One Month From Three
Containment, Continued

A Cat & His Boy

Okay. So yeah.


This probably looks kinda bad.


Like he's got the poor cat in a chokehold.


Like the poor cat can't wait to get away from this grabby lunatic.

In reality, Max is just getting all the love he can get before Ike gets distracted by something else. 

And even then he's like, "It's okay. I'll just wait here. I love you too, Kid."

DISCLOSURE: This all happened on Wednesday. So here is what is happening right now, in real time:

Max 5214

sup ladiez. im snuggly and awesome. 



lus some kitteh snuggles here too!


Luv, not lus!


Oh, my grinchy little heart just grew.


Okay, I'm not a cat person, but I may become one now.

Also - my very favorite thing about this are the Ninjago guys in the background waiting to spring into action when needed.


Max nuzzled him! So sweet. I don't think I've ever met a cat that actually likes kids before.


Did you see the new hero in the upcoming star wars rebels cartoon will be named Ezra? My 5 yr old Ezra is REALLY excited about this development. :)

Emily in IL

my 3yr old just finally convinced the cat that her 'snuggles' weren't horrid...

Sarah @ TM2TS

Oh! The nuzzles! D'awww!


I loved that nuzzling by Max. My cat is finally tolerating my 2 year old and will sit on my 5 year old's lap. Progress!!!



moar max and ceibaaaaaaaaa

(yer kids are adorbs, don't get me wrong. but I love me some max and ceiba.)


So sweet!


My cat has decided that my oldest is his favorite. He's giving her all the snuggles now, and he sleeps curled up under her chin. She's had a tough year - recent ADD diagnosis - so my heart gets two blasts of warmth when I see them cuddled together and he gives me a sleepy yawn.


Yes, more Max and Ceiba!!



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