Ikeness Interlude
Kids Are Weird, But So Am I



Well, now...that's interesting. I would have thought for sure that Loki had a penis.


Oh god. I really hope elmo doesn't have a penis. lol


I know a lot of girls that are going to be very sad to hear that Loki doesn't have a penis, that's like millions of hopes dashed in seconds


I read this as "have pens/do not have pens" at first and I was a little confused ...

Rachel Newton

You keep telling yourself that he's 2.5, even though I believe that boy is two months away from a birthday. ; )


Yeah, I'm going to have to challenge him on Elmo. Loki I don't mind;).


I love that he has singled Loki out. I cannot fathom Elmo.


I worry about your google search results & the ads that appear with posts that have penis


My youngest (3 1/2) son refuses to believe I don't have a penis, says mom has a "secret penis" and YES he has told people about "it". :)

Mom in Two Cultures

I totally thought that said "pens."

Sue C

LOL! All according to your own perspective!

Suzy Q



Cece's comment about her son telling people about her secret penis. HAHAHHHAAA. That kind of made my day.

Korinthia Klein

I also read it as Pens. I'm sure you'll get by just fine without pens.


That would explain a lot about Loki's behavior - compensation :p

Is it possible he associates long hair with women and thinks Loki is a girl?

Also, I'm a little concerned about the type of google results having Elmo and penis in the same post is going to get...


Poor Loki. No wonder he's always so pissed about Thor. More muscles, more blond hair, more penis.


Does Tom Hiddleston know about this?


Lol this reminds me of the other day when my son asked if geese poop. Then he asked me of geese have penises.


Strangely, Ike is sort of right about Loki... In mythology, he can change forms. He has been female on numerous occasions. He has also given birth as female, as male, and as horse... Yeah, useless trivia!


I'm rather heartbroken about Loki. Also, am I the only who thought the 2.5 year old was Ezra? My mind refuses to let them grow up!


Read it as pens, too!


This should be a list on McSweeney's


Loki should have an asterisk by his name:



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