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Super Zah

Oh, Ezra. 


Never stop being so you.

Today is Ezra's first day of school — he turns five next month, too late for Kindergarten Proper, so he's got one more year of Montessori pre-K to power through, like a boss. He's going all day this year, however, which means he gets to take a lunchbox filled with actual, non-plastic/Lego lunch items. Today I packed him a sandwich, raisins and cucumber slices. He's super excited about the cucumber.

He packed his Camper of the Day certificate and a disposable waterproof camera he found in the basement. You know, I don't even ask anymore.


And yes, he's wearing a cape. Of course, he's wearing a cape. 

In somewhat related news, Ike is trying VERY HARD to say Ezra's name. (He's called him "brother" until recently, or more accurately: BWA-VA.) He still doesn't have the "r" sound yet, so it sounds more like ZAH-ZAH. 

Needless to say, I approve. Mightily. 





He's huge!


I always approve of the Zah. And capes.


Another inch and you'll need a bigger Superman shirt. My oldest Superman nut has had an "S" shirt in every size since he was 3. In fact, I've had to buy a full Superman costume in every size as well. He's currently in wearing a 10-12 and his little brother is loving the hand-me-downs.


His spirit does nothing but make me smile. You've got an awesome family, and some amazing little kiddos. Thanks for sharing the awesomeness with us!!


He is so amazingly adorable!! I love the scrunchy nose face!

Happy First Day of School Ezra :)


The Mighty Zah! I'm excited for him that he gets to bring a real, non-lego lunch this year. I remember his excitement over the lunch box last year (SO CUTE).


He's so cute. Looks like you Amy!


He's just so darn cute! Love the outfit!


Any way you could do a Montessori post or link to one you've already done
? Did Noah also go there? Our little one has possible sensory issues and I'm wondering if it's better than traditional preschool, which can sometimes be loud and overwhelming.


WHY IS ZAH SO BIG??? No thank you. Go back to being small please. But continue with the cuteness, full steam ahead.


Oh the plight of the fall babies. I was born in early October and gave my parents endless grief about their decision to redshirt/do an extra year of preschool until I turned 16 before all my friends and got my learner's permit months ahead of them. ANd then when I was 18 I was old enough to vote and when I was 21....well you get the deal.


I heard BWA-VA in the voice of that guy from Lost. Desmond?


Wow. He's gotten huge. And.. cuter, if at all possible. Here's wishing him an amazing year. ;)


Of course, capes.... My son is two months younger than Ezra and he has a cape around his neck every minute of every day.!!... And he also started Pre-K this week..., my little man.

Rebecca Van Hout

Oh my that has to be the cutest back to school pic ever lol. What a cutie!


That right there is so much cuteness my head might explode. Also - capes ROCK.


Thanks, a little shot of Super Zah is exactly what I needed to get out the door this morning!

Lynda M O

And with that amazing shot of our favorite Internet sensation, I'm off to bed.

My nine-month old nanny job arrives at 7:30 with all his bells and whistles turned ON.

jill (mrschaos)

Ezra reminds me so much of my nephew...and it's weird. They are all hear-melty and stuffs. Cute kid, is what I'm saying.

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