In Which I'm Going To Make You All Totes Jelus Of My Toddler
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Those Moments Where You're Like, Yes, This. This Is Why.

I was still working upstairs when Jason brought Ezra home from school. 

"He's asking for you," Jason informed me with a smile. "He made you something."

I went downstairs to find Ezra nervously pacing the foyer. He was clutching a piece of brown construction paper and some beads strung on plastic lacing cord. He beamed when he saw me.

"I made you necklaces, Mommy! Now you will look so beautiful."

He handed me two necklaces. "This is your snow necklace," he explained, pointing at the one featuring shiny, metallic beads. "And this is your beach necklace," pointing to the other.

"Thank you, Ez! These are so perfect. I love them!"

(His sense of seasonal style was, in fact, oddly on point.)

He handed me the card. His name was on the front, next to a squiggly shape with two smaller shapes inside.

"I drew you a heart. And we're inside the heart. Because we're in love."

I tried not to die while I opened the card, which was filled with nothing but long wavy lines.

"Those are words," he said. "And they say I LOVE YOU MOMMY SO MUCH FOREVER."

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I was clearing the dinner table when Noah reached out from his chair to stop me.

"Wait, Mom! I want to give you a hug."

I know a good offer when I get one, so I put my plate down and wrapped my arms around him. He was on his knees and was slightly taller than when he stands, which is still pretty tall. He's up to my chest now. Hugging doesn't even require much bending over anymore.

"I love you, Mom."

"I love you too, buddy."

He pulled away and looked at me.

"Mom, will I still love you when I'm a grown-up?"

"Oh my goodness, I hope so!"

"I think I will. I think I will love you always."

He hugged me again. His serious face melted into a smile.

"It's a good thing I'll still love you, because I never want to break your heart."

(Too late, both of you! But in such a good way.)



Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, but this just made me tear up. Boys are the sweetest!


Beautiful. Love your kiddos. And score one for you. You made me cry. Again.


Tears. And unlike Jessica, I don't have pregnancy hormones to blame.


Way to go and make me cry into my coffee Amy.


Gah, this just made being 9 months pregnant worth it all over again. And we're having a boy, so your boys have just made me SO excited over the past few months. Thanks.


You're a lucky, lucky lady.


Gah. Crying.


Now I have to pretend that I have allergies or something and my eyes are burning - that's why they are tearing. Love boys, they can be the best snuggles in the universe.


In tears.

My 2 year old is just starting in with this emo-killer stuff. "I wuv you toooo much!" he says.

Merry Christmas, indeed. Savor it all. I hear they fall in love with tramps and move away eventually...but I am in denial.


Sniff. Lovely.


Crying at my desk at work. Sweet, sweet boys.


Oh, oh, oh! Cuteness :) my oh so very nearly 2yo gives 'cuggles' and I love them. Especially the ones he gives while I'm getting him dressed. Warm, snuggly toddler cuddles when he's only wearing a nappy. Love.
Anyways, clearly you're doing it right.
Merry Christmas xxx


Big ol' AHHHHHHH. Feels like I got hugged, too.


It appears to be raining on my face. Parenting: you're clearly doing it right. Carry on.


So sweet. Thanks for sharing. It is these little moments that do make it worth it.


Excuse me while I try to put my ovaries back where they belong, seeing as how they just had to jump out to scream at me to have some babies already.

Plano Mom

Love, Love, LOVE. Just FYI, I have my office covered in love notes from my son. I consider it far more accurate a portrait of my success in life than degrees and certifications.

Leigh Ann

So much love that I never realized I could feel.


OMG...I'm now weeping at my desk. I need to write these moments down with my own boys, too, you know, for days I feel like jumping out a window because they're possessed. Thanks for sharing. :)


Ezra and Noah, you just made me cry at work. Good job you guys!

Jen L.

OH MY GAWD! Such sweet peas!!!! Proves you're doing this mom thang right. :)


Geez, pass the tissues man! *sniff* Happy Christmas to your family!


Just stop!! *melt*

Ha ha I hope you share your blog with your boys one day and tell them that they made 100s of women tear up by their sweetness.


OMG STAHP. Tears! So sweet. :) <3


We have a two year old daughter and are expecting a little boy in April, to be named Noah. This post made my cry for real - thanks for sharing such sweet moments.


totes jelus


Yep. Totally bawling. Especially since my 2 yr old is in a huge daddy-only phase. Gah!!! Good job on those boys Mama. :)


Totally made me tear up. What sweet boys!


Lovely and amazing.

birdgal (another amy)

Dead. I am dead, my heart has melted.


Omggg so sweet


Tearing up at my desk here at work! Adorable. Thank you so much for sharing part of their lives with us on your blog.


all of the above!


So glad I'm not the only one who got teary. Such sweet, sweet boys.


Got teary. My buddy (Ike's age)is being such a pill, saying "no" to everthing. I want my sweet boy back...or atleast borrow one of yours for a quick hug.


Too totally adorable. I'm so glad I have a boy, they are the sweetest things in the universe. (But I'm glad I have a girl too ... she's pretty darn sweet even if, at age 2, she can read me like an open book.)

Dana @momsieblog

Oh man. I have been reading your blog avidly for years now, and this post... ? Just wonderful. I have two small boys and your words are perfect and true. Thank you.


Save this for when they are teenagers and break your heart on a daily basis. Made me cry, this was so sweet of both of your boys!

Cheryl S.



So sweet.


Oh man. Swoon. Perfect.


I heart them boys. For sure I do.


Yeah...sooo...Crying at work...Thanks! :) I can only hope I can pull off this parenting thing as well as you do. Merry Christmas!


This is heart melting and completely made my day but I'm still dying to know… did you ever find Grover?!


So I almost managed not to cry until I then imagined my 1 year old saying something like that to me...congratulations on making them feel loved and happy. You're a great mom!


These are the reasons we become parents. *sniff*

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