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how stupid am I that this just makes me want to find a musical charlie brown tree?
avery already dances like the twins in the special, so why not?


So we don't have a Charlie Brown tree, but we do have a animatronic Snoopy playing Schroeder's piano - plays the same music. The girls go crazy over it.

I love your white boys. I have two very white girls who dance similarly.

Heather (Laptops to Lullabies)

Adorabz. I love it when kids dance! Mine have zero rhythm, too.


the Halloween pajamas MAKE it

Chi Sherman

Oh man, that made me laugh. The look on Ike's face is priceless!


Awww! So cute! So big... I have been reading the archives, and they have grown up so much!

birdgal (another amy)

It's like Zah's calisthenics! The running in place! The jumping jacks! So, so cute. And my same age son has the same Captain America sneakers :).


Just made my day. Thank you for sharing this.


Ezra makes me smile so much! As does Ike, of course!


Between the dancing and the hair, Ezra looks like the MOST Seattleite hipster ever in the history of the Pacific Northwest and hipsterdom....but only in the very best way of course :)


I might want an Ike for Christmas. ..


Although Ike is probably the most authentically Charlie-Brownish I have to say that Zah's is my favorite. However, there is no way your boys are whiter than mine. He totally does the White Guy Overbite Dance to that I Like To Move It Move It song from Madagascar 3 all. day. long...Get's it from his father. I have plenty of rhythm in MY soul, yo.

Donna P

There is just too much Big Fun at your house. Can I come for the holidays?


Oh Ezra I want your moves.


My daughter (3) thinks Ezra is a "marvelous dancer" and wants him to come over for a dance party play date

I've told her she's too young to meet strangers off the internet.


For one brief moment, I thought that Ike was going to get full on James Brown with his bad self. He's holding back. I can tell. Born dancer. : )


Awesome. Just awesome. Also, we love that song. My 7yo asked to download Vince Guaraldi's Peanuts album onto our ipods so we could listen to it on the regular, so we're huge fans over here.


Those kids got mad skilz! :)


I am pretty sure they got each of those dance moves from the Charlie Brown movie. It honestly looked like they were trying to copy what each of the characters does in the dance party scene.


Ha ha, yes, I too love the Halloween pjs amongst the Christmas festivities;D


Awesome! We too have that tree within little arm's reach and hear that song 50+ times a day. Christmas memories in the making until the batteries run out.


1) your children and the best and adorable.

2) does it bother you the music cuts out RIGHT before the best/happiest/raging-est part!?!?! i only know how to describe it by saying "the piano slamming part" !?


Dude..if by being white, you mean channeling Mick Jagger, then yeah. Ezra is totally white.

I love how Ike's all, "I'm gettin down, I'm gettin down, Oh wait..something shiny."


Wait, no one is going to make a Steve Martin "I was born a poor, black child" The Jerk comment? No? Just me, I'm old...(p.s. Watch The Jerk, I promise I'm not making random racist comments but I'm saying this because if you haven't seen the movie it probably really sounds like that I SWEAR I'M NOT).
The fact that I don't have that tree hurts my feelings.


I think Ezra did a little Running Man move there for a moment.


SO CUTE. Love Ezra's Halloween pj's and Ike just wandering away.


This is wedding slideshow gold, you realize.

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