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This post is sponsored by The Honest Company.

(So, yes. Me and Honest. Again! Sitting in a tree. All BFF-y and stuff. This is how these deals should work, I think. They pay me for posts and then I turn around and give all the money right back to them because I can't stop buying All Of The Things. Yep, that's me, straight-up winning at being a business person. And math.) 

ANYWAY. I finally caved and signed up for a subscription bundle for household/bath/body stuff. Not surprisingly, we go through a fairly ridiculous amount of cleaning products in our house. I get as much done with vinegar and baking soda as I can, but sometimes you just have to bust out the big guns of AHHHH KILL IT BURN IT SANITIZE IT. It just takes a lot of work to keep my house looking as awesome as it does, where "awesome" means "one step above hovel, with bonus rogue underpants/stealth poop." We rarely get through a meal without someone spilling something, my floors are always sticky and covered in crumbs (and usually at least one of my children is as well, thus keeping hand soap dispensers full and at the ready requires constant vigilance), and Ezra is prone to multiple mid-day wardrobe changes for such reasons as "That shirt is for Tuesday" or "I'm not Superman I'm Batman" or "I cannot wear blue pants because I am not a blueberry." 

And yes, he also still insists that his socks get cold and require a sweater. That's a daily double of sock laundry, y'all. 


(Oh, and in further "my children are obnoxious preshus snowflakes" news, I bought some non-hippie big brand name laundry detergent while we were at the beach, only to discover that Ezra has a raging allergy to it and his skin erupted in hives just from coming in contact with his clothes. And of course I discovered this after washing every item of clothing in his suitcase. That was fun! YOU ARE KILLING ME, SMALLS.)

ANYWAY TIMES ELEVENTY. I figured the Honest bundle was a smart way to go, since I could get five discounted products (of the cleaning/laundry/bath/body variety) of my choosing every month and be safe in the knowledge that none of it would like, cause my children's persnickety skin to burst into hive-flames or peel off and melt, Indiana-Jones style. What I completely underestimated, however, was how much of a big freaking lame-o the monthly shipment would turn me into, because GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS IT'S LIKE CHRISTMAS MORNING YOU GUYS GUYS HEY LOOK GUYS.


This, right here. This is the packaged essence of being a grown-up. When you open a box and squee over a bottle of yummy-smelling floor cleaner. That you will later use on a puddle of dog pee. Yeah! Wooooo! Awesome.


My first bundle: Floor cleaner, a bamboo dish scrubber brush with a foaming base thing, conditioning mist, kids' toothpaste and fruit/vegetable spray. THIS IS WHAT A ROCKING GOOD TIME LOOKS LIKE, NOW, TO ME.

At first I handed over the toothpaste and the conditioner/detangler to the kids, but then I took back the conditioner to use on my own self once I realized how well it worked on my own post-shower rats' nest. Sorry boys, maybe I'll get you one next month. But probably not. There's some pretty hot laundry products I've got my eye on next. Mmm-hmm. You know I know how to party. 

Sign up for a free trial of bundled nerd joy (plus $5.95 shipping) here. Amalah readers can enjoy 40% off their first bundle using the code AmalahBundle. Limited to U.S. and Canadian residents (one per customer), applies to first bundle order only, and expires October 6, 2013. 



Are you sure the dish scrubber with the foaming base is not a shaving brush kit?


Ugh. Honest Company sucks. They severely bullied Honest Toddler once her "space" started to get very popular citing "marketplace confusion".

I guess they are trying to put some positive vibes out in the internet world now.


The packaging is enough to make me fall in love. What a fun concept!! (meaning, getting the basic cleaning supplies WITHOUT having to deal with the insanities of dragging little ones through Target while they dig their heels in the ground because OMGZ THEY WANTZ THEM TOYZ!)


thumbs down to Honest Company :( Never gonna forgive them for their treatment of Bunmi/HT. Would love to see them make it right but at this point they are dead to me.


Id never buy honest company after the way the bullied Honest Toddler. I cancelled my subscription, there are other green products that are better rated.


Yeah, their treatment of Honest Toddler pretty much means no Honest Company for me until they make it right.


Agreed, I would never purchase their products (or read an entire post sponsored by them) due to their treatment of Honest Toddler. Bummed you're working with them.


Ditto the Honest Toddler thing. I would have loved to have gotten Honest diaper subscriptions for all our expecting friends but for them to bully an obviously separate persona just trying to put out some funny writing. Even if their stuff is great, their business practices aren't.


What the hell is fruit/vegetable spray?


I can buy Method products (that work great!) from Amazon or Target without paying shipping OR having to sign up for a subscription - The Honest Co.'s business model just doesn't do it for me.


Yeah, I would normally totally be into this kind of thing (packages in the mail! Promise of cleaner house! Woo!) but I just can't do it with Honest Company, at least not until the make things right with HT/Bunmi


Agree with the above posts about Honest (more like Bully) Company after their treatment of Honest Toddler. Of course you can't believe everything you read on the net, but I have heard enough that I choose not to do business with them.

Amy in StL

So it's like the mom version of my BeautyBox or PopSugar must have box. Which is like Christmas everymonth for me! Also BarkBox for my dog and Naturebox for my boyfriend and I might have a subscription box problem. Is there a twelve step for that? Can I get it in the mail one step at a time each month?


So happy to so see many other HT fans in here! Big thumbs down on this post. This blog is kind of like Christmas for me. I check it obsessively waiting to see what awesome or witty thing you have to say next but The Honest Company? Bleh. Big corporate bullies that appear to be trying to gain some ground back in the mommy world. Not from me! Disappointed.


I'm not going to poopoo your post!

I'm actually scared to order a product bundle, because I know I'll just get hooked on it. Maybe when my baby is older and I can order more products for him too. But I do love their diapers! They are still the best I've tried. And sometimes they throw in goodies in there and it's like double christmas!


Yup, I am never going to buy from Jessica Alba's company after how "Honest" Company bullied Honest Toddler. I absolutely get the need to protect your brand and enforce trademark. But I expect more fair play and "honest" behavior from a company that wants to appear all friendly and green and cozy. Sorry Amy.


Get it, use it, like it, recommend it. I give zero damns about the company or how it may/may not have mishandled its business with another company because I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. And I just want my damn floors to be clean and my hair detangled without looking like a killed a puppy with my comb.

And y'all remember, bloggers tend to sign up for/agree to multiple posts with companies. You can't expect a writer to sever ties every time a company does something stupid (or not stupid because none of us was at any board meeting/on any phone call, amirite?). Or, I guess you can expect it, but that's kind of like hoping Pepsi won't make you burp.

Actually, forget everything I just said. Look at Ezra's socks' sweaters, smile, and go on with your day.


Company politics aside, dear lord can someone please tell me how to clean hard wood and granite? I just bought a house and everything is sticky all the damn time and I have no idea what I'm doing.


The code isn't working for me. It says it only applies to "sample bundles".


Amalah, I'm really surprised that you support the Honest Company given how they treated a fellow independent blogger. What's up with that?

Nicole P.

Uh, how about we put down the pitchforks and torches, mmkay? It's just a product review, not a business practices review. Let's separate the anger for the company's actions from this totally unrelated post. Amy doesn't belong in the cross-hairs here.


Oops, I meant "sample orders", not "sample bundles. Not sure what a sample order is?


Yeah. Not interested the "Honest" company for multiple reasons, including their treatment of HT. I was all, "Yay! Amalah post!" quickly followed by, "Yeah... no. Not interested in this."

Brigid Keely

I'm really surprised, in a good way, but how aware people are of how the Honest Company has been bullying The Honest Toddler. As with previous commenters, I can't support the company when they go after WOC small business owners in such a negative and manipulative way. Which is really bad for them in a way because everyone in my house hold has sensitive skin and asthma and I have migraines, so we're super picky about all the cleaners and detergents and soaps we use. That said, I've had great experience with Seventh Generation unscented laundry detergent, their liquid dish washing detergent (every other gel leaves gross deposits in our ancient dish washer, and the smell gives me a headache, 7th gen is awesome), and scented multi-purpose cleaning sprays and dish washing liquid.

I'm glad you've got some products that work for you and excite you, but I just can't with this underhanded, bullying company.


I came here to ask about the coupon code issue that Danielle mentioned, but now I'm saddened about the Honest Toddler issue. I didn't even know, and after some research I might cancel my order.


I ordered some Honest products from the last sponsored post and loved them. My youngest has terrible rashy skin and the oil and creams are fabulous. The hair detangler has an intoxicating smell that everyone in my family loves. I really can't get excited about the HT controversy; I support Amalah's right to choose who she works with to support her family. Great job.


I just wanted to say that I appreciate that Amy has let the constructive comments and concerns about Honest Company say and hasn't delete any non-positive comments, which a lot of bloggers due. Thanks for that, Amy.


The code is working now for those who care. LOL, which is pretty myself and Kathleen.


pretty MUCH myself and Kathleen... I should proofread before posting


Brilliant of them to want to capitalize on our collective Amalah love, but my perception of this company is also irreparably damaged. Happy to read to support you but won't be buying from them.


Agree with most of the above commenters. THC will never have my business after their treatment of HT.


I wasn't going to comment originally, but here goes :)
I don't know anything about Honest Toddler or bullying, etc., but I DO know that $36 EVERY MONTH for five cleaning products is ridiculous. Especially when Target (and Wal-Mart, I guess, if I'm desperate) are right down the road from me.

Also, pretty sure I got directed to Wittlebee from a previous post as well, and that was just about the most horrible dishonest unorganized company I've ever done business with, so.... While I'll keep reading about your cute kids, when it comes to shopping advice, no thanks. :)


Thank you Amanda, I was beginning th think Iwas the only one who thought this is the dumbest idea ever! Why would I spend that much money EVERY MONTH on frivolous products that I really don't need. I can go to the Dollar store and load up on cleaning products for less than $20 and they last me MONTHS! Or Sams club for industrial size Tide. Or Target for green products for far less money. I just don't get all these monthly subscription things? A monthly subscription for my dog? Really?


Thanks for the update, Danielle! I've decided to go ahead and order for now, based on the discount. If the products are good, perhaps I will keep ordering. Still not pleased with what they did to another blogger, but hopefully they will learn their lesson. Kudos to Amalah for letting everyone's voice be heard.


Wow, sounds like an organized campaign to send people here from honest toddler. That being said, I was very unhappy with how difficult they made it to cancel when I tried a previous sample offer so there is no way that I will be giving them business again either.

Becki K.

I know that it's been said before but I just want to say as well that I can't get behind a company that bullies smaller bloggers just because they can. After reading the whole saga I just can't support a company that has a wholesome image of caring about the earth when they don't care about basic human kindness and respect towards smaller businesses. I get that Amy has a right to have sponsored posts but I'm also a little unhappy at the companies she's chosen to sponsor and promote (including Wittlebee, which was a really disappointing experience). So yay Amalah, but boo The Honest Company.


JenVegas -- I can't help you with the granite because GOOD GOD WHAT ARE MY COUNTERS MADE OF? IT'S LIKE A CHEAP ASS PLYWOOD SPRAY PAINTED ORANGE AND I STILL HATE THE PREVIOUS OWNERS. Ahem. To clean the hardwood: apple cider vinegar, water, and a bit of lemon juice for a less vinegary smell). I do that with an old washcloth and then follow it a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser just because even vinegar and water will leave the wood sticky sometimes (less so in fall/winter). I spot clean sometimes with Murphy Oil Soap but again I follow with the Eraser because it's not abrasive and seems to help it dry non-stickily.

Oh, don't mind me. I routinely answer questions on a blog that is not my own. I'm here all week. Try the veal.


I saw your update on the later post, and totally appreciate it. I am one of those people who cancelled her subscription because of the Honest Toddler situation, and I seriously thought several times "I wonder if Amalah knows about this? Should I tell her? I used her code when I signed up. If I tell her they are being evil, am I helping or hurting? It's probably none of my business. She must know!"
But then they settled, so I re-upped, because DINOSAUR DIAPERS ARE SO CUTE. Plus body oil. Can't we all just get along?


I have an order all ready to go, but the code won't work for me. Does it have to be the Essentials Bundle as they present it, with no substitutions, in order to get the discount?


I liked the Honest products okay, but after the discount was over it was just too expensive. Plus, subscribing made no sense because the five products you choose could easily cost less than the subscription price. When I called to cancel my subscription (because, FYI, you have to cancel you can't do it on line), I explained I liked the products, but I wanted to buy them separately. The lady basically refused to let me cancel. It was the oddest thing.


We get the Honest diapers, and its a little ridiculous how exciting that big box in the mail is. It's all about the patterns! And the fact that they are relatively healthy diapers.

I'd be thrilled to get the cleaning box too. I don't have the $$ for another subscription now and we get by pretty well with the baking soda/vinegar solutions, but I appreciate the goals and mission of Honest Co.

I can't say I'm surprised at the reaction to the Honest Toddler issue (which I had never heard of before reading about it here), because it seems like a common internet commenter habit to have these extreme reactions to all things. But it seems like bad form to give you a hard time for it. I'm sorry you had to deal with that!


Granite countertop cleaning: use regular dish soap and a sponge to remove dirt/sticky stuff. Wipe dry. Then pour rubbing alcohol (I have a bottle with a hole in the top and I just make a squiggly line with it). Enough to wipe the counter with a dishcloth and not soak the dishcloth.

Granite counters are a pain in the ass to maintain, but they are shiny so I forgive them.

Buy the extra large super cheap rubbing alcohol for $0.99. Lasts a few months.

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