And It Only Took Us Seven Years
Another Super-Exciting Post About What We Ate This Week, Oh My GOD



That's the end, Mom. That's the end. So cute!


Nothing wrong with being regogo.


Man I love how this age pronounces things. "Betchtables." Sigh.


They turned back to reg-gu-gul. :) That's good.


ha! Back to regogo.

Parts of that really reminded me of this:

Call Me Jo the zombie vegetables were really goldfish wearing zombie vegetable suits. This clarification really helps! I was totally confused before.


I love him even more now.


I think you should end each of your blogposts from now on with "that's the end. That's the end, blogreaders. That's the end."


Oh my god the cuteness--it almost hurts it's so much!


I was actually sitting in a laundry basket while I watched this. It was just kind of sitting in the computer chair and moving it seemed like too much work because I only meant to be on the computer for a second. Then I started reading and decided I'd made the right choice =)


You churn out the most adorable kids.


Oh mah gersh! Am I the only one who (1) saw a video and only a short post, and (2) saw that Erza had "a story to tell me" and immediately leapt to the conclusion that he was going to tell us that he was going to be a big brother again for the second time ohmahgosssh, be still my heart?! OHMAHGOSH!

Okay, so then I saw the title and your comment below the video...and realized I was proooobably wrong, so then I commented here before actually watching the video. So now I'm gonna go watch it. And no hear baby news. Can I say, too, that I'm a little bit disappointed that I was wrong? No? Okay, I won't say it then.


What? It made perfect sense to me. I thought it was only my kid who told rambling, nonsensical stories about crazy things.


That is the Ezraiest story ever. Love it.

Becca Lynn

Clearly, that's the end. Obviously.

I have no idea either, but my 2 1/2 year old was CAPTIVATED. ;-)


Could you please post more stories of vomit everywhere? Because the husband and I have agreed to wait one year before starting to try for a baby and this level of cuteness is not helping to steel my resolve. Birth control pills? I'm supposed to take those EVERY day? Whoops! (I would not actually do that. And grad school, travel, blah, blah practical reasons to wait. Boo, practicality.)

Kari Weber

Marc's poor baby lovie in the back cracked me up!


Those little sideburns are KILLING me!


I have same bath rugs as you! I now feel awesome and cool.


Made perfect sense to me, but then I listen to a 5 1/2yo and 1 1/2yo all day.

Tina C.

there is a book called night of the zombie goldfish. we got ours from scholastic.


My two year old gives me that exact same look, the one where you're still urging him to tell you the story before he sits down in the laundry basket. Anytime I'm all like "what's this animal, Alex" or "Can you say hi" or "what color is that" he's all like "I am not your performing monkey, woman" and gives me that same look. Good to know it's universal :) Needless to say, so freaking adorable!


He is so insanely cute! And so big!! I'm hearing snippets of this Monsters and Aliens story that my son watches on Netflix (there's also an Attack of the Pumpkins from Outer Space, or something, in the same vein):

Although Ezra has clearly embellished and improved the tale. :o) I wonder if he saw it around Halloween and it's been percolating in his brain since then...


And he turned into a Bedgetable!! Oh noooo!! :) Good story, little dude!


So cute!! Why do little boys like stories about zombies and brains and things blowing up so much??? My 5-year-old always features zombies, explosions, and ninjas in his many stories and adventures.


Holy cuteness.


that "oh no" was about the cutest thing i've ever heard

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