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This is just a little something I recently learned that I'd like to pass along, both on the off-chance that someone might find it useful but also because OMFHeavenlyG.

Children! Can get Athlete's Foot...on their scalps. A fungal infection called tinea capitis. A type of ringworm that is not really a worm, but more like Jock Itch of the Head. 

You will know your child has contracted Jock Itch of the Head because of ALL THE BALD SPOTS. BALD SPOTS FROM WHERE THEIR HAIR DONE FALLS OUT IN GIANT FLAKEY CHUNKS.

(Go on. Soak it in. Let the image wash over you. Mmmm. Yes. My pain is now yours, young padawan.)

In summary, children are vile petri dishes of God-knows-what and you should probably just wrap them up in yellow caution tape at all times and spray them with Lysol from afar. Also, just smear a little Lotrimin on their scalp a couple times a day and switch to Nizoral for awhile. Should clear it right up. Supposedly. Apparently. I DON'T KNOW I JUST HEARD THAT FROM A GUY. 



My adorable, angelic little 22 month old with the big eyes and the long lashes? Has ringworm on her face. Ewwww. Vile fungusy children.


Oh hell no! Poor thing. My kids had lice two summers ago and I am still scratching and shuddering.


Sadly, ringworm of the scalp hides in hair follicles. OTC is not enough. It's different from regular ringworm. Call the doctor. Prepare for major suckage. So sorry!

Kim in Columbus


Kim in Columbus

(runs screaming from her computer)


Kids are disgusting little creatures. I have 4, each one has their own special brand of yuck.


OMG...ew. Ew ew eeewwww! How does one even accomplish getting that? Wait, maybe I don't want to know.


Not to add to the ugg factor, but just be aware that this lovely fungus can be transferred to your cat and your kids could catch it back from him. Also, I second the prescription strength creme comment, and suggest that you use the blow dryer after hair washing until this clears up or the fall, whichever comes later.


my 2 year old has an effing planters wart... i mean WHAAA?!


I'm only laughing because you are so funny. I'm so sorry - for you? for your child/children? Not sure which.


so sorry-- but it will not clear it up. Must have pill form to kill from inside out. My son had this very thing... yuck. :(


We had ringworm (apparently the nicer kind) and I had to tell people it was just an allergic rash...yes in a circle pattern.SHUT UP!


I share your pain. I'll never forget spotting a huge round flaky patch on my youngest's head and I couldn't believe I hadn't spotted it earlier! We saw a dermatologist and he prescribed an anti-fungal drug. I don't think ordinary cream will work - perhaps get another opinion?


ARGH. I took him (THE UNNAMED ONE) to the doctor for it and was ASSURED that OTC was the way to go and that he didn't need a prescription.



Yeah, sorry, nurse here. You should see someone else and consider having all three kiddos (and possibly your pets) treated. I would go with the big guns on this one. You may need systemic antifungal treatment (pills)for 4-6 weeks.


please not Ike with his lovely curls?? not that i wish this on any of the others, but omg, the curls!


How...does that....even...happen? Did they give you any prevention tips for your next PSA??


Tinea capitis is not so fun, but maybe it helps to know that it's common? (I'm a pediatrician--usually I tell parents it means at least that their kids have good friends) To echo something others have said, though--it usually doesn't improve without a course of an oral antifungal. Using a shampoo will help prevent spread, but once the hair follicles are involved, you usually have to treat systemically.


Back in the day, that was called "Cradle Cap."

dawny dee

it sounds way yuckier than it is - my girls had it and their hair was long and thick and gorgeous. pediatrician said we didnt need to do anything topical but that they had to take oral meds for eight (8!!!!) weeks.
worked fine for one daughter but the other ended up needing another course of meds so it was almost 4 months in total.


This isn't cradle cap. It's something completely different.


Sad, but true: if it's on his scalp, you need to call your MD for some oral antifungal medication (griseofulfin). Topical isn't enough to get rid of it for good. On the plus side, I work at a pediatrician's office, and we see kids with ringworm all the time. It doesn't mean he's grosser than average or anything, I promise :)


Oops, that should be griseofulvin.


A kid in my elementary school got it, and about 1/3 of his hair fell out. It is 30+ years later, and I still remember feeling so bad for him.


I have kittens and adult cats with ringworm and It. Is. Awful.
The fungus that causes ringworm is all over, really... in the soil, the air, etc. I'm treating my cats with VERY expensive oral meds and OTC athlete's foot cream daily. The fungus grows in hair follicles and can be passed from animal to animal, animal to human, and human to animal in a flash. (Yes. On my stomach. And on my face. Horrified.) I mop and wipe down ALL solid surfaces daily with bleach water (10% bleach minimum, less won't kill it) and tossed all soft surfaces that can't be washed in hot water. (Ripped out bedroom carpet last night, no joke.) I change my air filters often and buy the ones that claim to filter out fungus spores. (SPOOOORESSSS!) I also started using this body wash with tea tree oil and haven't had issues with ringworm on ME since I started using it:
The vet says this could take 8 weeks or more to clear up, so the obsessive cleaning and daily meds have to be pursued relentlessly to avoid reinfection. I would never wish this on anyone and my heart goes out to you. (Do not Google "how to get rid of ringworm" sans wine.)
...It does kinda make me feel better to hear that other (clean! responsible! not-gross!)people have had to deal with this, too. 'Cause this shit BLOWS.


Be careful where unwashed hands go, this shit loves warm damp areas like armpits and crotches. My vet said he had an aunt who had it all over her "delicates". SHUDDER.

Broken skin is an open invitation, too, so after you've OCD'd your hands into dry raw claws (to protect your underbits) make sure to lotion up to keep them from cracking and making little Fungus Hotels.


I had that on my shin once, and I have no idea how it got there.


My first reaction was the same as Lisa's -- i.e. please reassure us that this tragedy does not involve any shedding of golden curls.

Also, can I tell you (to make you feel better), that there are even grosser pediatric skin diseases that are relatively common? I had impetigo when I was in high school. (High school!!) So, I was this painfully shy and insecure science geek girl walking the hallways with a GIGANTIC oozing scab spanning the entire right side of my face for two weeks. No exaggeration... unfortunately.


Oh wow! I worked at a day care in college and got ringworm on my face. Let's just say it's not what every college girl wants on her face. I still work with little kids (and have kids) and they certainly are full of yucky surprises. I hope if your kiddo needs oral meds he can get on them ASAP...and anyone else in your house who might catch this evil fungus.


... *iew!*


Um yes. Yes they can. And did you also know, that if said ringworm is very close to the hairline, but not like in the hairline, and you slather it dutifully with lotrimin et al for weeks and weeks, but somehow accidentally get it on the hair follicles, it can spread and spread and spread until you literally want to just run screaming from your kid because ewwwwwww. Don't touch me dude. Plus, try getting said kid to take oral fungal medicine that and tastes like dirt (for 6 weeks--EVERY morning).

So yeah, that was last summer--I call it the summer of ringworm. I try not to talk about it too much. I'm still scarred.

Amy in StL

Jesus, you moms scare the crap outta me!


Why did I want kids again? Anyone has any good answer?? EWWWWWW!!

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