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Girls Who Wear Glasses & Boys That Break Glasses

This post is sponsored by Rivet & Sway.

So...this happened.


Which was awesome. 

I have worn those glasses since...let's see*...before Noah was born. That means they have survived years of not only my own idiocracy, but also the infancies and toddlerhoods of two grabby, destructive children. 




Child number three, alas. It was just too much to ask for a simple pair of reading glasses. Especially if said reading glasses were stupidly left out on the coffee table, in plain sight and easy reach of said child. 

Honestly, I'm such a rookie sometimes. WHATZ THE WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN?

To be fair, though, I've been whining fairly regularly about my aging eyesight over the past year, getting headaches, squinting a lot more at screens and pages, and ever-so-casually bumping up the font size because technology, whippersnappers, my lawn and reasons. I knew it was time to get another eye exam and a new prescription, but I just didn't, thanks to my trusty ol' pair of specs being handy and pretty much close to good enough. 


So in a way, I did you a favor. Ur welcomes.

But even after Ike snapped my glasses in two, I still wishy-washied around about it. I don't like shopping for glasses. It stresses me out, trying on frame after frame, since I don't ever really know what looks good on me but always feel like it's never the stylish frames, but rather the old-lady styles that I am not cool enough to pull off ironically. Also, I was a blonde the last time I shopped for frames. Also also, my right ear is ever so slightly higher than my left. Which means an ill-fitting frame can give the impression that my entire face is kind of...slanting down to the left.

(Maybe because it is? Oh, God.)

ANYWAY. About two days after the great Glasses Snappening, I was approached about possibly doing a sponsored post for Rivet & Sway. Which is a website that sells really awesome high-end frames, and offers the services of a personal stylist (Ritzy. HI RITZY.) to help you pick out a selection of frames to try on at home. THAT'S WHAT WE CALL TIMING. I answered a couple questions, uploaded a head shot and within a few hours I got an email with a few different recommendations to choose from.

One of which looked EXACTLY like the frames I would immediately gravitate to in any store in the world. They're a more up-to-date and flattering version of my old specs. Classic tortoise with flecks of blue




The second pair is the kind of frames I always WANT to pull off. Bolder, darker and more prominent. In the end, though, I'd usually shy away from glasses like this because I thought they were "too much" for a super-pale blonde. Ritzy recommended these mostly to pair with my current hair color. 




For the third pair, I picked...well, not really something wildly oddball, but different from any glasses I've worn in the past. Metal instead of plastic, a bit wider, and in a copper color that manages to match my hair perfectly in some lights, while looking completely different in others. (Thus making them the hardest to photograph. I don't think I'm doing them justice here!)



Okay, so I do seekritly (or maybe not-so-seekritly) have a favorite pair, but where is the fun in that? Let's crowd-source this sucker. Which specs get your vote? 

SuperMom_Blogger_Badge_300x250pxThis post is sponsored by Rivet & Sway. Get $25 dollars off a single pair of frames between now and June 30, 2013 using code SUPER-MOM.

Want to share the love with someone else? Nominate a Super Mom in your life here, with a short story about her superpower. (250-500 characters.) Grand prize winner will receive two pairs of Rivet & Sway frames, and a monthly delivery of Vosges Haut-Chocolat for a year. Two runners up will receive each receive a pair of frames and the exotic truffle collection from Vosges. Enter by May 12, 2013; winners announced via Facebook and notified by email on May 15, 2013. 



I like the third pair the best.


I'm pretty sure #1 are my exact frames that I have on my head right now - or at least very close - so I may be a little biased, but I like #1 & #3.


First choice: #3
Second Choice: #1
Third choice: #2


I like the first pair the best. The second pair looks too big on your face, and the third pair makes you not look like you - I think they make your eyes look closer together.


They all look great!! But...#3 look the best! :)


I like the third pair... with the second pair as the runner up.


The first pair. And of course you can get them adjusted - take them to your eye doctor. But not to your local glasses shop, because they're getting pissed off that people buying frames online are coming in to get them adjusted. I even offered to pay my local guy to adjust my Warby Parkers, but he was so worked up about the principle of the thing that I said forget it. But anyway. The first pair.


Number three for sure! I mean, they all look good, but the third one really stands out as a winner to me.

However, if I go by your facial expressions I'd say you'd like number one the most.

I'm currently selecting glasses right now and wish I had a massive audience to get opinions from. Internets FTW!


#2! #2! I wish they had a service like this for non-prescription sunglasses.

Cheryl S.

Most definitely #3!


Numba 3!!!!!!!

margie s

Numero 3. Love the color plus slight angularity.



Mary H.

Definitely #1!


#3 FTW.


NUMBER 1!!!!!!!


Tough choice...they are all great! But definitely between 1 and 3...I'd go with 1


Leigh Ann

I love the first pair, but since you said the photos don't do the third pair justice, maybe that's your favorite?


I like two and I love one, but three, three, three! Three outshines them both. I vote three!


First pair! Also because they're plastic and as someone who has worn glasses a looooottt of years, nosepads are the worst!


#3 I really like that color on you. - of course I have a pair that looks like just them in a different color so I am biased towards the metal.


The third pair! They all look good on you, but those are by far the best. I had a pair of coppery frames for years, and then I broke them and went straight to another pair like them because I got so many compliments on them. I have fair skin and naturally blonde (but now red) hair. They look good with either.


Number one!

Natasha Victoria

Pair #3! I think those look fantastic, and would even look cool if you went back to blonde. They feel very "take me seriously," but also very cool.


I like #1 or #2. 3 is cute but think the first two are cuter.


Number 3-I love them on you!


Number 3 but number 1 is a good choice, too.

I spent a ton of money that I thought l

Suzy Q

I like the third pair best, followed by the first pair. The second pair are too thick for your face.

Also, your hair is a MUCH lighter red than it used to be! I am just going to assume that you wanted to be Hair Twins with me after meeting me at BlogHer because no other explanation would make sense. Hope to see you again in July!


third pair for sure


Love the first ones! Like totally want a pair for myself love them. (And you look like a young Teri Garr, too).

What timing. My vision plan insurance card came yesterday, I need to really get new glasses, but I also want contacts because DSLR and glasses are not friends. This may be a good alternative...


I like #1. They are funky and cute at the same time.


3rd pair! They look great on you. I think the second pair is a bit too dark, maybe in red instead?

I lost my new glasses last week, am really, really hoping that the cleaners found them today. I got blue metal frames, a bit bigger lenses than I've been going for recently.


I like the third pair :)


I prefer moulded glasses, they always sit better, and I mostly hate the nose bit of metal framed glasses. If you get your glasses fitted properly once the prescription is in, the optometrist can heat and adjust the arms of a plastic frame to even out uneven ears (like mine).

That all said, I prefer you in the third pair, they look great on your face.


Third pair! They look great on you.


I like #1 and #3 with a bit of emphasis on #3 :)


Pair #3. I think. Or maybe #1. Nope, it's #3. I think. (I soooo dread glasses, which are coming soon for me. Blick.)


They're all great but I really like the third pair!


Number 3!


I think #3 wins. I want metal frames now.


I just went through this ordeal myself and pick frames unlike anything I've ever had before, and I love them.

I vote metal! Mine are pink metal. (I'm paler than your natural blonde)


I like the first pair!


3 is wildly more flattering! Go 3!


#1- Safe Choice
#2 - Bad Ass Bitch (in the best way possible)
#3 - Lab Technician


#3! Those look awesome on you!! The first pair looks really nice too. Either way you're good. But having had metal frames for a long time and recently changing over to plastic? Metal all the way! Very excellent!


3 for sure! Super cute!


The first pair, definitely!!!!! So pretty and hip. Two, too heavy. Three, not cool enough.


#3 all the way!


I like the third pair!


Love the first pair, you look very pretty in those.

The 3rd pair is not at all bad either.

Not a huge fan of the 2nd pair though.


If you wear your glasses on your head in between glasses-requiring tasks, the metal ones (with separate nose pads) will be a pain in the neck.


None of them.
None sit high enough on your face to match your eyebrow line and they all move when you smile with gorgeous high cheekbones.
Send those back and try three others.

(Tho the second picture of pair #1 is the most flattering, IMHO)


Definitely the 3rd! I'm getting my style consult now! Super excited to try on some new frames!


I vote third also.


I kind of love them all, but I'll vote for #3.


#2 then #1 These make you look really young.
#3 somehow doesn't look like "you". All the best!


My vote is for the tortoise with blue specks but I might be biased by the pictures... you seem happier in those pictures!


Third. Great shape. Like the sound of the service, will check out a UK version!


#3. But more importantly, I love that color of lipstick! What is it?


Pair 3 gets my vote


I really like them all on you, but the third pair are my favs! I have wore glasses/contacts since 3rd grade. Since adulthood, I get contacts one year and then glasses the next, so a new pair of glasses every two years. I hate glasses year, I never find anything I love and if I do they are so expensive I have to pass. I finally found a pair I really like a few years back, this is a glasses year and I am not even putting myself through the agony again, just replacing the lenses if necessary.


My vote is #3--love them!!!


Def #3




Honestly, it's a toss up between 1 and 3, but I think I'd give a slight edge to number 1.


Oh, I have uneven ear issues too. I think I look normal until the crooked glasses remind me I'm actually a troll.

And I'm in the minority, but I like the second pair. They bring out your eyes.


1 or 3. Leaning to 3.




3rd hands down!


#3 is my favorite followed by #1. #2 is too much for your face.


You look great in them all.

But my favorite is the first pair. ;)


Rivet and Sway. Does that mean the glasses will rivet and sway and never break?

Sue C

I say go with #3! #1 works well for you, but I like 3 best. #2, not so much.........




I like the 1st ones the best, and the 3rd ones the second best.


1 or 3. And probably more 3, now that I think about it. Be quirky yet smart! Sassy yet responsible! Stylish yet savvy!




#1. Retro-chic, and I love tortoise.

Laura C

3rd pair!


3! 3! 3! They all look nice, but #3 is the one where I first notice YOU, and how nice you look, THEN I notice the cute glasses.
How exciting to get a new eyewear look!


I like #1 the best, but all three look lovely.


Numbah one!!!


#3, definitely.

Unless you like #1. That's OK, too. But no. #3.

DEFINITELY NOT #2. And besides, referring to your glasses for the next 10 years as #2 will just make you think about, um ,#2. So go with 3 because it has no bathroom connotations.

There. Fixed it.


Number 3 = fabulous!

VT Meg

I just tried on some R and S glasses myself, such fun. I have to say that you should really go with what feels best to YOU.... and in the pics you look most comfortable with #1. I also think they look best.... FWIW, I have a similar pair of specs to #3 which I bought at great expense a few years ago and have almost never worn. I've gone through 2 other pairs since then. (I wear glasses about half the time, except for the unfortunate period of nose-thingy copper glasses, which, as I said, I almost never wore).Anyhow, the best thing about home tryon frames is that you can sport them on your head for a while (with contacts and blank lenses) and see how they feel while you live with them. I think that's great!


#2 or #1. #2 is most attractive to my eyes (contrast is good). But #1 is more fun (tortoiseshell with blueflecks - awesome) plus tortoiseshell is flattering for blondes and redheads.

Funny, I am in the minority, but I really don't like #3 on you. It's actually too close to your hair color. Also, the corners are sharper (trapezoidal?) so they look sort of unfriendly and angular and unpleasant. The other two are rounded nicely. Finally, you don't want to be adjusting your own glasses because you'll make them crooked -- much better to go to the optician, who will do it for free, and they can do it for any type of glasses.
I've worn glasses since age 3, you should listen to me!
Good luck picking. :)




Oooh 3! 3! 3 for sure! With 1 being a close second place.

Love those glasses, hot damn! I wish I lived in the US!!


Love the third ones but the first are cute too.


LOVE the third pair! So cute!


Third pair - hands down.

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