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Merry Belated Christmas. Here's a Crappy Numbered Listicle Post.

Last Minute DIY Holiday Decorating Tips

OH HI. Today is the first day of Christmas break. For my kids, anyway. I had to do some work this morning and left them somewhat unsupervised downstairs for an hour or so, figuring that breakfast and the glowing glowy glow of the iPad would keep them out of trouble. 

Y'all. It's going to be a long two weeks. 


The living room is covered with a rich, full pelt of Legos, stuffed animals, pillows and a pool floatie. You know, in case you wanna go swimming in those there hoard-piles.

(And yes. By all means, let's give these poor children some MORE TOYS.)


Sea of pillow forts, continued. The map pillows and Lord of the Rings DVD cases scattered around offer up some clues about the morning battle that raged here.

(And yes. It figures that we'd be the ones who could find a way to make the Charlie Brown Christmas tree look even more pathetic.) 


In the kitchen, we have the traditional holiday offerings of shoes, a package of naan and a half-eaten apple. As one does, in the fashion of the times.


Juice spills, cereal crumbs, makeshift highchair, ear muffs (?) and an overall sticky coating of grossness. 

So obviously, we're almost all set for the holidays. I just have to bake some cookies and cover that last clean corner of countertop with confectioners' sugar and eggshells, then sell the house as-is and never speak of it again. IT'S GONNA BE GREAT. 


Suzy Q

I love Ike's little innocent face amongst the chaos. Also, your naan bread reminded me to get some at the store.


<==== Hates holiday break AND trying to work from home. Luckily my hubby is deployed so it's just me and the 2 walking disasters. I can clean in the new year when I'm not working.


<==== Hates holiday break AND trying to work from home. Luckily my hubby is deployed so it's just me and the 2 walking disasters. I can clean in the new year when I'm not working.


Ike's face of "What?" in the first picture is priceless.


I get that you're showing us how crazy things are... but all I see is JOY! Merry Christmas!


Thank you for posting this...I have been so ashamed the last several days at the state of my house and I had to go to work today and was worrying about how I was leaving it this morning. This makes me feel so much better! Everything is not perfect and that is ok

Wally Hartshorn

This counts as a mess in your house? How quaint!

In our house, if we were to take "before" and "after" pics when embarking on a massive cleaning effort, these pics would be the "after". (I'm jealous.)


Is it weird that I spend a decent amount of time searching the pictures for the pool floaty? I still can't find it. Anyway, it's nice to know your house looks like mine. :)


Seeing your photos makes me feel better about my own cluttered house. Solidarity!


@Chelsea The pool floatie is the yellow rectangle-ish..thing. It's a foam backback from YMCA swim lessons and camp (that the boys haven't been to since summer and yet...there it is. In our living room for some reason.).

Sassy Apple

My house looks similar, but our crap is adult-size because we don't have children. BTW, are you aware of the slightly annoying Levi's ad that slides up and down your blog site?

Amy in StL

Please tell me about your stools! I need stools for my breakfast bar, but don't want to leave them there all the time and these look foldy. I have a suspicion they're from IKEA. Do tell....

Andrea R

Meh, it's still cleaner than my house. Hope Christmas was merry, and that no one stepped on one of the bajillion legos. In my house, we're still in the duplo stage, and I dread when my jellybean is older. She already leaves a mess of epic proportions in her tiny wake.

(By the way, leaving the comfort of lurkdom to say hello. Love your blog, totally with you on the subject of Invisible Authority Figures, omg it makes me nervous to make completely normal comments online. Also IKEA=love.)

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