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A WAHM Liveblog of the Past 15 Minutes

And on the other side of the workplace universe, today I am working from home, and it's one of those days where the "home" part is completely overwhelming the "working" part. 


Noah is at camp, but the other two are home with me and only me. It's raining. Ezra and Ike are currently staging multiple picnic/restaurant/grocery store scenarios, so about every 10 seconds somebody is graciously attempting to serve me a can of soup or a lettuce leaf or some invisible juice. My in-laws are driving in later (and staying in this very room) so I will need to clean up all this up at some point. The coffee pot is upstairs in the kitchen and I should really go pour a cup to jolt my brain but oh yes, Ike, a plastic cup with a wooden lemon inside it will do just as well, but oh scratch that, Ike just dared add a slice of pie to the picnic spread and Ezra is now screaming that NO. NO PIE. HE'S RUINING MY PICNIC.

Aaaand he just fled the room and went upstairs. Maybe he can get me that coffee. 

Believe it or not, I actually did this on purpose. I have a babysitter come Monday through Wednesday, which means two days a week I fly solo with at least one kid — after swim camp Noah and Ezra's camp attendance is staggered every other week, and to save some money I opted to not enroll Ike in anything at all. (The babysitter is way better than I am about taking him to playdates and activities, so I figured two days a week of benign neglect INDEPENDENT PLAY SKILL FOSTERING wouldn't be too terrible.) In the fall everyone goes back to school full-time and I have even more work lined up, so I liked the idea of getting some lazy days to hang out with my kids over the summer. 

I don't know if this really counts as quality hanging, obviously. The arrangement manages to feel like both a luxury and a giant pain in the ass. I'm sitting here typing, bouncing back between multiple email accounts, waiting for a lull in the HOT PICNIC ACTION so I can focus on a very boring, very technical document that I need to overhaul, Ike's desperately trying to make sure I have a fully-balanced meal of toy food and Ezra...crap. He's still upstairs. Hang on. BRB. 

He's fine. Pie-related dramaz seem to be forgotten, and he's in his bed surrounded by dolls and teddy bears, and hurling a stuffed rabbit at them. He says he's playing Angry Birds because obviously.


Refilled coffee. Check. Dumped breakfast dishes in sink. Check. Am multitasking wizard.

Also, this is going on up there.


Apparently we are having a baggie of Goldfish for lunch.


Looks like some of you are going to have to sit on the floor, though. 

Anyway, what was I talking about? Working from hom...yes Ike. This plastic salt shaker is exactly what I needed. Well, that and a spatula, which you also have covered. 


This is still a pretty good office. 


I think the coworkers are the best part, though. 



God. YOu are so much better at this than I am. I spend all day yelling, "I AM TRYING TO WORK! LEAVE ME ALONE!" *sigh*


Love the ending. I wish I had that luxury....(said while staring out at thunderstorm and guilt of children watching movies at camp and daycare washing over me)

The other day, our former nanny wrote me asking about the kids. She said, "I hope you have the time to enjoy them before they get too big." I threw the computer. I do have the time to enjoy them, biotch....just not as much as I would like.


I hope you've explained that pie is always an excellent addition to a picnic or basically any other meal or occasion. It's your job as their mother to teach them the really important lessons.


Well, the coworkers are certainly cute but I'm concerned about child labor laws; they're a bit young to be waiters. And I'm having issues relating to Ezra's pie racism. Discrimination? Exclusion? Poor affirmative action. It affects us all.


I've learned that I can get alot done while mine hang out in the bathtub. During each bath, I can grade three or four student essays. With 60 students, they'll need to be superclean (like, 5 baths each per day) but its a start.


Amy, I have been a loooong time reader (pre-Ezra and Ike!) and still look forward to every single post. I comment very rarely, but just really felt the need to comment this morning on how much I love your blog. You are such an amazing mother and writer, and I love how you can combine the exasperation and pure overwhelming love that comes with having children. Anyhow, just wanted to say thank you!


I've been working from home for thirteen years now. The first three were blissful, no kids. The next ten were...challenging, but successful. Next year, the youngest starts Kindergarten. I am giddy. Full days to work. No juice fetching? Alone. Cannot. Fathom.


You are just my favorite read ever. Always. This one just sums up every weekday of my life. Yep. Exactly. Everything you said except mine is a lone girl and her play kitchen apparently only serves wooden ice cream (no one dare to put the chocolate with the mint because the mint ONLY goes with the strawberry, btw). Now, back to my technical document/4 email accounts/pretend ice cream cone.


I found myself saying "can you play the farting noise game again?" to gain just a few more minutes of work time. Oh yeah. Next week nobody is in camp and no babysitter, and maybe work-also-at-home husband might have to travel to California. Fun times ahead!

Suzy Q

Aw, so cute! Ike's hair kilss me.


I love Ike. He is just so handsome and squeezably delicious.


This made me happy.

Korinthia Klein

You are so lucky to have free spatula delivery right to your work station.


Haha! You are seriously too funny. You should write a blog or something.


Oh my, this so brings back memories. The crew are now all school age but I so remember this. You cannot sit in mama's lap while she works, but you can lay your head on my knee. Yes (oh dear) you can watch another video, yes, you can have a snack. (while visions of the perfect all-organic no tv childhood you envisioned pre-kid circle the drain). So sweet, your co-workers. I kinda miss mine, even though the current editions are pretty cool too.

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