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Old Hat But Not Really

We're back, Jack. Apologies to everyone who is not named Jack. Which for some reason I suspect is...all of you. 

ANYWAY, I will be posting beach photos/stories/hilarity in a bit, but first. It's the first...

IMG_4040 of second grade.

So if you've been reading this blog since Noah was born (or possibly even before), join me. Taste it. Taste the pain. LET'S MARINATE IN OUR COLLECTIVE OLDNESS. 


I've already written a few times about how optimistic we are for this year of school, what surprised me most this morning was that Noah seems to share that optimism. He's excited but not nervous-excited. Ready to see old friends, meet news ones and roll with the changes in teacher/room/schedule/whatever. Second grade. Bring it.

We had a loop-free sendoff, basically. 


He didn't even look back or wave from the bus window. I lingered behind to reassure this year's batch of weepy kindergarten parents that the school really does a good job of hardly losing anyone's children ever and that the first week of kindergarten tires the kids out so much that you can send them to bed at 7 p.m. and enjoy your sunrise/sunset wine in peace.

*awkward arm punch*

Here's hoping Noah makes a better first impression than me. But I'm pretty sure he's got this. 



For a second I thought that blonde kid in front of Noah was Ezra heading to kindergarten... whew, that's the "make me feel old" marker apparently from when I started reading your blog!


I put my Kindergartner on the bus this morning, day 3...she was crying. Awful. Luckily her grandpa drives the bus so that helped. I hope it gets better fast.


Thought Ezra would be off to kindergarten- one more year I guess. 2nd grade rocks- and Noah will so own it!


@mallory Yeah, Ezra misses the birthday cutoff for our county — five years old by September 1st is the rule, and his birthday is October 15th. So one more year of preschool for him.


I *have* been reading since before you were even pregnant with Noah. WOW. I can hardly believe it. And, yes, I do feel old!


Mabel's the only kid left on our street not at school this morning. One more year of preschool for her too. And Dash started second grade last Monday, with not a bother, just like Noah. They're big kids now.


GO NOAH! (& yes, I've been reading you since, I don't know when...)


Yeah, I too was wondering if Ezra was starting Kindergarten. California is in the process of switching to a September 1 cutoff, so I think this year, you have to be 5 by October 1. Some of our friends thought they'd be able to somehow get the district to bend the rules and get their daughter enrolled in Kindergarten (her birthday is October 9), but they wouldn't. She's sooo ready too. It's rough.


I find the cutoffs so interesting, ours in 5 by December 1, and in my brother's city, it is 5 by July 15. I wonder who makes this stuff up. Anywho- Noah is a cutie, and he has to have more internet fangirls than any 2nd grader ever!!

Liz Tea Bee

Noah and Ezra are the same ages as my nieces. One started 2nd grade today and the other has an October birthday. I wasn't reading when Noah was born but K going into 2nd makes me feel plenty old.

The later cut-offs make a huge different, though. When you're working with Kindergarteners you can usually pick out the kids with late birthdays. 6 months is a long time when you're only 5 years old!

Maxine Dangerous

I think I've been reading since Noah was six months old. How is that possible??


I'm so glad to see him heading off to school so confidently this year!

Also, my daughter is a couple of weeks younger than Ezra, and I have probably answered the, "So, is she starting Kindergarten this year?" question a thousand times this summer!

Suzy Q

I've been with you since boob thrush, and yes, this made me weepy. With joy.


I've been following for awhile, not since birth but when I was looking for someone who knew about SPD and stuff. And let me just say, those kids of yours are amazing! :)


I loved my son's second grade year. Go Noah!


Yay Noah!!!!!!!!
(I've been reading forEVAH!) :)


I've been reading for .. a while .. prior to you becoming pregnant with Noah. A friend of mine - that I haven't talked to in quite a few years - loved your blog because your "hilarious drunk escapades" and thought I should read a post and I just dove right in. *cough*

2nd grade. wow.

Donna P

I love the "collective oldness" remark. I've been here since, well, I remember you sliding around in boxes in the office hallway - whenever that was. Now, here we are in second grade already. Yay, Noah! He's becoming so grown up. Congrats to two of the best parents ever.


Apparently I've been reading long enough. There are tears in my eyes. Go Noah!


Being a reader from way back when, this just makes me so happy. Looking forward to hearing about Noah's adventures in second grade!

Also - could Ezra be any more adorable and could Ike be any more biteable? You birth some pretty babies!


Do you know the origin of the phrase 'old hat'?

Why is an old hat like a woman's privates?

Both are frequently felt.


Do you know the origin of the phrase 'old hat'?

Why is an old hat like a woman's privates?

Both are frequently felt.

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