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My kids’ childhoods are pretty well documented, thus far, obbbbbbviously. I’ve written about them, taken a million photos of them — practically daily, with that cavalier glee that comes with being able to fit thousands of photos on increasingly tiny sticks of memory. NEVER DELETE ANYTHING! WHO CARES! KEEP SNAPPING! Every camera I own shoots video as well, so instead of busting out the camcorder for special events, I have hundreds of tiny clips of tiny slices of their lives: somersaults on the couch, words cutely mangled by toddler tongues, someone slowly dozing off at the dinner table after a big day outside. Perfect.

And yet I’d be hard-pressed to find ANY of it, at any given time. I have both of Jason’s and my baby books stashed in the basement — if either of us want to know what our first word was or see what we looked like on our third birthdays, I could easily drag out the book and flip to the right page in a few minutes.

If my kids were to ever ask for that sort of thing, I’d be more like: Please hold. I have to think where I put that. Also maybe check Google?

It’s all crazy scattered and fragmented, across different sites and devices. There’s a lot of stuff here on the blog, but since I’ve never been really great about keeping things tagged, categorized or keyworded, tracking down specific events and milestones isn’t always that easy. I used Flickr for awhile and then stopped and then started again. I put a bunch of videos on Vimeo but might have also used YouTube once or twice. Creating their birthday montages takes at least two days of file-related preparation every year, since I consistently wait until the last minute to get all the footage off all our devices and onto my computer. There’s the messbomb of my neglected Facebook and a million Instagrams, plus God only knows all the photos on my hard drive and the hard drive I had before this one, and our home back-up server and the cloud and the list goes on and on and on.

It’s never been easier to obsessively document their lives, and it’s never been easier to be a complete half-assed mess about it.

When I was asked to write about — an online service that creates organized, interactive timelines/time capsules for your entire family — I was secretly kind of thinking that oh sure, that sounds great for someone just about to get married or have a baby, but man, it is too late for me. I will never find order in the digital chaos I’ve created.

Luckily, OneDay believed in me.  I mean, I’m sure they don’t just give this kind of encouragement to everybody:

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 9.37.17 AM

In about 20 minutes, I’d imported everything important from just about everywhere, and it was shockingly easy to start segmenting it up — birthdays, vacations, first days of school — assigning events to each kid, overlapping here and there. I now regularly spend a few minutes there each day, and I’ve already got Ike’s timeline almost completely up-to-date, going all the way back to my pregnancy photos.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 10.17.57 AM 

That right there is some deeply satisfying digital decluttering. Like reorganizing your junk drawer, only without having to vacuum those weird Mystery Crumbs from the corners.

You can also create time capsules for future events, like a note or video for your kid’s high school graduation, and integrate the timelines and contributions of your parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, etc. You know, if you want to go deeply next-level and be a total organized show-off.

(Bonus testimonial aside: While using the site, I was thunderstruck with the realization that I’d finally found the perfect destination for the massive pile of photos, clippings and other mementos of my father’s childhood and early life — a pile that’s been sitting in a box for several years now, waiting for me to organize, scan and preserve…somehow. That last bit always stymied me, because what to DO with all of it, once I’ve turned it all into bits of digital [yet deeply private and personal] ephemera? Put it on another hard drive? Back it up a million places and hope for the best? Burn it to a CD or thumb drive and then give out copies to everybody, like, here’s a bunch of files in no particular order, good luck finding that one wedding photo when they’re all named some variation of DS_SCAN000023897241.jpg and also DON’T EVER LOSE THIS OR LET THIS PARTICULAR TECHNOLOGY GO OBSOLETE? Nope, my next project will be to get everything on OneDay and then share the account with my mom and siblings, so they can add their own photos, videos and memories to the timeline, and then probably hail me as the conquering Internet hero for life.)

Check out and use the code Amalah to lock yourself in a free LIFETIME account (up to 25 GB). Woot!



I just started using this service and am stoked about it as well. The digital clutter with multiple children was at epic levels. Love that this makes me look like an online organizational wizard. Bonus: my kids miiiiight thank me later.


Hmm...I think I might have to try them out.
Ha ha, kudos you've done your job;D


Most useful sponsored post ever!




I loved this idea and clicked over to sign up right away. Unfortunately the last hour has been super frustrating. Not sure if their site is slow or if everyone at work is watching World Cup still and slowing it down but it's driving me nuts! I want to love it though cause it's a great idea. I'll keep trying...

Sue W.

Today, DayOne. Tomorrow SCRAPBOOKS!!


Slowness of the site is frustrating, but I'm assuming that'll be worked out soon - but also, where you do even enter the code? The difficulty (maybe it's just me) of finding this is making me feel derpy! Can anyone point me to the right place?


All the mom blogs I read feature the same things, same intro, same exact lead-in casual anecdote, then segue into the same sell for One Day or whatever the service is called - kind of wish they could organize the rollout a bit better so we weren't getting all the same stuff all the time everywhere. Kind of meh about the whole idea, just seems like more "stuff" to be doing and filling the day with.


OMG, thank you! This is the most helpful, timely sponsored post ever.


Thank you SO much for this! I too have had my parents' momentos (sp?) with no idea what to do with it but wanting to do SOMETHING. This will help me do that!


This is such a good idea! Usually I'm like meh, sponsored post. But not only is this useful, but it's also free?? I'm currently uploading thousands of photos, which took me about two seconds to get going, but understandably is taking longer to actually upload. If they did a big blog push today, I'm not surprised that the site is running slow while a bajillionbytes(that's the tech term, right?) are uploaded. I wonder when/where they plan on making money with this idea!

Julianne Winter

I just signed up for One Day! I just had a son last year in November and already I have pictures and videos everywhere, a baby book begun but no pictures in it yet, and a mess of photos printed out to eventually make it into said baby book. Plus, we are looking to have another child some time next year. Thank you for saving me from a mess of wonderful memories so that I can be a more organized Mom!!!


So... I like this service - but maybe i'm clueless? It says i'm signed up for the basic account, and I don't see where to put in the code to upgrade?


Well. My day just got better. *shudders at thought of losing photos. Again.*


I very nearly signed up - it sounds like a great idea - but the terms and conditions have me worried. 1) you promise to bind your estate and heirs to the T&C after you die. 2) They can change the terms at any time without notice so you are expected to review them every time you log in in case they've changed. 3) They have the right to publish (and edit) any of your stuff to promote their company, and to attach your name to it when they do.

1 and 2 I could live with. But 3 is a dealbreaker. The site is a great idea but it's not right for me in its current setup. If they developed some software that did the same thing but retained your privacy, I'd happily pay for it.


Excited to check this out. My laptop died last month with last year's pictures on it. Luckily they were able to retrieve them, but this taught me I need to have a cloud backup solution also. Thanks for the review!

Julie Franchetta

The promo code is on the sign up page right below where you enter your password beside the checkbox for terms and conditions. It reads Enter Code Here. I missed it also and I sent a customer service request to them and they said not to worry, that they will make sure that everyone that comes for Amalah gets the free upgrade.

Lesly @Mamasguide

This is so perfect! I'm seeing family this weekend for the fourth and we have probably 10,000 photos to organize. Signing everyone up and getting to work! Thank you :)

Anne S

Trusting one site with my memories is a bit beyond me. I've had three sites throw in the towel starting with aol home page, Kodak photo books and Sony, I've forgotten that name. Fortunately there was an option to create a CD, digital file or something before losing everything when they shut down. If OneDay offers something like this from the start I'm in. If not, I'm not willing to risk it.

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