'm feeling guilt that I have to work while my kids are on spring break! So I'm definitely jealous of your opportunity to recharge!

Corey Feldman

Sadly we aren't in a position to leave our kids since my mom passed, but before, I know what you mean. I remember having to just go for an extended weekend for a wedding in which my wife was in the bridal party. My parents were totally up for it. Heck they watched Josh several times a week. But I felt guilty the whole time I was there. I hope you enjoyed yourself despite the guilt!


i hope you're having tons of fun (before & after the foot thing)!
and the boys are probably enjoying the lack of parental rules. not that grandparents have no rules, but they do tend to let the littles get away with A LOT

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