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Ike woke up at 1:30 a.m. this morning and stayed more or less awake until 5:30 a.m. "More or less" consisted of: 

1) crying

2) whimpering

3) flailing around on our bed

4) saying "ow ow ow"

5) completely freaking us the fuck out

6) because what's ow? WHAT'S OW? 

7) settling down for a short doze while draped across my body 

8) while clutching fistfuls of my hair, the new hotness in security blankets

9) waking up again to crawl on top of my face

10) and starting all over with the crying/whimpering/flailing/owwwww business.

I really figured the night would conclude with him barfing on my face or something, but that never happened. Nothing really happened. He fussed and howled and tossed and turned and did forehead-stands on my chest for awhile and just when Jason and I both gave up on sleep and productivity and not looking like saggy-eyed monsters all day...his complaints suddenly ceased and he dropped off to sleep like a perfect-haired angel child. 

And that's all I've got. That's the whole story. It's been 26 months, 100-odd weeks, 780-odd nights later and it's still "probably just gas." 





Oh you naughty, precious baby Ike, you better let your momma and daddy get some sleep or else!


2 year molars? Growth spurt? Bad dream? I do not love those nights. I convince myself it's never going to end ever and panick until, oh hey, they're asleep again.


I am not here to diagnose. I leave that to WebMD (don't listen to them; you'll have "probably herpes" every time!) HE IS SO CUTE I DON'T CARE THAT HE WOULD LIKE TO STAND ON MY FOREHEAD IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.


Dealing with toddler waking at 5 here and his newborn sister waking up whenever she feels a tad peckish. I'm with you on the zzzzzzzzzzz front. Coffee is my friend. Though I'm trying to space it between feeds cause I can't imagine that a newborn + caffeine is good for anyone!


Has he gotten all of his two year molars yet? I have a little guy just a month younger than Ike and we're still working on the last molar. Nights have been just like you described. Some evenings when I put him to bed I actually tell him, "No screaming, mkay?"


Growing pains? Is that actually a real, not-related-to-Kirk-Cameron thing?


Okay, it's not just my house, then.


Did he seem to realllly be kicking & working his legs? If so, I'd bet it's growing pains. My soon-to-be 5-year-old gets them pretty regularly in his shins/calves, and he calls them "trampoline legs".

I rub a bunch of honey apple baby lotion on his legs and do joint compressions until he zonks back out. But sometimes it takes a long time for him to relax back to sleep.

Or yeah, it could be gas.


THANK YOU for posting this. My two-year-old woke up around 5 AM to come sleep on my head and grab my hair. I thought it was kinda weird (my first kid). It's molars and a cold that are keeping him up - but what about MY pain???


Growing pains? They're real things, you know...


Jumping on the Growing Pains bandwagon. My 3yo gets them really bad, and will wake up in the middle of the night HOWLING that his foot or leg hurts. We've tried massage, arnica gel, chiropractic adjustments (because we go anyway), chamomile tea, and usually end up resorting to some ibuprofen in the name of getting some damn sleep already.

Melissa@Mama Never Sleeps

I wish I had any help for you but no. This is exactly the way our last two babies have been. We are on three years of this shit. Some sort of non-sleeping voodoo happens here from 1am to 5am. And then? They fall asleep like precious little boys. NO IDEA WHY. It's been three years.

Hugs of solidarity to you!


Ears. I'm guessing ears or teeth.


I bet it's pretty easy to forgive that sweet little face

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