It Must Run in the Family
Naps Are Wasted On The Young


(What Would The Internet Do?)

So I write that advice column, right? And I love it and the questions I get asked never fail to challenge me and/or sock me right in the feels. But it's funny because the questions tend to come in topic-waves — suddenly and inexplicably, everybody's asking stuff about cloth diapers. Then I get a run of mother-in-law problems. Then a bunch of special needs parenting questions roll in. Currently, we seem to be elbow-deep in toddler food-related issues (i.e. the not eating of it, usually) and naps. Oh my God, NAPS. Everybody is asking about naps because everybody's babies have all decided to stop taking naps. It's a worldwide epidemic/uprising out there right now. 

Meanwhile, I'm wondering who the hell is going to answer MY nap-related question, because da fuq if I know what I'm doing right now either. 

About a month ago, we changed Ike's school schedule — for a variety of reasons, mostly because we were concerned about his speech development. He had a satisfactory number of individual words, but wasn't really combining them and he was really hard to understand. He was also starting to toe walk and get overly picky about textures. Yeeeeeahhhh. Jason thought we needed to get him evaluated by Early Intervention, but My Gut told me that he was on the wrong side of borderline to qualify for anything. And that upping his school attendance to five days a week — thus giving him more time with his peers and more exposure to all the sensory-themed Montessori materials — was worth a try before getting too worked up about it.

Was it EVER, you guys. Ike's language has exploded over the past few weeks. I haven't seen him toe walk and all the other little sensory quirks seem to be fading away just as quickly. He's eating better, trying new things, and TELLING me about all the new things. Most of all, he's happy and social and just...thriving there. He suddenly knows all his colors and is starting to count and can recognize his name in print and says please and thank you and WHO KNEW THERE WERE SCHOOLS THAT WILL CIVILIZE YOUR TWO-YEAR-OLD FOR YOU?

(I always waited until my other boys were closer to three years old before sending them to preschool. I feel retroactively cheated.)

ANYWAY. The change in Ike's school schedule was a change for everyone, since it meant saying goodbye to our lovely part-time babysitter and the flexibility she brought with her. Kids have a day off? Someone not feeling well and needs to be picked up? Someone not napping? No problem. For me, anyway. I could at least count on a set number of hours to work on the days she was here, no matter what the kids were up to. Not so much, anymore. 

Now, Ike's nap is of the utmost importance. We live or die by the nap. And if you've stopped by this blog with any regularity this month and been all, "Why the fuck isn't she updating this damn thing anymore?" YOU KNOW WHO TO BLAME. 

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 2.55.56 PM

The first week or so, the big Nap Challenge was keeping him awake during the car ride home. I'd pick him up at noon and the effort of the morning's Montessori-ing had clearly wiped him out. But if he fell asleep in the car — even for the final 20 damn seconds as I pulled up to our house — that mean NO NAP once we got inside. The edge was off and so was he. 

So I learned to open all the windows and screech pop songs at him at the top of my lungs (MAYBE I'M GOING DEAF, MAYBE I'M GOING BLIND, HELLO CAR NEXT TO ME LOOKING AT ME LIKE I'M OUT OF MY MI-I-I-I-I-I-I-ND). I'd bring interesting non-toy items with me like old TV remotes or empty waffle boxes for him to contemplate. I'd stuff my bag with a variety of small stuffed animals and throw them at him whenever he started to nod off.

(How's that for parenting advice? Need to keep your baby awake in the car? Just give him some trash to chew on and throw shit at his face! Works every time!)

But then he adjusted, more or less, and swung in the opposite direction, the I'm Not Tired At All direction. He'd stay awake in the car, awake during lunch, and then very, very profoundly awake during the entire block of time traditionally known as "nap time." 

Fine, I told him. I have played this game and danced this dance. I'm a goddamn Internet parenting advice columnist person. You do not have to sleep but BY GOD you are going to stay in your room, in your bed, for some quiet time. Here are some books to gnaw on like a hamster; I'll be in my office. 

So that went on for awhile (what, did you think I was getting to the POINT of this entry already, or something?), until the lack of sleep finally caught up with him. He still fights the nap for most of the afternoon, but now he consistently caves and falls asleep later in the day. Like at 3:30, on our way to pick up Ezra. Or at 4:30, smack dab in the middle of snacktime, face-first in a bowl of Goldfish crackers. 

Okay, you think, that's no big deal. Just let him get a little snooze and wake him up for dinner, right? 

So it turns out Ike doesn't really "do" the "little snooze" thing. He's not "into" the "power nap." When he goes down, he wants to SLEEP. It's never been unusual for his afternoon nap to be four or five hours long. This is AWESOME if the nap starts on time, like 12:30/1:00 — I have the whole afternoon to work and then he's up and awake on his own before dinner, with a reasonable block of time to go before a 7:30/8:00 p.m. bedtime. 

The "awake on his own" thing is a big deal, though. If I wake Ike up from a nap before he's ready, he's...hmm, how to delicately phrase this without sounding horrificially unkind towards my youngest sweetest precious baby?  

Fine, he's an asshole. A cranky, hysterical, inconsolable asshole.

He'll wander around the kitchen while I make dinner, sobbing for snacks that I can't give him (or that I do give him, only to have them suddenly be WRONNNNGGG and NOOOOO). He won't touch his dinner, at all, not even one bite, and then after dinner he continues the aimless wandering of misery and woe, shrieking for whatever toy his brothers have in their possession until we're all finally like, "OKAY EARLY BEDTIME FOR IKE THANKS FOR JOINING US." 

Yesterday I had to take Noah to an appointment after school, and Ike predictably fell asleep in the car on our way back around 4:30. I carried him inside like a sack of potatoes and plopped him in the crib. 

And then I didn't wake him up. Dinner time rolled around and I just...couldn't deal with another meal disrupted by the Toddler Hound of the Baskervilles. A meal he wouldn't even eat anyway.

(Ezra, upon realizing that we had no intention of bringing Ike down to eat, started to cry. "Ike's going to DIE!" he wailed.)

He slept until 7:30. A.M., that is. Fifteen straight hours. He still had his damn shoes on when I got him up this morning. 

He ate a good breakfast but didn't seem particularly ravenous. He ate a VERY good lunch and was in an excellent mood after school — soooo much more like himself, frankly, than the nighttime crankpot we've been dealing with lately. We cuddled and read books and I put him down for a nap. Then I spent my afternoon writing this screed-mess of an entry while he bounced up and down in the crib and sang songs to himself and hurled toys and books at his door. (I'm guessing.) (Hoping, anyway, that those noises were just toys and books and not some Paranormal Activity-like shit going down in there.) 

So now it's just about time to put him in the car and start collecting his brothers from their schools, and I know what's going to happen. He'll fall asleep. And I'll have the choice of:

1) Bust out the STAY AWAKE car moves, or wake him up immediately in hopes of avoiding the bad mood (but possibly depriving him of sleep that he clearly desperately needs, because even an early bedtime won't make up for the loss of a four/five-hour nap), 

2) Let him sleep for a little while and THEN wake him up and face his I AM NOT AN EARLY EVENING PERSON wrath, or

3) Let him sleep for another 15/16 hours straight while praying to the baby flying spaghetti monster that his diaper can go the distance (so he's not waking up soaking wet in the middle of the night and coincidentally ready to party/eat dinner).

4) ?????


So, Internet: What would you do? 



My oldest went through a nap strike like this sometime during year 2. I finally gave up on trying to get him to sleep in his room and just did "quiet time" on the couch. Which basically meant I would tuck him all in comfy and turn on a boring (to him) show. Usually Gilmore Girls ;) he would always fall asleep and get the much needed nap in. After a few weeks I told him the tv was broken that day and he would have to try his bed. Naps magically went back to normal after that.


I am of the "if it worked, keep going until it doesn't work" school. The "let him sleep" thing worked last time, so I think I would let him sleep again and see what happens. If he wakes up at 4AM ready to eat/party, well...I'm sorry, that clearly was not the "right" answer, never know until you try. Maybe he just needs to "reset" his sleep clock and get in a lot of good sleep for the times he's been woken up before he was ready?

Oh, and my new success for keeping my kids (who are twins about a week older than Ike) awake in the car is to give them each a pear or an apple to play with/eat during the drive. The activity of eating a whole fruit like that will keep them awake for a good 10-15 minutes until we get home.


I just bought melatonin on the doctor's orders because my child does not sleep ever.
So, I am of no use to you.
Sorry. :)


You are describing my daughter, who is now almost five. Right down to the throwing-stuff-at-her-to-keep-her-up part. She'll still nap three hours if she gets the chance. I say let him try to sleep it through again, all 15 hours. Good luck.


Forgive me in advance because I don't have kids so I can't actually help with your question but I'm going to predict that Ike and I were cut from the same napping cloth. Even as a grown-ass lady, if I take a nap that's less than three hours in duration OR if I take a nap after 5pm, I wake up in THE WORST MOOD OF ALL TIME. I can't believe I just identified with a toddler but Ike, fist bump my little friend. I feel your pain.


Put on his most absorbent diaper before you head out and then let him sleep. Don't worry about dinner until he starts waking up to eat. If he does, then I'd go with option 2 + early bedtime.


Of course, this is going to resolve itself immediately now that you posted it, but I vote 3. He's not doing the nap but clearly needs the sleep (I wonder if a few days of long night sleeps would help the nap, even?). And calmer evening? Sold.

Re: Ezra's concern about Ike not having dinner, OBVIOUSLY the solution there is to refer him to your recent column on that topic.


Maybe you can do the Santa thing to waylay "E's" concerns regarding "I" not eating. Put out a plate of a few bites before you guys turn in for the night. I'm also a firm believer in the whole 'don't wake the baby' routine. If that kid wants to nap so be it. Why should the entire household suffer just so "I" can enjoy family chaos time (aka night time). It'll probably pass in a few weeks once he gets through the language explosion thing..(got my fingers crossed I also work from home and know just how important that crap I need 2 more hours type of mentality is lol).


This one of yours sounds a lot like the one I have. I don't like to admit this to people but we totally bribe our anti-napper with teeny tiny cupcakes and/or Pocky sticks to lay quietly in his crib for 3 hours on the weekends. I think he may be a bit older than Ike so IDK if bribes will work with him but the discussion basically goes like this on the weekends "Listen Kid, it's very important you get your rest so we can have fun this afternoon and so you aren't in a bad mood." Toddler eyeroll. "OK, you know how at school you have to lay quietly on your cot at nap time so everyone else can get their rest?" Dubious toddler glare. "Well that's how we're going to do nap time at home now too." Grumpy toddler face, possible throwing of matchbox car. "But, if you will lay quietly like a good boy, and get some rest you can have a treat afterwards. OK?" "OK MOMMY I WONT TALK IN BED. NO PLAYING OK MOMMY I GET A TREAT!" And then I pretty much just policed him like they do at daycare, going in to his room every time he started pipping up to shush him. I had to get really mad and yell at him one time, and he cried. But essentially I just bored him to sleep - it was like sleep training, ya know? Except instead of crying it out he was singing and playing. It took like 2 weekends of vigilance and now he seems to if not nap for all 3 hours, at least lay quietly for most of them and maybe get like an hour of real sleep in the afternoons. And if he does he gets a pocky stick and EVERYONE is happy. Good luck, they seriously do turn into little tyrant monsters around dusk when they don't nap. Ugh. Hate it.


Three, three! And now when he wakes at 4am ready to party you can blame me. But I didn't raise nappers. But I would avoid choice 2 like the plague. It says to me, "NOT WORKING."


Maybe this is related to his bad mood?

"Naps can leave people with sleep inertia, especially when they last more than 10-20 minutes. Sleep inertia is defined as the feeling of grogginess and disorientation that can come with awakening from a deep sleep. While this state usually only lasts for a few minutes to a half-hour, it can be detrimental to those who must perform immediately after waking from a napping period. Post-nap impairment and disorientation is more severe, and can last longer, in people who are sleep deprived or nap for longer periods."

I know I always feel horrible if I wake up after a long nap via an alarm clock (or someone waking me up.) As a toddler, feeling horrible probably equals super bad mood!


So, I am a bossy bossy lady about protecting my son's nap time. I do not have the other children to run out and get so I can be. BUT, I do get the "really" looks from people when I'm like, we'll pass, that event is during naptime. Because my child is just. like. this. So I feel your pain. I say try and let him sleep it out again, and don't stay up too late yourself just in case he doesn't make it all the way to daybreak.


My 3rd son informed me at age 2 "me no naps no more ever" the end. His brothers napped until around age 4-I was in shock. He was just done at 2, put to bed earlier than before and adjusted. Does he get the number of hours a 3 year should per night- perhaps not- he believes he is equal to the 6 and 8 yr old boys in the house, and sleeps when they do. He does know a hell of a lot about minecraft- I will give him that....


Oh my goodness, if you solve this mystery, please tell us what to do. In skywriting. Because I am lost. You described us perfectly--sleeping in the car=no nap. Waking him up from nap=omigod. Letting him have "quiet time" instead of nap=falling asleep at 4pm, sleeping for 4 hours, not interested in bed until 11pm. Save me. I'm serious.


You just described my son. We've been having nap strikes, and the hour went back on Sunday, and argh! We jokingly refer to the bag of midget gems in the car as our bad parenting toolkit. But yeah we feed him midget gems to keep him awake. But, if he falls asleep in the car on the way home he stays asleep and will nap in his bed (win!) but for some reason the air smells different at the grandparents or something cause we open that car door and BAM he's awake. We also have toddler from hell if he wakes up too early. Gah.

Anyways, I forget the options but I'd let him sleep for 15 hours, breathe a sigh of relief and be intensely jealous of that much sleep in one go!


I'm going to go with 3 - because you keep doing what works until it doesn't work anymore. That's my parenting motto right there.

However, possible 4's include picking him up from school a little earlier (if your school allows that - mine doesn't) and then keeping him awake on the ride home in the hopes that you can catch his "window," and/or making your drive home from his preschool a little longer in the hopes that he starts to sleep a little bit deeper and then you can carry him into the house. If your usual drive is 10 minutes maybe stretch it out to 20 minutes... if that doesn't completely mess with your afternoon schedule.


So, um, not for everyone buuut- I used to give me little guy like 5 chocolate chips for the car ride home. Just enough sweets/touch of caffeine to keep him awake until around 6:30/7 when I would put him to bed. Its hot like I was giving him mountain dew, but oh my did my MIL let me have it. :)(she firmly believed in no chocolate before school age- gah!)


I have no advice. I've always woken them up because I fear that it will screw with bedtime, and I need my damn sleep.

However, I'm going to come back to look at comments because my 19 month old daughter is pretty much on a nap strike. She's figured out how to climb out of the Pack N Play at the babysitter's, which equals worst nightmare ever, and now she doesn't nap more than maybe 20 minutes. AHHH.


Just a PSA as you are sorting this out, daylight saving is over as of this weekend. Meaning regular adults get the blessed extra hour of sleep, but parents of small children get woken up at 5 am because time is meaningless to them, and there is no such thing as extra sleep. SO, not sure how this upcoming change factors in but, in order to adjust my kids to daylight savings and keep them from waking me up at 5, I start pushing naptimes and bed times back by a half hour, then a whole hour a week ahead of time. Maybe with Ike wanting to take a later nap, you could go with it, let home sleep two three hours and then push back bedtime accordingly and everything will fall I to place next week? I feel your pain with the post nap evening hell on wheels, if his 15 hr sleep avoids that and his diaper holds, go for it. Obviously the early bedtime is necessary when he skps a nap or gets an interupted nap. I used to bribe my 2 yr old to stop partying and take a nap with skittles , a visit from the princess dress fairy. I don't really recommend that because you have to keep coming through with rewards,and skittles in general are a bad move. Godspeed sista


I had almost this exact problem. My solution (which actually worked for us) was to offer a snack in the car and then put my toddler down for a nap immediately when we got home. No falling asleep in the car and no getting overtired after staying up for lunch. Good luck!


I say let him fall asleep in the car. When you get back, don't put him in bed. Put him on the couch instead. Then he will more than likely wake up on his own (it will be louder) and maybe in a better mood. That's what I let my napper do. She is in first grade and still likes to fall asleep after she gets home from school.


Oh yeah night time diaper that kid and let him sleep! My son is only six months old but he has the 4am party problem. I've figured out not to fight it. We go downstairs and we cuddle in front of the TV. Yes we're up for 45 minutes to an hour but if I try to force him to sleep that gets stretched to like two or three hours. So I guess I'm saying is do what works until I doesn't work anymore because kids! They are always changing the game on you!
P.S. Your Throwdown was on today and I squealed like a little girl. So cute!!


Back in the (glorious) days when my son napped, he'd be fine if we woke him after a 45 minute nap - or a 1.5 hr nap - or a 2hr15 min nap - or a 3 hr nap - but absolutely grouchy and foul at any other time. He had a really strong 45 minute sleep cycle. I wonder if Ike has a cycle you could exploit for happier earlier wakenings?


Why don't you just hire back the part time babysitter and let Her go pick up Ezra (or stay home with Ike) and put Ike down at 230? He'll work it out eventually. But honestly, if my child wanted to sleep 15 hours, I would light a match, stomp my feet and wave a flag!!!

Robin Southern

Let him sleep! My son is 20 m.o. and pulling the same miserable stunt. I finally just put him down at 430 because he was wandering aimlessly, making unknown demands that could not be met. He slept the night through, and woke up so happy. This now happens about once a week.


I second letting him sleep, but on the couch.

Sara M

No advice for the sleeping issues, but someone just posted about your throwdown episode. What is this? I heart me some Bobby Flay. I don't remember you mentioning you were on his show and I've been reading this site for a long time.


Let him sleep until he changes the ever changing game on you. Again.


I'd go with #3, as long as it works (and who knows how long that'll be, right?) My neighbor's 2-year-old sleeps from 6pm-8am and it works for him. I tried it when my toddler was going through a nap strike, but nope, my kid NEEDS the nap to not be a monster. I'd actually prefer the long uninterrupted night sleep!

Sue C

I would go with the fifteen, sixteen hour night myself. He won't starve, just make sure he has on the heavy duty diaper before he goes down. My granddaughter, at 20 months, puts HERSELF down for a nap now. She is in a toddler bed. I would never have put my children in a toddler bed that young, but it works well for my daughter and granddaughter. She also can't turn the door knob yet, so that at least keeps her semi-corraled.


This why my second and third stay at preschool/daycare until after nap


Maybe he just needs an early bedtime? My oldest dropped his nap just after he turned two. We experimented with different things but it turned out he was just a kid who needed a looooong stretch of sleep.
We would have a snack/dinner together at five and then start his bedtime routine and he was out at 5:45/6 and slept 13-14 hours. He is almost nine now and it is not at all unheard of for him to come up to us and tell us he is going to bed at 7:30 (but he still owes us because that kid would. Not. Sleep. for his first 18months)


Oh lordy, nap time. I don't have a toddler anymore, I have a heading-towards-4yo, and naps, naps, naps they drive me the crazy. She needs to nap! Or maybe not! Nope, no nap today - hold the phone, nap, but it's now 4:00 and I am screwed at bedtime. Or I am carrying a 35# kid across the parking lot, across the seat, and over to the elementary school amphitheater where the 1st grader is waiting for pickup. She goes until she stops, and then she crashes, and waking her up from that is just hell.
Putting her back to sleep at bedtime generally means letting her cosleep and bore her to sleep. Man.


#1 -- stick with the putting him "down" for his nap/quiet time during the time you think he'll nap, and he'll eventually start sleeping then if he's tired. If he catches some car sleep, that's fine, but generally try to keep him up in the car. For irritable toddler syndrome, i give in on the snacks, give her more time watching videos of herself, and/or take her outside to run. good luck!! (fwiw, mine is 18 mo and no similar issues, so no basis to advise)


I tucked my little boy in, all nice and comfy in my bed, snuggled in next to him, put on a boring show and watched as he dosed off into the land of sleep within 15 mins. It worked every single time.

Although I will warn you that I often dosed off for a bit myself. Bonus! But, after a half hour or so, I was then able to get enough work done while he continued to nap, until it was time to get the other boys from the bus. Good luck!


My two year old, who looks like he could be Ike's brother, also can't be woken up, either in the morning or after nap, without being an extremely unpleasant human being. But what works for us is waking him up semi-naturally - putting the tv on in the next room to a kid-channel, or putting music on, turning on all the lights, letting his sister make a racket near him, etc. Or, as a last resort, waking him up, but then asking him if he wants to sleep more (the answer is always yes) and then saying okay and going away. He'll always get up eventually, he just needs some time to adjust and it needs to be essentially of his own volition. It works like a charm for us. We still have the problem of the brief car nap that makes him not want his regular nap but does not actually provide any rest.


I have been reading your blog since becoming a mother myself (my oldest is right around Ike's age) and never commented, but this post cracked me up. Seriously. I love your blog. And love hearing about your boys. I hope this nap mess works itself out.


Does his daycare have a longer day option? We have found it to be well worth the extra money (if you can afford it) to have our kiddo nap at daycare with all of the other kids. No more 10 minute car nap, that was the worst!


This. I soooo sympathize! I STILL have to roll the windows down and screech pop songs to keep my 4.5 yr old awake lest she fall asleep for 20 seconds and turn into a crying angry mess when I wake her up. Nightmare. My mom didn't believe me until she witnessed this first hand and was like - um. Ok. Yes you are right, she is a total nightmare if you wake her up. Sorry!
Anyway I'm sure The Internet has already given all the advice, so I'll save you from mine. Just remember that by the time you find a happy solution, he'll grow and change and it'll all start again! Joy! :-)


What did you do?


I went through something similar with my oldest. The quiet time on the couch that someone else suggested helped for a while. What ultimately ended up happening is that mine stopped sleeping at night too. It turns out he was kind of over the crib and all was magically fixed (including the nap) by transitioning him to a bed. I dunno, man I never would have guessed that was a solution to the nap strike but it ended up working so what.ever.


When my kid was doing something similar, I paid attention to his sleep cycle pattern. When he came up to light sleep, I ran in and said, "Yay, you're awake!" It's somewhere around 45 mins a cycle for most kids and depending on time of day, wake him up after one or two of them.

Cait B.

I'm still preggo so no practical advice but I second (or by this point, 12th) the not waking a sleeping bear camp. I have always hated waking up to anything at all and am an unreasonable itch-bay if I get up and am expected to do things within the first 15 30 minutes after.

And I'm 27...but I have always been that type of waker, I never could go from sleep to wake and fnction without down time in between. A possible suggestion, when waking Ike up do it gently and then offer him 15, 10 and then 5 minute intervals in between. Like wake him up but say "would you like to lay down for 15 more minutes?" If/when he says yes leave his ass alone and then come back and ask if he wants to get up or if he wants 10 more minutes, then do one last one at 5 minutes.

I am not sure that developmentally Ike can make that choice yet (this comes from my experience with me and others who were about a the 4-5 yr old level but had similar f-waking up attitudes) but it might be worth a shot if you are set on waking him up.


Mine stopped napping at 2. Just quit. I cried. Then I just moved her bedtime up a few hours and she slept about 14 hrs a night. She had boundless energy during the day.

Wally Hartshorn

+1 for using the phrase "baby flying spaghetti monster". :-)


Could the babysitter come back and stay at the house with Ike while you go pick up the others? Or could she pick up the others while you stay home? Just thinking of ways to avoid putting Ike in the car at that time.

Cheryl S.

Let him sleep. If he's really out, could you change his diaper before you go to bed without him waking up?


That's a toughie. I would delay his start of naptime and wake him to do pick up around 4/4:30 and just put him in the car. That would let him slowly wake up. Maybe start nap at 2p and he won't fight it so much and stay up throughout nap time.


My advice is wing it until after "fall back" this weekend which messes with kids' sleep schedules all over the country. My now 13 yo gave up naps for me at 18 months, but always went to bed at a reasonable time. He would nap at daycare though, 4 days per week. My now 16 yo was a napper right up until kdgn. If it was 20 mins past nap time, just drive her around the block & she'd be out for 2-3 hours. Getting her to bed at a resaonable time was never easy. Now, when I go to bed, I say "Good night kids! You might want to think about going to bed yourselves!" The 16 yo is regularly up until after midnight, but still gets herself up for school on time in the morning & gets good grades, so whatever.


I don't want to be taking money out of your pocket, but does his school offer an "extended day" that includes lunch and nap? I know it sounds crazy to pay for that, but maybe the peer pressure of everyone else napping would make him nap too? And then you pick up a hopefully not crazy crabby hell demon beast on the way to reacquire more of the offspring?


I'm sorry, I stopped reading after you said Ike usually takes a 4-5 hour nap. And then goes to bed at a decent hour. What was the question? :-)


And we are about to change the clocks in the good direction, but somehow that will fuck things up, too.


I vote with the folks who suggest leaving him at school until after nap time, if you have that option.

Otherwise, I would let him fall asleep in the car on the way home at noon. Bring him in and put him on the couch to "rest" if he wakes up, OR bring your laptop with you, find a nice parking lot at a park and work while he naps in the back seat.

PS - I did alot of driving around with my son, who is now 7. He wound up being very good at the transfer from car to bed...


I've always been of the opinion that if the child is sleeping (barring any illness etc) let them sleep. If he is truly that tired then he needs it. Maybe he's going through a growth spurt or something....I'd double up on that diaper business and let him have at the zzzz's.....

My youngest (who is 7 yrs old now) STILL does the whole crankypants thing if you wake him up when he isn't ready (ie, on his own), if he falls asleep early, I just let him sleep. If he's hungry, he'll wake up on his own....and, unless he's sick, once he's out (no matter if it's early or latem for bedtime) he's out for the count.


I can't help you with the naps, but I have to say that my daughter's preschool totally potty-trained her. Completely. When she was 3.5. I hardly had to do anything. That alone was worth the cost.


This is Levi to a T. On school days its like he is too stimulated to sleep. Or on days we go to the zoo or anything extra fun. But if I go to the groc store later he falls asleep in car, so. He is a toot b I t will go to bed earlyish for him like 830. A couple times we let him sleep for a long time, woke him for a milk sippy but he wasn't really awake. I don't know. I kind of convince him that its mommy's work time since he is skipping nap, he has to play by himself. He does realize he is supposed to sleep, power struggle or something. I dont know what we are supposed to do. Make the sweet potato queens' chocolate stuff-have u tried that? And eat it all:) chocolate therapy is my favorite.


I would continue to try to get him to nap around 1:30 pm (noon may be a bit too early for him now) and if he refuses and falls asleep in the car later, I would try Option 2 BUT with the added advice that when you wake him you immediately shove some candy in his face and a sippy cup of ice water and plop him in front of his favorite TV show. (I recommend a package of Smarties, but grab anything that you feel comfy with that he will likely gobble down ... and for my kiddo it is Team Umizoomi or Jake and the Neverland Pirates that really gets him glued to the set). And yes, candy. Get his blood sugar up immediately and distract his little mind and see if that helps his cranky, hysterical, inconsolable asshole behavior after a short, late afternoon nap. I swear this approach has worked for me - and I promise I don't give my kids candy all day! I'm one of those never buy sweet cereal/never give juice or kool-aid or soda moms. For my son, after the 30 minute show and candy, he is good as new. And then onto the healthier eating and active, brain stimulating toddler lifestyle.


Melatonin! It's magic!

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