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Underpants Are the New Legos

I suspect that the Superman underpants are reproducing. It's like the opposite of the underpants gnomes up in here. There is no way I actually purchased THIS MANY pairs of Superman underpants. (I mean, they came in a variety pack!  And possibly got me on some NSA Internet watchlist.)

And yet we are disportionately overrun with JUST the Superman variety.  They are everywhere. They are legion. There's a pair in the bottom of most of my handbags and there's at least one pair turning up in every load of my own laundry and no lie, there is seriously a pair sitting outside my bedroom door right now

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Just...sitting there. Watching. Waiting. FOR YOUR BUTT.

(I feel compelled point out that those are, in fact, a CLEAN pair. Like that matters, somehow. Like I've just finished painting a picture of a home where underpants run amok and lurk in every corner, where they litter the floor like an obstacle course, perhaps join us at the dinner table once they evolve and develop a sense of self, but oh! Don't worry! They are clean underpants. Because we have standards.)



I do not understand the underpants thing! I can walk through my house right now and find no less than 5 pairs randomly thrown about.


Children are weird.

(Also - there is no guarantee that those littering my floor are clean. Because my children are heathens.)


My 6 year old prefers to go commando. I have to do an underwear check before he leaves the house. I regularly find (clean)Star Wars and superhero underwear hidden behind the couch, under the bathroom stepstool, behind open doors and my personal favorite - under my pillow!


True fun begins when you are folding laundry and find children's underpants that do NOT belong to your kids, and try to imagine what watchlist THAT puts you on, and how to discreetly ask friends and neighbors if they are missing any.


I dunno how you are going to handle all of the underpants when Ike starts wearing them. I have the 7 year-old and the 2 year-old and my poor husband can not tell their undies apart. The 7 year-old shrieks that he can't get his leg in and the 2 year-old does the walk-while-jacking-up-the-underpants. And, yes, they are everywhere. SO glad we potty trained early.


When my stepson comes to visit, I find superhero underwear and random socks EVERYWHERE. And it continues for days and even weeks after he leaves. Behind beds, under mattresses, in the recesses of closets. Unfortunately, ours tend to mostly be of the dirty variety.


Wait until the socks get in on the game. Sigh.

Jessica V.

I LOL'd at this post, AND Lissa's comment above, because my kids LOVE to go commando too. My youngest regularly leaves his underpants in the bathroom and heads on out to his "very strict" parochial school sans undies. I usually don't figure it out until the end of the day when he is getting his PJs on. "Where are your underwear?" "I not wearing any!" *facepalm*


In my house, it is always the dog's fault. He will find any pair of unmentionables and take them to places far, far away. For instance, a green pair on the pink chair, just in time for the repair man's visit. ((Hangs head in shame))


@Haley - it's always my dog's fault too. He once dragged out a pretty pink thong and proudly ran around the house with it while my brother-in-law and a couple of his buddies were over. You'd think I'd learn to put them away so he could no longer mortify me this way.

kari weber

Undies are everywhere in my house as well. Since my 4 year old is in the 100th% and my 8 year old is in the 32nd% they both wear the same size undies... I am left to try to REMEMBER which Star Wars ones go to the 4 year old and which Star Wars ones go to the 8 year old. Lather, rinse, repeat with Avengers, Lego, Ninja Turtles, Etc.
Mostly clean some dirty... just a LOT.


As you say, underpants are the new Legos, but at least underpants don't hurt your feet when you step on them.


At my house, we have a pair of Dora underwear that show up everywhere. We only have one pair of Dora undies. "borrowed" when someone had an accident at a friend's house. My children will not wear these underwear, and every time they see them, they put them somewhere in my stuff- diaper bag, my closet, on my bed, in my bathroom. So that I'll see them and return them to their owner. The owner doesn't fit them anymore. This has been going on for a very long time.


Totally (mostly) random - We just got a new book from Scholastic called "The Three Ninja Pigs" (by Corey Rosen Schwartz.) I think your gang would LOVE it. (This comment was in no way sponsored by that book.) It rhymes. It's cute. NINJA!!!

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