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Girls Who Wear Glasses & Boys That Break Glasses

This post is sponsored by Rivet & Sway.

So...this happened.


Which was awesome. 

I have worn those glasses since...let's see*...before Noah was born. That means they have survived years of not only my own idiocracy, but also the infancies and toddlerhoods of two grabby, destructive children. 




Child number three, alas. It was just too much to ask for a simple pair of reading glasses. Especially if said reading glasses were stupidly left out on the coffee table, in plain sight and easy reach of said child. 

Honestly, I'm such a rookie sometimes. WHATZ THE WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN?

To be fair, though, I've been whining fairly regularly about my aging eyesight over the past year, getting headaches, squinting a lot more at screens and pages, and ever-so-casually bumping up the font size because technology, whippersnappers, my lawn and reasons. I knew it was time to get another eye exam and a new prescription, but I just didn't, thanks to my trusty ol' pair of specs being handy and pretty much close to good enough. 


So in a way, I did you a favor. Ur welcomes.

But even after Ike snapped my glasses in two, I still wishy-washied around about it. I don't like shopping for glasses. It stresses me out, trying on frame after frame, since I don't ever really know what looks good on me but always feel like it's never the stylish frames, but rather the old-lady styles that I am not cool enough to pull off ironically. Also, I was a blonde the last time I shopped for frames. Also also, my right ear is ever so slightly higher than my left. Which means an ill-fitting frame can give the impression that my entire face is kind of...slanting down to the left.

(Maybe because it is? Oh, God.)

ANYWAY. About two days after the great Glasses Snappening, I was approached about possibly doing a sponsored post for Rivet & Sway. Which is a website that sells really awesome high-end frames, and offers the services of a personal stylist (Ritzy. HI RITZY.) to help you pick out a selection of frames to try on at home. THAT'S WHAT WE CALL TIMING. I answered a couple questions, uploaded a head shot and within a few hours I got an email with a few different recommendations to choose from.

One of which looked EXACTLY like the frames I would immediately gravitate to in any store in the world. They're a more up-to-date and flattering version of my old specs. Classic tortoise with flecks of blue




The second pair is the kind of frames I always WANT to pull off. Bolder, darker and more prominent. In the end, though, I'd usually shy away from glasses like this because I thought they were "too much" for a super-pale blonde. Ritzy recommended these mostly to pair with my current hair color. 




For the third pair, I picked...well, not really something wildly oddball, but different from any glasses I've worn in the past. Metal instead of plastic, a bit wider, and in a copper color that manages to match my hair perfectly in some lights, while looking completely different in others. (Thus making them the hardest to photograph. I don't think I'm doing them justice here!)



Okay, so I do seekritly (or maybe not-so-seekritly) have a favorite pair, but where is the fun in that? Let's crowd-source this sucker. Which specs get your vote? 

SuperMom_Blogger_Badge_300x250pxThis post is sponsored by Rivet & Sway. Get $25 dollars off a single pair of frames between now and June 30, 2013 using code SUPER-MOM.

Want to share the love with someone else? Nominate a Super Mom in your life here, with a short story about her superpower. (250-500 characters.) Grand prize winner will receive two pairs of Rivet & Sway frames, and a monthly delivery of Vosges Haut-Chocolat for a year. Two runners up will receive each receive a pair of frames and the exotic truffle collection from Vosges. Enter by May 12, 2013; winners announced via Facebook and notified by email on May 15, 2013. 



The metal! They flatter you and they'll help with looking "off-kilter" due to "ear issues" because you can adjust them whereas you cannot with the plastic ones.


I like the third pair!


Ooh, I like them all. I love the first ones and the third ones best, but they all look great on you. (Probly because you so pretty.) The third are like mine except mine are PURPLE, which was a bit of a crazy thing but I decided to embrace my inner sexy librarian and I really love them. So there, I'm almost no help at all.


I have a bit of an irrational prejudice against tortoiseshell glasses, at least if they're not in a particularly vintage style. Always makes me think of those tortoiseshell frames with "funky" pink/purple highlights that they try to flog to middle schoolers.


#3. Or #2.


Numero tres. For sure.


I like the third also. Though tortoiseshell represents my entire comfort zone when it comes to glasses (both prescription and sunglasses) so I'd understand if you go with the first.


#3. Sophisticated, in an approachable way:).


First ones! But, I really like the poster who mentions that metal frames are easy to adjust, plastic not. Really great point. I still vote for the first pair, because, who says I have to be practical?


Third for sure!


Number 3, just like your number 3 boy who forced you into the great glasses challenge of 2013.


Number 3! Pick number 3, mah lord. (Sorry, couldn't resist my mind going to Shrek.) I like #1 most though. I think. I AM NO HELP.


Number three, although they all look fine. Number three though looks really good.


I think the 3rd pair looks the best on you, but I personally hate to wear frames with those nose pad thingies, so I have a difficult time recommending them to you outright.


Third pair looks great on you! First pair is a good choice as well though.


I like the third pair best. To me, they're all similar enough that you couldn't go wrong with any of them.

If they're just readers (which in my experience aren't nearly as expensive as regular "transitionals"), why not have several? That's what I do -- one for the purse, one for my desk, one for the coffee table. That way, I always have them with me whether at work, at home, or at a restaurant trying to read a menu.

LD's Mom

My favorite is #1. Second favorite #3. Least favorite #2. All look great!

I'm the same way about hedging to start the process of new glasses. Glad Ike could help!

Practical Mama

The exact reason, why I got lasik surgery :) I think 3rd one fits you better.


Third pair, definitely.

And I too have one ear higher than the other. I miss my old optometrist where they did such an excellent job helping me pick frames and fitting them.


The third pair! Definitely.


No. 3 - definitely No. 3.


Definitely the first pair. They make you look very smart but in a sexy librarian way. Also I love tortoiseshell.


I like the first pair the best! But, the 2nd pair looks just like the glasses I own, so they are pretty cool too.


Fun! Thank you for the delicious Ike photos!

I lean towards #1. It seems to fit your face better, and I like the tortoiseshell aspect.


#1#1#1#1 ! love them.

Don't really like #2, I have a metal pair I don't like so I'm not voting for #3 either.


The first pair looks good, but the other two are bold, in a FUN way. I like both of them - because I'm a multi-glasses kind of girl. I have a pair like the metal ones that look good with just about anything and make me look smart (same effect for you!) and then a pair like the second ones that are for the days when I want to go a little bolder, funner, put myself out there more. If you're not feeling that brave, get #3. Or... get BOTH!


#1 is the safe choice, #3 is the fun (and also most flattering) choice.


3rd pair! :)




1 or 3. 1 is more "fun" and 3 is more subdued. I'd actually like to try 1 myself!


Hi, licensed optician here (so you know I have certain biases.) (just getting that out of the way fast). Having tried to take pics of myself to show off new frames, I will say, the pics *never* look the same as in person. The frame sizing always An online "stylist" (which is essentially what all of us are being right now) is not going to have the same perspective as someone in person. Also, it is hard to see in the pictures, but it looks like #2 doesn't have the best bridge fit. Its riding up in the second shot. Also? yawn. Anyone can "style" you in a pair of tortoise frames. It's like styling someone in a white shirt. I like the third frame slightly more because flat metals are interesting, but my favorite choice of the three would be the first. It appears to have the best fit, and the flecks of blue are interesting. If you were to visit me in person, I'd probably have you try on a wider range of looks. Also, I am sorry that trying on frames stresses you out. It's one of those things that I never understand. You don't even need to go in a dressing room. And if you don't trust the person helping you, then they are not doing a good enough job. I always tell my patients that I won't let them leave looking foolish, because THEY are my walking billboards! I have nothing to gain (longterm) by making you look like a jackass. I could go on, but I think I left the iron on...


I like the first only because I wear mine on my head sometimes and those metal nosepads get stuck in my hair and ouch so I always go with plastic and no nosepads.


I vote #1 or #3.


I like #1 or #2,the second pair is a little "edgier" if you want something different. But remember you'll probably have them for a long time again, so pick something you think will last with your style that you won't be sick of in 2 years. I think #1 is my favorite.


I liked the first until I saw the third! I may be biased though, since I have the third pair in teal. :)




I like #3 best, but I think by your expressions that your fave is #1, no? I too am about to begin the great frames hunt. My husband asked if I wanted to go with him and the 6 year old girl child and shop for thank you! That is a 'by yourself' activity for sure! Anyhoo, when I was 5 ish (been wearing them since 9 months old! - bet my mom had fun!), my younger sister took my one day old pair and completely snapped them in the middle. So I feel your pain. If you want my criteria, it's: nosepads are a must (otherwise cheek half moons occur!), glass always, never plastic for the lenses themselves. And NO coatings! Just my two cents....Good Luck!


I think #3 suits you best (because I obvi know all about you because a read your blog, hehe), but I want you to live #1 so we can be glasses twins! They all look fab but #2 is my least fave... I think they look more actual nerd than sexy librarian chic (also haha).


#3! They're funky but still practical and neutral enough to wear with pretty much anything. I really don't like the first pair :( But I think the tortoiseshell look is very "grandma" in general, personally, so I was never going to vote for #1.

Am but a young thing though, so I'm not the most schooled in what glasses are the most comfy or hardwearing or anything, having really not had many!


First and third pairs. I think I'm leaning more towards the first pair.

Call Me Jo

I really like the third choice. I think it makes your eyes look a bit wider and your cheekbones a bit more prominent because the lens size is more generous.


LOOOOVE the third pair. :)


You clearly need all three, but especially number 3.


#1 are very pretty and the most flattering on you. #2 is too dark and heavy for your coloring and delicate features. #3 is 2nd choice, but they seem a bit wide for the shape of our face. #1 is sexy, smart with a modern twist.


Eh, I like the first pair, but I also think buying glasses online is ew.

Are you aware that this brand totally showed their ass at the Mom 2.0 summit?

Kim in Columbus

#3! No...wait...#1.

Nope, #3, Definitely #3!


#3. They'll be the most versatile if you decide to switch up your hair color in the next few years.


Door number 3! For sure. I was liking pair #1 but then this turned into a scroll-down Win.

Elaine C.

Not 2! I'm gravitating toward 3, but there's not as much of a straight-on look there for comparison.


Number 3! Love them! Number 1 is a close second.


#3 for interesting finish, #1 for simplicity/classic styling. If it were my face, I'd get #3.


I like the third pair best. The first pair looks slightly wide for your face. And the 2nd pair are just too harsh.


I really do like #3 the best!


Third. I hope these are your favorite too, because they look the best on you.

Donna P

I like #1 the best, then #3.

Just no to #2.


This redhead votes for the copper frames, hands down. Trying on frames can be nervewracking because they are on your face, and you wear them all the time and what if you're in a very serious or a funkyflirty mood that day and you end up with the completely wrong pair of glasses? It totally happens!
Seriously. Copper copper copper.

Shelly T

#3, definitely!


Number 3! Also, you are pretty. xo


#3 Love them on you!


#3. #2 is too trendy, and given the way you hang on to glasses, will be "out" long before you're done with them. #3 is more flattering, less on-trend, and seems like they will have a longer relevancy.


#3 look awesome on you!! #1 are my second choice, I really like those too.


Third, then first.


Hate glasses shopping. Spring loaded hinges are the best invention EVER. #3 rocks. I would wear them.


I like them all, but I vote for pair #1.....librarian sexy, those glasses. Go for it!


Team 3, Team 3!!


The first pair. The third are too boringly-shaped and the second look almost exactly like mine, and what if we were to end up somewhere and people realized we'd worn the same thing? How embarrassing.


Number 1, followed by number 3.


#1 is my preference. But you look great in all of them.


They all look great on you, but I'm partial to #1. #3 might be better for adjustability, though.


#2. Be bold, girl.




Love the third pair!


Oh, I LOVE the first ones! I think partly because they are exactly the type of frames I can't pull off but desperately want to.

Really, though, they look great on you and my second choice would be the third ones. I don't love the second pair, but only because they seem to overpower your face a little.


I like #3 the best! Last time I almost got metal frames, and then I didn't, but I sometimes wish I would have.


I like the 3rd best, but if you prefer the confort of no-nosepads and plastic, go with the 1st ones!


#3. Hands down. They make you look hot. The others kinda make you look older than you are.


I really like the tortoise ones. You look so pretty in them:)


Number 3, of course! You're totally pulling them off.


#1 for sure! Great shape & really flattering.


I am apparently totally in the minority with a vote for no. 2!


I like 3 but they appear a little Sally Jesse in the first pic! lol!


I like the first pair the best. I also love your hair color!! It looks different...lighter(?)...I don't know but I like it.

Amy in StL

First pair. The second pair are okay; but I'm just not a fan of dark glasses on lighter folks. The third pair looks like the glasses the old ladies in my office get to try to look hip but it just makes them look older... so... no.


first are cute and totally fine but the third look great on you!

Mrs. Commoner

The third pair looks perfect on you!


Third pair! They are the most delicate and frame your face the best. The other two are too clunky (IMHO).


#1 FTW!


Metal....#3. Looks so attractive on you!!!


Definitely the third pair - it is perfect on you!

Kari The Great

I LOVE the first pair!!!!!! But you look beautiful in them all :)


#2! I always want to buy the hip style too but I chicken out before pulling the trigger...I can live vicariously through you. Plus, they do look really good on you. Also, if you are anything like me, metal is not a good thing. They get bent and they never go back to the original shape. If you don't want to shop for glasses again soon, I'd go for durability.


I like the third pair, too!


I like #3 on you the best!


#3 I love #3!


#1 is the Ezra-est!


#3, then #1. But they all look nice on you. :-)


1st pair is my pick, but 3rd pair is also nice on your

Amy J

# 3 :)


#1, #3, #2. The lady where I purchase my glasses just points me to the most expensive frames and then disapproves of everything that I choose. I don't like her.


First pair! Although I like those because I'm in the opposite situation as you - I've had metal frames for ages and the plastic ones feel more modern to me, since I'm branching out that way myself this time. Loved them!

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