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I still have one strong hold on babyhood: The crib. Ike still sleeps in the crib.


Our pediatrician expressed surprise (as did some of you, in the comments on this post) that he hadn't climbed out yet, especially as our two-year appointment wore on and she witnessed his considerable climbing and furniture-scaling skills. 

I don't know. I'm sure he could if he tried. I once saw him get a leg up and a foot hooked over the railing. I told him to stop that. He listened. 

I think he just...likes the crib. Or he hasn't yet realized there might be other options. He'll play on his brothers' beds but shows no interest in staying there at bedtime. 


(Even though some nights the bottom bunk remains sneakily unoccupied.)

I did the math the other day (TRANSLATION: I looked shit up in my blog archives) and realized that Ezra was about two months older than Ike is now when we went cold turkey from the crib to his bunk bed, and Noah was only two WEEKS older when he made the move to a toddler bed

That toddler bed got accidentally maliciously destroyed when we put it up in the attic and forgot about it — at least until we heard the distinctive CRUNCH of cheap splintered MDF after tossing a suitcase full of smaller suitcases over in a corner and...oh. Whoops. That's where we put that. 

So we don't have a toddler bed to move him to. Shame.


The crib technically converts to a twin bed, provided I can track down 1) the conversion kit, 2) the intructions, 3) the hex key that fits the crib's screws, which naturally are weird and non-standard. And also provided that my whining doesn't override Jason's sense of fiscal responsibility, because I kinda hate that crib's style now and think its color and size will eat up 90% of Ike's very small room, and ALSO every edge of the thing has been chewed on by three very fiesty sharks. So I'd need to paint or refinish it and really, I just want to buy Ike a new bed.

Except that shit, I don't want to buy Ike a new bed. 


He's just fine where he is, for now. 


For just a little bit longer.



So cute. My son only climbed out of his crib once. I went to his room in the morning and the door wouldn't open. I found his little 2-year old body asleep in front of the door.

Little Ike sure has a lot of company in his bed. He is just so cute.


I love the sleeping crib pictures. So sweet. It was sad when we had to move our daughter to her "big girl bed," but her baby brother had to go somewhere. :)


Totally. Milk it, mama!


My youngest is three and is still in his crib. He has no desire to climb out of it and he when I ask him if he wants a big boy bed he refuses. He currently sleeps from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. to I'm loathe to change anything in his current routine since it's working so well. And yes, he's my last baby so I totally get that it's hard to let go of the crib thing.


My Eli is just a month older than Ike, and I am exactly where you are. He is my last baby. He's not trying to climb out. We're both fine in the crib for awhile.


My daughter was in her crib way after she turned 2. She didn't try to climb out either. She's 4 and we just got her out of the toddler bed into a twin sized bed. I milked it too :)


Anyway, if you put him in a bed, all of his stuff will fall out!


My daughter was in her crib until 2.5 and we had to kick her out for kid number 2. Kid number 2 jumped ship around 18 months old. I call shinanigans! And now we have to use a gate to keep his ass in his room because otherwise it's party time at 2am. No. No it's not.


If something isn't broken, don't fix it!

And awwwww on Noah and Ezra sharing the top bunk. How cute is that?


These Ike posts freak me out a little bit. He's 13 months older than my Simon and there is no WAY this is my future in 13 short months. No. Way. I refuse! BABY-4-EVVA!


Oh I know the feeling ... my daughter is 2.5 and still hasn't tried to climb out of her crib. We're milking it for as looong as possible!

We have that same ABC board book - and our kiddo LOVES it too.


We have the same Bassett cribs and (unused) conversion kits from our twins. We went triple bunk after the 3rd boy. If you want a kit and elusive hex key, I'll happily donate to my favorite blogger just to get them outta the garage!


My guy stayed in his crib til he was past 3 years old. I was delighted. I really only pushed to move him because I needed the crib for the new baby. Keep him in there. Cribs rock.


A toddler bed is the same size as a crib mattress. My "baby" is going to stay in his cage/crib as long as possible. Then we will switch to a real bed.


We just moved our almost three year old daughter out of the crib at the beginning of July. She had been climbing out for a while but not really during the night, more like in the day when she needed to get in and get something! There is no rush at all:) And several kids I know NEVER climbed out of the crib, and their parents moved them for the sake of decor change/potty trained/whatever smoetime before age 3, no harm done.


Our son was well over 3 before he was out of the crib. He was so tall he slept diagonally, all scrunched up but he didn't want to leave it. I think he felt safe there. Even now he has some things he does to feel safe in his regular bed and he's 11!

Liz Tea Bee

My oldest nephew slept in his crib until her was about 3. My sister actually asked him about it. He told her: "I like to sleep trapped."

You can also just toss the crib mattress on the floor if he suddenly starts climbing out.


Keep him in there...he probably feels all safe and snuggly in there (not to mention looks so precious).

My son was 18 months (WTH???) when we had to move him to a twin bed because he was a giant and kept getting his legs/arms caught in the crib every night, waking himself up. We got huge snug tuck pillows for his bed and he never tried to get out and play in the middle of the night. He also slept really well :)


If he isn't climbing and/or potty training, hold off! You'll never be able to get back the crib days!


Containment is key! My older daughter didn't move to a toddler bed until her third birthday! Younger is 2 years and three months, still in her lovely, cage-like, crib.

I don't want to move her at all.


Our 4 year old sleeps in an IKEA junior bed - it's bigger than a toddler bed, but shorter and narrower than a twin. Hoping it'll last him through early elementary school.


None of my kids ever climbed out. They all called and called as though there were no other alternative (but then, you fall enough upon the hardwood with your head and you learn it's not enjoyable). Z did the one leg over once and I told him no and he never did it again. When we converted it (thankfully it was just the removal of the front slat (rail? WHAT IS IT CALLED?) For about three months after that though he still wouldn't get out on his own. And yeah, I wanna buy new anything. Anything at all.


I cried real tears when we had to quit the crib cold turkey. Too much transition, too fast. Ike looks perfectly comfy!


That last pic of him is ADORABLE!


You do realize he is likely to climb out of the crib tonight, right? And refuse to get back in?


Forgot to add that we split up when my daughter was 18 months old - instead of investing in another crib, we both purchased toddler beds. Funny thing was she would still wake up and call for me - she never got out of the bed unless I came and got her out - crib mentality?


My son just turned 2 this month and has shown absolutely no indication of climbing out of his crib. At all. And he climbs plenty and has done a lot of other things way ahead of the whole average milestone thingy. I'm cool with it. I figure he'll have to make the switch once he's potty trained anyway, so why not let him enjoy his crib while he still can.


He looks totally happy and comfy. I kept my younger one in a crib til he was three and a half because he was happy there and so were we! (He is now a few months past 4 and still calls for us in the morning when he wakes up. I'm shocked--but thrilled.)


My daughter never climbed out of her crib. She would climb every other piece of furniture but she loved her crib. We didn't move her out till she was 3 years old.


My older son, who is so cautious he once asked me if I was sure a piggy-back ride was safe, crawled out of his crib at 2.5 and broke his arm. That was awesome. However, he had definitely not been happy going down in his crib for a while leading up to the incident, and I had ignored the fact that he was ready for a bed. Love the pictures of Ike's crib. In my 18mos twins' cribs right now, there are, collectively, an Elmo, a Cookie Monster, two blankies, half a dozen pacifiers, a spoon, a train car, probably ten books, an egg shaker, and five or six cars. But I will never ever get tired of watching my babies on the monitor while they read books in their cribs.


My son is a couple months older than Ike and we just bit the bullet and got him his big boy bed. Which means he has freedom. Freedom to not take a nap despite being so exhausted he can't see straight. Freedom to pull every frickin' wipe out of the container and throw them on the floor while not napping even though he's so tired he can't see straight. Freedom to finally just crash on the floor mid-shoe-change after hiding the wipes container that you pulled all the wipes out of while not napping despite being so exhausted you can't see straight. (FTR, my older son never did any of this...)


emilia climbed out of her crib for MONTHS before we finally decided to turn it into a daybed because i wasn't ready for a big girl bed. BUT it worked! because like Ike, emilia LOVED her crib. LOVED IT and if she could she would maybe still be in it (she turns 5 in november). anyway, she just went into the bottom bunk in april? may? not that long ago. and it's worked perfectly. maybe, maybe, maybe take the side off so it's like a little day bed for him?? it's good because 1. you don't have to spend the moola on a new bed (yet) and 2. he's still in his crib. WINS ALL AROUND!


We had to go emergency big kid bed shopping on Sunday because my little dude (two today), figured out he could escape. I have a lot of emotions.


Keep him there as long as you can! We just moved our daughter to her big girl bed a month ago when she climbed out for the first time at 33 months. So, meh, no big deal. I wish she were still in the crib because now we have to deal with her getting out of bed a gazillion times before she falls asleep. Professional stall-er.


My youngest wound up sleeping in a play yard until he was 3 (long story). Anyway, I totally miss him not being able to wonder around the house when he should be sleeping. Keep him in there as long as you can!


My son also loved his crib and slept AMAZINGLY in it. We left him there until he was three. I don't understand the hurry parents get in if their kids are happy. Why do you think its getting close to time to move him?


My daughter's a few months older than Ike and hasn't tried to climb out of her crib yet either. I'm in no hurry to move her into any other kind of bed. I'm not interested in the bedtime struggles and unconfined bed will bring, ha.


My guy is 28 months and we just put him in the twin bed on Sunday night. We did it because he climbed 'into' the crib on Sunday. That was the first indication that he had figured out the climbing/crib relationship. It scared me enough to make the move and he loves it. (also - he thinks the rail on the bed is impenetrable, for now.)
Also - he would cry and cry if left in the crib and now, we read on his bed and once he closes his eyes - I scoot out of there. Much faster for me!


Keep that adorable boy in there as long as he's happy. My son loved his crib and used to stay in there looking at picture books and would tell me he wasn't ready to get up when I would go get him in the morning. Eventually , he went into a twin bed
At 3ish years old. He's now a perfectly well adjusted 18 yr old who just finished his freshmen year at college. And yes, he did go away to school and doesn't need his mommy! (Well, sometimes,but that's what cell phones are for.)


My son was in his crib until he was 3.5+. He liked it, and it kept him contained. He never tried to climb out, either. Why push it if Ike's OK in there? Save yourself the time and hassle. And money.

We recently converted J's crib (i.e., took off one of the rails and put on a toddler rail) and he loves it. He actually thinks it's a new bed and that his crib is up in the attic (?).

Pottery Barn actually sells some cheap(ish) toddler beds--like $150--and duvet covers for crib blankets. We got J a duvet cover and new sheets--and a pillow, *such* a big boy now--and he loves it.


What? He can't sleep in a bed that's been chewed on?


Another 3+ in the crib. Not so worried about the bedtime transition since we've done big-girl beds on vacation, but dammit, I need that crib to contain her during "quiet" time. She may not need the break, but I sure do!


My 2 year old is just a few days younger than Ike and I have NO plans for transitioning to a toddler bed anytime soon. He's never tried to climb out, he loves playing or reading at nap or bedtime.

And, as Blanche notes, it is CONTAINMENT! I very much look forward to quiet time every afternoon!

We will get there. Eventually. No rush here, either!


Your plan is genius. I switched Jacob to a toddler bed when he turned two or so and shortly after that, he started coming back into bed with us. He loved his crib. If Elise turns out the same way, we're keeping her there until she is 5. Or 6. Whenever.


My 2.5 son fell out of the crib once and climbed out voluntarily once. But we just made a big move from Chicago to NY so for continuity's sake we've kept him in the crib and honestly I'm thinking we're going to keep him in there until we're at potty training because I cannot imagine him ever actually NAPPING again without being trapped behind bars. And I'm sorry, they may work some mojo at daycare that gets him to nap on a cot but on the weekends I NEED TO KNOW he's going to be safely somewhere for 2 hours even if he isn't sleeping. Sigh. eventually he's going to outgrow the crib AND naps and I have no idea what I'm going to do then.


My neice slept in a crib until she was 3.5. And she's pretty tall (is now 4 and wears a size 6)


My daughter will be 3 in October and has made no move to climb out so she's still in the crib. She will stay there until I absolutely have to move her too.


Um. My Solomon will be 4 in October. Still in crib. Seriously. I guess I need to move him, but damn. DO NOT WANT TO. He can climb out, I guess, but doesn't. Maybe he can stay there till he's 6 or 16?


Lucky, lucky momma. Keep him in that crib as long as you can. My child was an early climber, and we absolutely lost control of bedtime when he was able to climb out of the crib. He's in a toddler bed, outside of which I am currently sitting vigil to bribe him to stay in his bed and rest (go the f^& to sleep!). He's three and a half. I'm sure you know this. I just need to share my pain. It feels like an endless battle every single day.


Jesus Lord God...I WISH my child would sleep in her crib...sigh
She's the main reason I don't have a second child...

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