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All Hail Young Master Zah

Ezra is attending swim camp at the YMCA this week and next.

(After that it's Noah's turn — I've discovered that if I keep the numbers down to only two children at home at a time, preferably one child who I can make "nap" at some point and one child who I can send to a neighbor's house, I get approximately 1,000% more work done than if I have all three, for a fraction of the cost of sending all three to separate camps. MATHS!)

When I picked him up yesterday, one of the counselors casually remarked, "Oh, Ezra? Yeah, we call him Master around here now."

"Why do you call him Master?" I asked.

He shrugged. "I dunno. Because he's just...the Master. You know?"

Okay then. Makes sense to me.

Ezra bike 2014


Sue W.

Well yeah. Duh mom! Be glad you don't have to bow three times when you see him!


He does seem to have a certain zen attitude to him!

Mom in Two Cultures

This has been my strategy for as long as all three have been mobile. Somehow two is peaceful chaos and three is a freaking cage match. Yay for summer camp!


I mean, OBVS, Amy!


your children are adorbs and i am a HUGE fan as I have 3 boys of similar ages of my own...i am just going to give you one little know it all tip and apologize in advance...get your boys a balance bike rather than one with training wheels! My 3 year-old rides his around for miles after inheriting it from his older brother. My oldest had training wheels and we had to teach him how to ride a bike when he was six (and he was scared and wanted every kind of pad made). Middle got a balance bike for Christmas when he was 4 and by June picked up his brother's old bike (with training wheels off!) and started riding. Balance bikes are the bomb!




Psst, double-check on the Master's helmet positioning; it's up too high on his forehead to offer much protection. See e.g.

Suzy Q

I can totally see this.


I'm giggling that this automatically jumped to "pick apart the cute photo" in comments but also seconding the balance bike suggestion. If not for Ezra (because I think he's on the old side for one) definitely for Ike. My oldest is Ezra's age and started with a balance bike when he was 2 and only used training wheels on a "real" bike ( at 4.5) for about a week because was scared by the height difference. Now my 3 year old is loving the old Strider bike he inherited and even flies down hills with his feet up. They are really cool for the little kids.

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