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Kids Be Shopping

So...I guess it's time to rethink our stroller strategy?

About five minutes after this, we lost Ezra. Ten minutes after that, we found him. On a completely different floor of the store. Inside of a tent. 15 minutes after that they still somehow managed to get us and our money into the Lego Store because oh yeah totally sure everybody needs more Legos Jesus Interlocking Christ.

On second thought, maybe I'll just do the rest of the back-to-school shopping online. 



In a tent!?! Craziness. I did all my school shopping online. Love getting the right size and price delivered to my door!

Sue C

LOL! Been there done that!


That's hilarious! He knows where he wants to go and he wants to get there! As for Ezra, I totally would have freaked out -- how on earth did you find him?


"Jesus Interlocking Christ" wins the internet today.


I just did all our birthday party shopping on line. Paper plates, streamers, decorations, balloons... Amazon Prime, baby. It was GREAT.


This. Is. Amazeballs. Also, my 15 mo just made friends with Ike and wants to watch the video nonstop.


OMG 10 minutes later, in a tent, on another floor? I'd be dead of a heart attack at that point.


Was that LL Bean? I was just there the other weekend for the first time in two years. They took out the fish! My five year old was very sad.


Yes online shopping is glorious. GLORIOUS! And on an unrelated note I love you red tote! :)

Sue W.

I personally think he was trying to make off with your bag! I love the look on his face as he nonchalantly tries to "stroll-er" away!


Well at least the weight of the stroller slows Ike down. Plus I'm pretty sure he can't drag that thing into a tent.


I write to concur that "Jesus Interlocking Christ" wins the internets.


@Dontblamethekids Yes! LL Bean. Time to get Ezra a proper backpack for kindergarten that won't fall apart in a year. (Noah's on year six of his backpack, at least.) He picked the one with sharks on it.


What is that bag?!? Love it!


PLEASE, no one show this to my munchkin. Stroller time would be dead forever.

Also, I no longer judge people who use the kid leashes. Used to, don't any more.


Well, now it just seems repetitive and redundant, but I too just popped down to say that that purse is crazy hot and that I am stealing "Jesus Interlocking Christ" as my catchphrase for the day. Too much goodness here. Thanks for keeping us entertained.


Great blog !! It´s wonderful !


Thanks for the bag compliments! It's Coach, but from a few years ago. Still looks great on the outside, but don't ever look inside. DISGUSTING. So many spills and crumbs and the entire bottom is permanently stained the color of Goldfish crackers.

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