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Kids Are Weird, But So Am I

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This post is sponsored by Chronicle Books. 


Here's a little bonus protip from me, professional blooper booger blogger, about the proper way to reply to a sponsored post proposal.

When asked if I'd be interested in writing a post about Jeffrey Brown's Kids Are Weird, I had some kind of weird initial fangirl brain moment and without thinking, responded with an all caps "NO WAY!"

Two minutes later I followed up with a clarification that I meant "NO WAY!" in like, an excited way? Like Elaine from Seinfeld screaming "GET OUT!" at people? I meant "yes, count me in" but for some reason decided to scream words that meant the exact opposite of that? 

Luckily, they were able to translate and understood that I would be thrilled to put my Clearly Excellent Writing Skills and Superior Way With Words to work on behalf of Kids Are Weird

We own a bunch of Brown's other books, for reasons that I'm sure will baffle and astound you: Darth Vader and Son, Vader's Little Princess and Star Wars Jedi Academy.

(cough NERDS cough)

I bought the last title for Noah in the San Diego airport after my recent trip there, and then worried the whole way home that he'd be bummed that I got him a book instead of a toy. (Ike got a Big Bird; Ezra got an Ugly Doll dressed as Superman.) It's a comic novel — his favorite — but still. Book. Looooong chapter book book booooook. 

I didn't need to worry. He loved it, stayed up all night to read it cover to cover, and spent the next few weeks furiously writing and drawing a sequel.

Noah's comic

(I will have to get back to you on what's going on here, exactly.)

So Kids Are Weird arrived a few days later, and while these semi-autobiographical comics about his son are aimed squarely at parents — or anyone who's ever had to deal with a small, newly verbal human — my kids immediately recognized the drawing style and claimed the book as their own.

"Why is it called Kids Are Weird?" Noah asked. "We're not weird."

"He means it in like, a nice way. A funny way." I explained. "Also, sorry, but you are pretty weird."

It was awhile before they actually let me read the book, which is very funny also (WAIT FOR IT) very weird (I WRITE REAL GUD), because several of the vignettes have played out almost word-for-word in our house, exactly.

In particular, has anyone else had to fight back an attack of the giggles while your 3-year-old rages over something completely ridiculous, which only further infuriates them, and then they yell, "DON'T FEEL HAPPY AT ME!" and it's all you can do to not completely crack up?

Feel happy at me


I have three Jeffrey Brown prize packs to give away. Each pack contains a copy of Darth Vader and Son, Vader's Little Princess and Kids Are Weird with a signed bookplate. Yay! Just comment on this post — tell me something weird! I'll go first! before my kids vomit they always yell "MOM I NEED TO GO BLEH" first! — and I'll randomly select three winners next week, on April 15th. Please use a valid email, it won't be displayed, just need a way to contact you directly, blah de blah, etc. 

That signed book, by the way, might be a bigger deal than you intially think. Noah is quite adamant that the little boy in Kids Are Weird is NOT really named Oscar, despite what the text says. He's Luke Skywalker, from the Jedi Academy book. It's like a prequel of his preschooler years, in real life. 

That means, according to Noah, that Oscar's real father — aka Jeffrey Brown — is actually Darth Vader. Think about it. BOOM. 



My son is one and a half, so I'm just entering the really weird years. His current weirdest trait is his desire to sleep with 87 books in his crib. It does not look comfortable, but...whatever, kid. There is a stuffed animal or seven in there as well.


Every night when we sit down to dinner Michael yells "I have to go potty." Even if we make him go to the bathroom before.

Erin Withans

When I was little, I demanded "one each hand" for everything - two of whatever it was. Toys? One each hand! Coins? One each hand! Cookies? One each hand!

So for cookies, my parents would just break one in half and give me two halves, and I'd be happy as a clam.


My 5 month old daughter, Juliet, will be having a meltdown with real tears and in the middle of it try and blow raspberries at the same time as she is crying.


My 8 year old has always declared that "I just love Beavers!" everytime we go to the zoo!
I want to make a shirt for the hub to wear!


My son and daughter both let me know when they've had very minor poop accidents by announcing "Mom, I had a sloppy toot!"


I don't have kids but I do daycare and yes, kids are weird. One of the weirdest was when I was driving my nephews home from an auntie date, I took a route different than they were used to going. My eldest nephew began to cry and said, "if you would tell me where we are going, then I will know!"


Every night before bed, my daughter HAS to say "Don't shut my door super super tight and tell Daddy to take me to the potty in the middle of the night." Her door does not shut properly (old house) and she freaks out when my husband tries to take her potty, so he doesn't do it. But, if you leave the room before she says it, she will yell until you come back and she can.


My almost-7yo hates the word "drain"--if she's done with her bath and we have to let the water out, we have to say "the d-word"


Not sure this is weird or not, but my 1 year old just learned to say "What" which sounds like the annoyed, EXCUSE ME? WHAT?, with a heavy emphasis on the T. My MIL is a native Spanish speaker and she kept thinking last weekend that my daughter was correcting her English by dryly saying, "WHAAATT."


Glad we're past this, but when my 5-year old was potty-training, he would sneak into the dog's crate to poop ON HIMSELF in his underwear or go crouch in a corner instead of pooping in the DREADED toilet! Anyone who chooses to poop on himself is weird.

Jenny H.

The pressure. The pressure! My boys are always doing/saying off the wall things, and now that I HAVE to think of something, I can't! Okay, got one.

My oldest son(Aidan, he's 10 and has Autism) likes to whip up gourmet lunches whilst at school. Using whatever ingredients he has for lunch that day(like an elementary school version of Chopped!). The latest involved oj,potatoes, broccoli and I think ham. He loves it, however some children think it's weird to mix it all together. As long as he's eating, who cares?!


My 2.25 age son calls every bird he sees 'duck', every food in the world 'snack' and every liquid 'juice'. Yes, he's just a hair speech-delayed. That's all I got!


I just taught my 2-year old to pee standing up so that he doesn't freak out about the big potties in restaurants. Instead we just go outside. Last night he stood in the doorway of the driver's seat and peed in the parking lot.


My niece is over 30 and still needs to eat food on a plate with partitions so they don't touch.


"don't wipe your butt with a book!"


My husband and I are currently working on a kid so no weird stories (maybe next year?). But I feel like he would flip over these books. Which might be weird in and of itself. So there you go.

Tory VH

My 2 1/2 year old son refers to himself and my husband as the "petey boys" since they both have "peteys". He'll walk around saying, "I'm a petey boy, not you, mom!"


My three year old called nipples "nibbles"! He's 4 now and doesn't do that, but it was the best.
He very much was obsessed with The Hulk's huge "nibbles"!


We love these books!

We tell my son "Don't blow bubbles, Luke" almost every day. Someone once asked me if his name was Luke.

It isn't.

Weird stuff from my kid? He carried around a cork trivet for several months, and called it his quita (which we eventually figured out was mariquita, which is ladybug in Spanish). Kid was 2 at the time. Weird, I tell you.


When my 3 year old gets mad at us, she yells "I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!" at us…it is ridiculously hard not to laugh at that!

Jessica V.

My 5 year old recently declared his desire to marry his grandma and, when told by his teacher that you can't marry someone in your family, replied with " mom and dad got married!" And this was delivered with a side of "DUH!"

Kids are totally weird!


my daughter calls swimming suits "swimming suit cases" and wearing her socks as "gloves" on her hands (preferably only after she has been wearing said socks all day and they stink to high holy heaven).

she also sleeps in a cowboy hat, but i think the rest of us are weird for NOT doing that.


Oh, my husband and I would love this. We have Vader's Little Princess and gave out copies like candy to all of our friends with daughters at Christmas, but we have not yet collected the other books. And the something weird? I caught myself explaining to the two year old that "Boogers are not food" and then marveled at what life choices I made that would ever have me uttering that sentence.

Laura Lou

When my now 7 year old was 3, he never said "me too". He always said "me three" because he was three, not two.


I love books! My 8 year old will be like Noah - she'll read it and say, "Mom, we're not weird!"

My kids do a lot of weird stuff, but of course, I can't think of anything but funny things they say, like "glubs" instead of "gloves."

Oh wait! My 5 year old will yell "WHAT" to us when she needs clarification or doesn't know the answer. It's pretty funny!

I hope I'm still qualified!


My favorite thing my 4 year old daughter does, is when she complains that no one ever buys toys for her (which is SO NOT THE CASE) she yells "THEN I DON'T WANT A TOY EVER AGAIN!" and I'm all SOUNDS GOOD, LADY.


I tried so hard to get my son attached to a stuffed animal when we moved him from our room to his. Six months later, he finally attaches - to his water cup. He won't go to bed without it, and hugs it all night long. He also can pee like no child I've ever seen. He can pee through a disposable diaper in 30 minutes flat. I change him more now than I did when he was a newborn!


My daughter is 3. She likes to pretend she is different characters from TV. Not princesses or main characters. Mr. McFeely, the delivery man from Daniel tiger. Professor Scrooge McDuck. Professor Inking from Octonauts. Yeye, the grandpa from Kai-Lan. Grandperre, the grandfather from Daniel Tiger. And my husband has to be a character from whatever show she is into that day. Currently he is Music Man Stan from Daniel Tiger. And this isn't just during play. We have to call her by the correct name. She gets very upset if we don't. Even in public.


My nearly-2-year old daughter has been going around the house the last few days singing "Happy Birthday to myself". I guess she's just getting ready for her birthday, which is next month. Kids are weird and also very funny.


My 2 year old son Henry is currently yelling "Mommy mean Henry" because I won't let him get cleaning spray out from under the sink and spray the floor and wipe it up (without supervision).

Also, he has to wear the cape from his superman shirt tucked into his superman underroos. Not weird, because I would too if I had them. And the Superman underroos that I bought for dad so they could match also came with a cape. You can buy anything online.


My almost 2 year old daughter has a bad cold, but apparently either can't sneeze or doesn't want to sneeze the snot out of her nose. So she blows raspberries with her mouth instead. In further weird news, her brother, age 4, will not sleep in his bed but insists on curling up in his comforter on the floor. His bed is a mattress on the floor. It's six inches, dude.


Every once in a while our daughter will say something unintentionally hilarious, and then when we laugh she files it away as a joke to use later. As a result, she thinks the two funniest jokes in the world are "Neck Geck" and "Are you suspicious?"

Kim Q

My daughter has a "good night light" by her bed. It turns into a blue moon when it is bedtime, and an orange sun when it is (an allowable) wake up time. Yesterday about 15 minutes before it would have turned to a sun, I heard my daughter (3) yelling. I went in there, and she popped up telling me, "It wouldn't turn orange, I tried and tried, but it wouldn't turn orange." Ha! Maybe not weird, but the only thing I could think of when put on the spot. :)

Anne m.

My 2.5 doesn't talk yet but he still do weird stuff. Every time the bathroom's door items, he had to rub and get his little cars to give them a bath in the sink and put them after in a dry washcloth so they can sleep :) also, my husband is known as Darth Vader to family and friends :)


We have Vader's Little Princess - got it for the hubs for Father's Day last year and it was immediately claimed by my daughter and It. Is. The. Favorite. Book. Ever.
My 4 year old alternates between 'Waaah!' for being denied something with 'Not ever?' Also in pretend play where everything is prefaced by 'Pretend....'. Stop pretending, just go already.


My son is Ike's age and I am always biting my cheek as he flips out about the silliest thing. Better than crying myself! :-)


I had to use the restroom at target, as I was sitting there my daughter grabs my hands and starts serenading me with john legends "all of me". She is also very fond if telling people she that she just " took a man poop".


i dont have any kids (yet) but last week i was both laughing and crying hysterically at the same time... weird.


Play napping. My boys love to play 'nap time' but hate actual nap time. I don't get it!


My granddaughter (now 7) says "Quit it out!" instead of "Quit" or "Cut it out." Also, she quite frequently gets spontaneous nosebleeds, usually in the middle of the night. Yesterday she found a tiny red fuzzy pompom (the size of a marble), stuck it in her nose and came and told me she had a nosebleed. When I questioned it, she said "Is it too late for you to be an April Fool?"


I have two boys. Weird is our word for life. The most recent weird thing is when my youngest is angry he tells us "I'm not happy!" or that a certain thing"is not making me happy" as if we are here just to keep him happy. Kids. Ugh.

Heidi T

Ooh, mine is vomit related too. My daughter when she was little used to say, "I spilled" every time she vomited.


I just love books like this - the fun part of parenthood! So, my son loves to slurp down the organic gerber fruit/veggie pouches like they are going out of style. He calls them "babies" because it depicts the Gerber baby on the package. Of course, I never want anyone to misunderstand, and that we truly do not eat.... babies.


A couple of years ago, my then five year old daughter wanted a baby sister. So she told me to get married.
"I'm already married to Daddy."
"I know. But the song says 'first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby with a baby carriage.' You did that once and got me. Now, you need to do it again."
I wish I could say she is always an ardent "rule" follower..


My 4.5 son is a big Darth Vader fan, he uses "the forrest" all the time.

Also, yesterday, he was mad at me and screamed "YOU'RE NOT LETTING ME MAKE ANY DECISIONS"


It takes longer for my children to find a book they want to read while pooping then to actually poop. And they have to get a book to "red flag" every time.


My 6 year old dips everything in cinnamon applesauce and eats it. Chicken, vegetables, chips, etc.


Baby is still internal but by far the weirdest thing he does is, for lack of a better description, burrow into me. This is how I imagine this. Ya know when you get under the blankets in bed and the pillow are all arranged just right and you just have to kind of wiggle yourself into comfort? That's what it feels like this kid is doing to my insides. It's really odd but both hubby and I are burrowers so I guess he comes by it naturally


My 4 year old calls motorcycles "Murder-cycles". Ironic, yes? Thanks for the giveaway! I think my husband would be more excited for these than my kids!


OMG me! Pick me! Pretty please! My very-nearly-almost 3 year old son is so weird that I really need this book so I can see this his weirdness is...not that weird?

Case in point: in the middle of the night if he wakes up he asks me to give him a "chest bump" instead of a kiss to make him feel better. Needless to say, it is nerve-rattling for someone to be screaming CHEST BUMP! CHEST BUMP! at you at 3 in the morning.


Is it possible to have a broken wrist/thumb/hand and not know it? Because OW.

Weird thing--when my baby sister was a baby, she didn't want me to leave one day, and she was sobbing her little heart out, with her hand in her mouth. She pulled her hand out of her mouth, and there was such an incredibly long strand of drool attached that it distracted her from crying. Gross. Yet adorable.


Whenever we ask our 16-month-old daughter to smile, she grabs her face and pulls down on her cheeks until she looks like Lon Chaney in "The Phantom of the Opera."


We keep asking my 2-year-old to say certain words to help with her vocabulary. Because we are good parents, damn it! Vocabulary! But now anytime we say a word that sounds new to her, just in conversation, she rattles off "I cannot say (word you just said)." Then she gets mad when we smile/giggle because, you know, she just said the word she claimed to not be able to say.


My four year old is super in to music, and likes to listen to songs over and over again until he knows all the words. The Ramones were his first favorite. Then, my husband decided to introduce him to Starship and the glory of "We Built This City." I work for a construction company, so he told him the song is about Mom's work, and that we sing it all day long. Now, if conversation lulls in the car, he will quietly sing "It's just another Sunday..." He honestly knows ALL THE WORDS. He's working on dance moves. It's hilarious.


I have a 3 and 4 year old girl. The 3 year old insists on sleeping with all kinds of weird things: rubber crocodile she found on a hike being the most recent (don't worry I soaked that sucker in bleach for a good long time first).
The 4 year old's newest trick is to ask for anything she wants by stating "I saw on the news..." followed by "I need cookies instead of fruit."


My 18 month old likes to walk around naked smacking his bum cheeks yelling "BUM BUM". Why, yes. Yes it is.

Angie Rogers-Howell

When my 10 year old was 4, he used to call Palm Trees "Pom Pom Trees". I never did correct him because it was so stinking cute. He outgrew it and that makes me sad. Mainly because he's 10 now and now us parents are obviously the dumbest people on the planet, duh :-(

I also have an almost 3 year old grandson (I have a crazy family). The other day he was asking me "Nonnie, where's the Weepad?" I couldn't figure out what in the heck he was saying so I asked him to show it to me. He looked at me and rolled his eyes and said, "Nonnie... I don't know where it is! That's why I'm asking you for it!" The "duh" was implied there too :-)


My kiddo had to do breathing treatments. He hated the fish mask. So, one day after he had suffered an appropriate amount, I took the mask off him. He grabbed the mask, put it back on, and started to cry again. He did not feel that he had suffered enough so he corrected that.


My kiddo had to do breathing treatments. He hated the fish mask. So, one day after he had suffered an appropriate amount, I took the mask off him. He grabbed the mask, put it back on, and started to cry again. He did not feel that he had suffered enough so he corrected that.


My kids were talking about the black spot in the middle of their eyes. My 7-year-old authoritatively said to her younger brother, "That part is called pimples." And he yelled back, "No, they're called nipples!"

Liz K

My kids like us to tell them stories about flushing fish down the toilet before bed. I can't even explain why or how it started. We've never ha a fish and have never flushed any.


Lately my son has been wearing all his clothes backwards for no apparent reason.

Kim Kas

Last night, my 4 year old was sitting on the potty and the cat came in the bathroom. I heard her yelling at him that he needed to get out and that she didn't love him anymore. Then I hear her crying. So I go ask her what all the fuss is about, and she says, "I just miss Boopie [the cat] so much." WTH?


My daughter is almost 3 and LOVES to talk about her buttcrack. After a weekend of engaging her in talks about her buttcrack and laughing, I had to confirm with her that she understood we don't talk about our buttcracks unless we are 1) at home and 2) mommy/daddy is there. Can't have her going to school and telling her teacher about her buttcrack. Later the next week while staying with my sister for the evening, she emphatically told my sister that "We talk about buttcracks at our house" and walked away.

Kids are weird!


This last weekend I was reading a book about the human body to my kids when my daughter (3) started insisting that she had broken her skull once upon a time. My son (7) started insisting that she had done no such thing (which was true; pretty sure that would have involved a hospital visit) and they started *arguing* about this, and when I shushed them, my son flopped down dramatically on the bed, heaved an enormous sigh, and declared "it's just SO HARD to live with someone who doesn't understand SCIENCE!"

I laughed so hard -- internally because they both would have been offended -- that I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle.


We have a little one on the way, so weird voyage ahead! For right now I get plenty of weird with the kids I teach. One little girl (7yrs) told me she can watch PG13 movies because her mom used to be a sailor and uses the same words as they do in the movie, so it is no big deal!


My daughter is 21 months and currently will only eat "ya-ya" (cereal). Nothing else will do!


We grownups were eating some kind of chips in the livingroom, kids were in a different room. My 7-y old comes in and sees the almost empty bowl and cries out: "You ate it all and didn't leave me anything!!!" (pause) "I don't even like those!!!" Poor,(doubly) misunderstood kid. :)


My 3 year old has to wear underwear with the princesses face on it. And it has to match some other item of clothing. If she's wearing belle she needs yellow in her clothes somewhere! And I can not help her find the match!! Picking out clothes takes forever!


Despite two lovely beds complete with mattresses and everything, one daughter sleeps on a dog bed and the other on the floor of her closet. Weird, weird, weeeeeirdos. I blame my husband.


My son called pizza "doppy" for years for reasons still unbeknownst to anyone. Least of all to him.

Katie R

My son likes to tip his toy lawn mower over and use it like a recliner while watching his morning shows. Also, he was just yelling for a cracker at lunch because he completely forgot he had one in his right hand. Kids ARE weird but awesome


My son will be 3 in July and I'm having a baby in less than a week (possibly a day or two if this fun early labor keeps up). A month or so ago he kept saying "First the baby will come out" and he'd clap his hands, "and then I'm gonna scrunch it" and he'd make a gesture like crumpling a piece of paper.

No idea where that came from.


For the longest time my youngest (now 6) couldn't say my full name. Melissa Anne Anderson - she would always say Melissa Annnderson...she could not get her brain around both middle and last An sounds...hilarious. She figured it out now though, boo.


I was nursing my youngest one day while keeping my niece, who is three. I'm pretty large chested (and my SIL is not). My niece was watching intently and yelled out, "Wow Aunt Kelly! You have awesome ninnies!"


When my son was small, I took him into the dressing room with me. As I was changing he asked in a VERY loud voice, "Mom! Why does your bottom have a beard?!"

Leslie M

Anything that is sweet is "honey", according to my 2YO: jelly beans = honey beans, etc. Maybe not exactly weird, but it sure is cute!


My 4.5-year-old daughter likes wearing knee socks pulled up over her leggings. Her twin brother's current favorite way to play dress-up is to put on his Buzz Lightyear costume and add his snow boots, on the wrong feet, because "that's how monsters wear them." My youngest is 11 months and not that weird YET, except that he prefers eating his socks to wearing them.


Our pediatrician seemed to think the term "rage poop" was useful when we tried to explain about our kids as babies. I was surprised he hadn't heard that phrase before.


My daughter paused, mid-tantrum, last week to point out that the child-proof latch on the cabinet in the kitchen with all the poison in it wasn't engaged. She's all of 19 months old. And she was so serious about it!

WAAAAAAHHHH!!! "Umm, don't you think you need to clip this back on?" WWWAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

Mandy Garcia

My three-year-old daughter says that i get to wipe her poo and she wipes her pee. Also when she goes to the bathroom and is finished she yells 'I went poo-pee.' and to the uninitiated sounds like poopy.


My five year old daughter was crying about something, and all of a sudden stopped and stated, "cry is tricky because it sounds like it starts with a K but it's really a C." And then she started crying again.


Oh, we LOVE his books, but we only have The Vader & Son & Jedi Academy one. My son is weird all the time, so it's hard to pinpoint one instance, but perhaps his ongoing work on a screen play he calls "Outside the Darkness" (copyrighted!) about vampires and witches and space monsters will suffice. He's 6. He's been working on this for at least 6 months. It shall be his opus.


"Mommy, mommy! Come here, come here! Look at my crack house!" says my 3 year old while showing me the house he drew on the drawing board. A house with a crack in the middle of it....


Maren, my five year old, will spend all day carefully building a fortune. It's actually a fort and I have repeatedly explained the difference, but in her words, "a good fortune is WORTH a fortune, so I'm gonna call it a fortune." I can't even really follow that.


There is a fluffy squishy stuffed sheep in my house. For some insane reason every single child that enters my house decides this one sheep, in particular, needs to be worn as a hat. Kids ranging in age from 2 to 16, most of whom have never met each other.. .they come from different states etc. I cannot explain this phenomenon, the sheep certainly has no immediately apparent hat-like quality, but somehow it speaks a language only those under 18 can understand.


The other day I walked in on my 5 year old and 2 year old pointing at each other and concentrating furiously.

Turns out they'd had a fight and were trying to use the force to choke each other, Vader school of management style.

But hey, at least no one got hurt!

Amy Jo

My daughter must always quantify how much she loves someone. Alway. And the math is never logical.


I'd love to get these for my brother and sis-in-law who have a 18 month old who is just entering the weird phases. Right now, it is sleeping on top of anything in her crib (all of the stuffed animals)and frequently books too. Can't be comfortable.


My recently potty trained 3 year old was using his potty while my husband was peeing in the toilet. My son exclaims, "Whoa papa, that's a BIG penis!" I still can't stop laughing!


Years ago when my 3-year-old son saw me breastfeeding his newborn sister, he asked what she was doing. I told him she was drinking milk. He thought about this for a minute, then asked me, "Does the other one give her water?"


Ooh! We have one of his books, and it is great!

My kid is weird because I can just look at him first thing in the morning, and he says "stop it!"

Kelly T

We have boys (6.5 & 3.5) so yeah. Weirdness.

My oldest will.not. sleep with the flat sheet on his body. I pull it up everyday, and every night... he shoves it down with his feet.

He is also in LOVE with Star Wars Jedi Academy and would flip over the other books.


After he poops, my 3 year old insists on staring into the toilet to analyze (and tell us) the size, shape, and color of his poop. He will not flush (or let us flush) until he is done looking at it.


My 4 yr old and 18mo old both request that we "floosh" them when we put them to bed. Floosh is the sound made when you fluff the covers. Also, my 4yr old's favorite blanket is his "white mimi" which is baby blue and he will tell you the color is blue if you ask. It has a coldie side and a warmie side (satin side and fuzzy side)! Kids are so weird!


Recently during a shopping trip my 4 year old ran up to a lingerie clad mannequin, grabbed her hand and declared, "I'm going to marry you!".

I have 3 boys too! So crazy and so much fun.


Something weird: When I send Daughter 1 to time out for hitting Daughter 2, Daughter 2 inevitably joins her in time out. Because she can't stand to be away from her. Even though she hits.

Pam @ Hip to be a Square

My son used to call grapes "beeps", and we still call them that even now that he's 10.

Also, my entire family is prone to busting a move in the grocery store if a good song comes on while we're shopping. #howweroll


I was visiting my best friend when her son was almost three and her daughter was maybe six months old. We were eating pizza for dinner, and her son Henry said to me, after his mom poured him a drink, "I have orange juice." So I replied, "You are very lucky to have such a nice mommy." For the entire rest of my stay, every once in a while, he would look at me and say, "Henry's lucky." But always with a little touch of concern in his eyes, like I was going to take him away if he neglected to remember that. I love that kid!

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