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Back in May, we had another lovely family photo session with the lovely Wendy of Blue Lily Photography. Our shoot was in Rock Creek Park in the early evening, so we decided to head into the city a little early and get dinner at our favorite pizza spot. We all got dressed up, spruced up, and made it to the restaurant just in time to beat the dinner rush and snag a big table in the back.

As soon as we sat down, I surveyed my dapperly dressed offspring and was like, oh, shit


I'd had them all wear their nice collared shirts to dinner, and I'd brought zero back-up outfits in case of a spill or other disaster. And by "disaster," I mean "thing that basically happens every single meal of our lives, and is as predictable as the moon and the stars and U R AN IDIOT, AMY."

My children — Ezra and Ike in particular — rarely leave the dinner table looking like they need anything short of a good hosing off, or a go through the nearest carwash. They are messy, klutzy, dribbly eaters. 

Sure, the shirts were all just random things I'd grabbed at Old Navy that day so we could be somewhat coordinated without being too matchy, but they were clean shirts. Collared shirts. Which means they were fancy shirts.

And they were now in mortal tomato-sauce-related peril. What in the world had I been thinking?

(I'd probably been thinking about what the hell happened to all my lipsticks, since I could only find one to wear that day and it wasn't even close to my best shade and the whole thing was irritating me to no end, because who is stealing all my lipsticks [IKE] and where are they ending up [NO IDEA]?) 

By the time our food arrived the tables around us had filled up, and were absolutely, 100% convinced that I was a horrible, raving OCD lunatic who had no business raising children, because every other word out of my mouth was some snappish reminder to EAT OVER YOUR PLATE. EAT OVER YOUR PLATE! EZRA WATCH OUT FOR THE MILK DUDE YOUR ELBOW. EZRA WATCH OUT THAT MEATBALL IS GOING TO DRIP SAUCE OH MY GOD. EZRA USE A NAPKIN. NO NOT YOUR SHIRT NOT YOUR SHIRT NOTYOURSHIRT!

Also, my toddler was half-naked. 


But at least once I took his shirt off, I mostly let him eat his pizza in peace.


The mighty sideeye I was getting from the neighboring tables got so noticeable that I finally leaned over and tried to explain. "We're getting nice pictures taken after this? And they're wearing...I forgot...I didn't think...yeah, I'm an idiot."

Luckily, everybody's clothing survived, and my obnoxious nagging didn't ruin anybody's mood.

Amy Storch 5_10_2014 0158

Amy Storch 5_10_2014 0098

Amy Storch 5_10_2014 0443

Amy Storch 5_10_2014 0059

Amy Storch 5_10_2014 0305

Amy Storch 5_10_2014 0179

Amy Storch 5_10_2014 0256

Amy Storch 5_10_2014 0204

Amy Storch 5_10_2014 0040

Amy Storch 5_10_2014 0401 



I just- I can't even right now. The adorableness of you and your babies! Also, how freaking HANDSOME is Noah?? That picture of him alone made me gasp it was so fantastic. Thanks for sharing!


Personally, I think your lipstick looks fabulous!

Oh, and cute family, too!


Sooooooo Cute! Love that picture of Ezra :)


OMG! Who is that teenager in the sixth photo?


Since when do nearly-9-year-olds look so freaking ADULT?

You guys are gorgeous. Even Shirtless Ike.


Such a beautiful family xx


Do you realize what a gorgeous family you have? Truly unbelievably beautiful :) Noah looks soooo much like Jason it's amazing.


SQUEEEEEEEE! My heart just 'sploded because CUTE!


Yep, that is one fine looking family. Lots of smiles on those faces. Gorgeous.

Sandra Timmerman-van Vliet

Mmm last time we were at a restaurant tha clothes were already a mess.. I had had the idea to go to the beach first...Water and sand everywhere. I so totally understand the stress behind this. But the photographs are so worth it. Lovely ;-)

Sue W.

Beautiful family. Beautiful pictures. Now can all of us Imternets framily have one of each?!


Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and more importantly all your wonderful stories.


I love them all, but the first and last are particularly awesome.


the last one is my favorite :)


Love these, especially the one on the bridge!


Oh, God. The love. All the love.

Lauren McFarland

The picture of Noah...Gorgeous!!!! He is so handsome :)


Great pics. If I were you I would only wear short shorts or skirts or no pants at all forever and ever- enviable legs Amy! Also- tell your husband to never ever ever get rid of the beard- he is a man who just looks GOOD in the beard. Last pic is perfection!

Ms. Blake

Such great photos! I love how they aren't staged like the annual family photos taken at the local department store those of us who grew up in the 80s had to endure. And the lipstick looks fab on you! I can't wait to find out what Ike the mad scientist/artist has planned for the missing ones.


Oh my. These are just so spectacular!


these pics!! omgosh these are so great!!


That last picture is perfection.

jill (mrschaos)

Those are fabulous.

Caz Stone

That last one of you in your bundle of boys has made me cry. So much gorgeousness in your arms.




The last picture looks fabulous! I've been reading your blog since 2005, but have never commented.


Your family is ridiculously gorgeous. I mean. For real.


love the pics but want to hear about the branch on the table in the first pic!

Korinthia Klein

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them.

Janice Barnett

Pictures are absolutely wonderful! You have created some beautiful memories that will last you forever!


Oh how I love those photos. While it's totally lame to say this...when did Noah get so flipping big? He looks tween like already.


The last one and the one of the fives of you on the bridge rival for my favorite.


All super awesome. Cute story and all that...but me, I'm all about the HAIRZ.

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