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Pomp & Faceplants

Of Second Birthdays & Feral Noodles

Ike's actual birthday was very low-key. Which is bullshit-speak for "boring." Or perhaps: "HE'S TWO. PLAYING WITH BUBBLE WRAP IS STILL THE PINNACLE OF HIS LIFE EXPERIENCE."

I'm glad we didn't have any big ambitious plans, however, since on Friday Ezra came home from school, scarfed down his usual four pounds of lunch and then set off to amuse himself doing...I don't know exactly what. Something in the basement? Backyard? LOOK WHATEVER IT'S NOT LIKE HE WAS PLAYING IN THE STREET. I PROBABLY WOULD HAVE NOTICED THAT. 


Anyway, I am not the one on trial here for negligence, but at some point I realized Ezra had crawled on the couch, covered himself with a blanket and fallen completely asleep. This is never a good sign — four year olds don't sleep in the middle of the day for any sensible sort of reason, like being "tired."

But because the Occupational Therapist Formerly Known as Ms. M___ was coming over shortly for dinner, and because I am selfish and starved for actual human interaction, I decided to let him continue sleeping there and just vacuumed and fussed around him in my attempt to get my house a couple steps above slum. Because company!

Of course, when I finally tried to wake him he was burning up with a fever. Go me! Dusting while my child was basically cooking under a heavy fleece blanket. I shook him awake and dosed him with some medicine and tried to ask him if anything in particular...hurt? Or bothered him? At all? Ears? Throat? Anything?

"I am sick," he admitted. "Because I hit my elbow on a house. But not a brick house."

Well then. That clears THAT up. Thank God it wasn't a brick house; I might have had to cancel our company otherwise. YOU'LL BE FINE.

I still have no idea where the fever came from — it faded within a couple hours and Ezra's appetite was a bit diminished for a day or two (during which I probably saved $300 on groceries), but then he was fine and never really complained about anything specific. (Other than his elbow, obviously. And he told Jason he was sick because a neighbor kid punched him in the shoe.)

Anyway, I mostly went on that tangent so I'd have an excuse to mention the fact that 1) I let my friend come to my house anyway, despite the presences of a feverish, possibly contagious child, and 2) during her visit I noticed that, despite all my frenzied cleaning efforts, there was a Lego minifigure head, a piece of mail and a RANDOM LASAGNA NOODLE sitting in a neat little cluster under our TV cabinet. 

The next day I found another one on the stairs.

Photo (5)


I admit I was super-tempted to just return this to the (apparently toddler-level) box in the pantry, then maybe wrap it all up like a birthday present for Ike. 

Luckily the Play Doh set we got him seemed like a worthy alternative. 

Photo (6)

His brothers' enthusiasm for this gift stems from the fact that this is probably the first time we've had cans of pristine, non-mixed-up or dried-up Play Doh in our house in YEARS.

Photo (7)

My mom sent him a baby doll and stroller. This is at least our third or fourth baby doll stroller, by the way. Ezra and Ike freaking LOVE baby doll strollers, but eventually they take them outside and like, drag race them down the hill, possibly with a live human passenger. (We're also on our third tiny toy shopping cart, for similar reasons.)


These are some crazy delicious cupcakes, for which I can take no credit. I was off getting mah roots done and came back to find Jason baking them. (Here's the recipe; we didn't have marscapone so he swapped it for cream cheese. WINNING.)

I licked the bowl? And bought the candle? That someone on Twitter linked to? Because...I'm useless? Yeah.


Ike actually didn't much enjoy the candle part (HOT! HOT! HAWP THEY'RE TRYING TO KILL ME!)...


But the cupcakes definitely went over pretty well with one and all. I was going to take some to our neighbors but...didn't. For some reason. Hmm. 


Photo (9)

Yes, it was a perfect little birthday for a perfect little guy.

ike's 2nd bday

I will miss having a Baby Ike, but I do very much enjoy having this new little Noodle. 



Ooh, I need the Elmo "2" candle for my little one's b-day in July. He is almost an exact replica of Ike, except blue eyes and his name is Colton. Googling Elmo candle now.

Happy (belated) birthday Ike!


The stroller drag racing? Not a boy thing. I have a 3 year old girl and almost all the walking age kids in our life are girls. Our stroller has been in many a wreck and our grocery cart has one wheel.


I luv the age of two SO HARD. And he is adorable as is everyone in that house and just, happy birthday Ike!

(Heh, I call my guy 'Doodle')


Oh I love 2. Such a great age, tantrums and all. They are still babies but just about to be kids. *squish*


Maybe it's just the angle of the picture but OMG did you cut Ike's hair? :(!


My little one is turning two on Friday, and we're also doing cupcakes at home. But from a box. Because we are moving into a new house on Saturday. Good excuse, right? Then, I (stupidly) planned a birthday party for the end of June. Why do I do this to myself? Anyway, happy belated birthday to Ike!

Leigh Ann

Good God he's cute. My 3yo did the same the other day: plumb fell asleep while we were hammering and chiseling old crusty tile off of our fireplace. I thought she was warm bc of the fleece blanket, but she she woke up at 10pm still hot? Yeah. 102.5 and mom of the year.


@Cara: No! Noooooo. No haircut. The craziness of the curls mostly have to do with how humid it is, so they were relatively tame over the weekend.


I feel like a total schmuck because my daughter is 2 and we only had 1 birthday gathering with one third of her grandparents in attendance as the guests for her first birthday. Totally skipped out on the second. I think this year we know...DO something. Or something.


That last picture is absolutely the cutest thing ever! Almost makes me want to have another one myself, almost.


Ah, the babies and strollers. Zaid plays constantly with the couple we still have. Baby has to be strapped in because WHAT IF SHE FALLS OUT, MOMMY NOOOOOOOOOO DON'T YOU CARE?

I have not allowed Play Doh in my house since the summer of '08 because of WHAT IS THIS UPON MAH HARDWOOD?

Happy birthday, Ike (forcing myself not to say Baby or second because disbelief).


Where is the required video!?!?


Sweet Baby Jeeesusss that child looks delicious!! That hair!! Those cheeeks!
Sigh..I love two year olds..even mine, who is a small female demon spawn at this moment..

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