Note That I Still Technically Did Not Get Out of Bed Today, But Not Because I'm Sick. Just Lazy.
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Catch the Spirit

It's "Spirit Week" at Noah's school, during which each day is assigned a "theme" for the students to dress up for.

Spirit Week has never been Noah's jam, historically speaking. It brings out all kinds of nerves and rigidity in him. So we've never pushed him to participate. Crazy Hat Day? No, thank you. Wear Pajamas To School Day? OH GOD OH NO OH GOD STOP NO. NO

This year, though, he's been surprisingly flexible about it. He wore his school shirt on School Spirit Day. His football jersey on Sports Day. He even came up with his own take on Wacky Day that allowed him to technically participate without triggering his anxiety: He wore a pair of shorts that were one size too small.

"See, Mom?," he said proudly. "I look normal and like myself, but these shorts are a size seven. That's so silly. I'm so silly."

Today was Character Day. Dress up as your favorite character or hero from TV, movies, video games, books, etc. I figured Noah would prefer to sit this one out, since it veers so closely into full-on Halloween/costume territory. 

I figured wrong, as usual. 

Photo 1 (25)

He dressed up as — who else? — George Washington. 

If anyone needs me, I'll be dead. Because I died. Because of the awesome.

Okay, I am not actually dead (SPOILER), but I do need to go now because Noah's class is having a "Poetry Cafe" this afternoon that I shall attend. Noah will be reading an original poem out loud, possibly (according to whispers I overheard at the breakfast table) a poem he wrote about me for Mother's Day.

So if anyone needs me after that, yeah, I will DEFINITELY be dead. There's just no surviving that.



Sue W.

Geo the 1st would be proud! As soon as you said "Character Day", I knew what his choice would be. Can't wait to hear all about the original poem. When you come back from the dead, that is!


Okay, Noah's deep and unending love of George Washington just absolutely knocks me down. The kids are all right, you know?

Mom in Two Cultures

Still haven't successfully managed to get my kid to school with a hat on hat day, yet. He did, however, dress up at Mozart. So, there's that...No dead-composer-themed spirit days at our school, though.

Liz Tea Bee

How did you survive the too small shorts to even get to Character Day? He's too freaking cute.


SQUEEE!!! The adorableness! It burns!

Also, how far he's come. Also, look at him all insightful about himself!


I have a whole section of pants that are 1 size to small in my closet... Me wearing those is not quite the same though.

So, will you be zombie when you're back from the dead?


The next time I put on an outfit that feels 1 size too small,I will just tell myself that it is wacky spirit day! Thanks Noah/George!


That is so, so awesome. Good job, Noah! Good job, Mom!

Norma Mendoza

Noah really is something special Amy. Thanks for sharing little parts of his life with us.


Noah is indeed drop-dead awesome in his GW gear. Did you get the shirt at Mt. Vernon? I've never seen one like that - way cool. My kiddo would've liked it when he was Noah's age and into Liberty's Kids.

(Has Noah seen Liberty's Kids? cartoon set in colonial America. Real characters mixed with fictional ones. Also, hm, he might like Schoolhouse Rock history cartoons, and maybe Jean Fritz's small chapter books, with names like "Why Don't You Get a Horse, Sam Adams?")


OK, I had to go look it up - Jean Fritz's book about GW is called "George Washington's Breakfast."
A boy named George Washington Allen wants to learn all the facts about his namesake, including what he ate for breakfast.


Okay. That too small shorts idea is adorable and so out of the box creative. Talk about divergent thinking!


It's okay, I died to. That boy of yours (okay all those boys of yours) kill me


High Five to Noah!


OH, YEAH, you won't survive that poem reading... :-)


So very sweet! Would you please share the poem with us?


So. Much. Awesome. Go, Noah - I mean George

Suzy Q

Noah as GW just makes me happy. He's perfect!


PUH-LEASE tell me that you have some sort of documentation of the poem. Please.

jill (mrschaos)

That is so rad on so many levels. Love it.

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