Three Nights Without Noodles
Gig, Landed

Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow



And then:

Photo 1 (30)

During, phase one, perfectly capturing how we all feel about what's happening here:

Photo 2 (25)

During, phase two, contemplative acceptance:

Photo 3 (15)

During, phase three, in which I followed him around with the scissors for hours trying to even out my handiwork and/or get a decent photo:

Photo 4 (7)


Photo 5 (5) 


Miss Banshee

I needed to do some deep breathing for a minute halfway through because OHMIGOD THE HAIRZ NOOOOOOO but I can breathe again. Don't SCARE me like that!


Looks super cute-good job woman!


Love the Christmas PJ's, he Elfed himself.


He's so gorgeous and it's just a trim. And now, as my mother would say, you can see his eyes


wow. you are multi-talented. and the internet thanks you for not chopping it all off.




I believe between pictures two and three there was a collective gasp around the interwebs. Very cute though.


He still has such lovely hairz. I"m getting close to the same limit with my blond, curly-haired boy as well. So annoying, how they insist on growing up and changing.


I saw the title of this and was really prepared to be irrationally angry with you. But, lucky you, he's every bit as adorable and babyish as he was before, so I'll let it slide.


He hasn't "crossed over" yet! Ike still looks somewhat like a girl even with curls on the floor! Way to go Ikey - hang in there!


I love it! He's like a little cherub! I wouldn't want to cut it all off either.


YOU SCARED ME! Just for minute...but still. Whew! Glad it was just a false alarm! :)

Sue W.

When I read the title, I actually said out loud "Oh no you didn't!" You did. And it's okay. Not like you needed the Interwebs permission or anything!


I had a dream two nights ago that I saw this darling little blonde at the pool and he looked so familiar but I couldn't place him. Then, I figured out it was Ike but I soon realized you had buzzed his head! There was much gnashing of teeth over this (you weren't actually in the dream, so no bodily harm came your way). And, then, I read this and see that first hair picture and I was worried. But, phew, you did a good job. So no bodily harm will come your way in real life, either. Well done!


AHHHHH! I seriously about had a heart attack between picture 2 and 3. TEH HAIRZ. Noooooo! But he still has Hairz so I forgive you.

But lets not get too crazy with the scissors, mmmk?

Suzy Q

Not so bad! He still has lots of curly hairz.


I always scroll through your comments section wanting to "Like" comments. Hooray for Hairz!


Squee! Such a cute kid!


I am not a fan of long hair on boys. My own have short styles always...however, even I squirmed uncomfortably at the idea of his beautiful ringlets being cut. I confuse myself.


Ditto on every comment above. If possible, he looks even cuter now


Count me in the group of people who gasped "oh no!" when I saw those little curls on the table. Looks good though, so you're forgiven! :)


I didn't want to read to the bottom for fear that all of the curlz would be gone. But ahhhh so cute!


He is rocking that Fauntleroy cut you gave him. SO CUTE!!


Do you use some kind of conditioner or product on Ike's hair? I only ask because my son has hair exactly like this (and I am also team nohaircuts) but it sometimes looks frizzy and gets tangled. But Ike's looks so beautiful! I am not above putting product in my 3-year old boy's hair to make it look good, esp. if the alternative is cutting it short. because nooooo.


It's like restoring an historic proptery...was looking a little raggedy and overgrown, you edited while respecting the original integrity. Never, ever, ever give that boy a buzz cut. Ever.


Adorable! You needed to do it so you can better see that precious face!


Ahhh! He grew up! But looks amazeballs, as always.


I have an almost two year old that grows this kind of epic hair. Love it, love it, love it!


Don't hate him because he's beautiful, Interwebz.

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