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Salad Days

About two months ago, Ezra randomly announced that he loved salad. I believe his exact words were, "Salad? I LOVE salad!" (Note that no one was even eating salad at the time. But such is The Ezra, The Neverending Mystery of Weird.) I also believe that prior to that announcement, he had never willingly taken a bite of anything that would traditionally be considered "salad" in his entire life. Ezra, as you know, has always been a good eater — though prone to fickle fits of pickiness just like any toddler and preschooler, rejected previously loved foods for no real reason other to drive his mother to (more) drink — but...lettuce? Plain raw vegetables that have not been doused in cheese or purposely hidden inside of something more acceptable? Or basically any vegetable that is not a pea, a carrot or a sweet potato? It seemed like a stretch, even for him. But sure enough, a couple nights later we made these Asian turkey lettuce wrap things that Jason and I go for when we cannot bear the thought of another goddamned taco night. The kids all like the filling, which we usually serve over rice or noodles for them.... Read more →

Sounds About Right

Things That Have Been Dropped On My Foot Since Reuniting With My Children: 1) One National Geographic Kids United States Atlas 2) One vintage Fisher Price toy stove top 3) Ike Things That Have Sat On My Foot Since Reuniting With My Children: 1) Noah 2) Ezra 3) Ike 4) The dog 5) The cat 6) Jason, almost, until I shrieked and recoiled just in time Things That My Foot Has Tripped Over Since Reuniting With My Children: 1) Their shoes 2) My crutches, which Noah left lying right outside the bathroom door (In case I needed them, I guess?) 3) The dog 4) The cat 5) Legos It's so good to be back. I missed them all so much, even if they totally didn't follow my pre-trip orders to not get any bigger while I was away. Read more →

This Hobbit Be Mobbin'

In spite of...all that happening, I really had a terrifically wonderful time in Vegas. Jason and I successfully and repeatedly committed a good six out of the seven deadly sins — save for wrath, I think. Never really felt too wrath-y, except for that one moment where I thought I overheard a pack of drunk guys calling me a "hobbit" on my crutches and I was all, "EXCUSE ME, ARE YOU SERIOUS?" And then they were all, "What? Nah! We said you were "mobbin' it" on those crutches cuz you were going so fast and shit." And then I was all, "Oh, okay, sorry. It's just been kind of a long day." And then they walked away and I was all, "Wait. Is "mobbin' it" even a thing? I am not sure that's a real thing." Anyway, I still do not know if "mobbin' it" is or is not, in fact, a thing you can do on crutches, but I am entirely too busy to look it up on Urban Dictionary because of the whole post-vacation home suitcases children email work KABLOOEYNESS. (Which you KNOW is actually a thing.) I am mostly off the crutches now and can walk pretty... Read more →