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Containment, Continued

BUT FIRST, AN IMPORTANT WEEKEND UPDATE. Bubby got a new hat. It's a Yoda hat. THIS CONCLUDES THE IMPORTANT WEEKEND UPDATE. *** As previously mentioned, Ezra has five different loveys that he requires in order to sleep. That checklist, however, is NOTHING compared to Ike's bedtime demands: Little Elmo Big Elmo Little blanket Big blanket Big Bird Mister Carrot Super Broccoli Super Grover Regular Grover Wreck-It Ralph Da Hulk Kitty Cat Bunny Rabbit Red Baby Cookie Jamma (aka Cookie Monster) Ogga Gwouch (aka Oscar the Grouch) Ezra's Ball (aka Ike's Taggies Ball That Looks Just Like Ezra's Taggies Ball) Mister Pee Potty (aka a Mr. Peabody Happy Meal toy) Books More books Dat book Also dat book Nother book Not surprisingly, this is what the floor looks like in his room most of the time. And yes, posting this picture counts as my admission that yes, I still haven't moved Ike out of his crib yet. (Or gotten rid of the dust-gathering changing table and those bins full of retired diapering supplies, expired rash creams and broken Snappis.) The last time I made this very same admission was in JULY, at which point I was like, yeah yeah, we'll move... Read more →

A Cat & His Boy

Okay. So yeah. This probably looks kinda bad. Like he's got the poor cat in a chokehold. Like the poor cat can't wait to get away from this grabby lunatic. In reality, Max is just getting all the love he can get before Ike gets distracted by something else. And even then he's like, "It's okay. I'll just wait here. I love you too, Kid." DISCLOSURE: This all happened on Wednesday. So here is what is happening right now, in real time: sup ladiez. im snuggly and awesome. Read more →