Happening All At Once
Goodbye, Crib. Hello, Lego-Coated Deathtrap.

9 To 5 To Infinity To Beyond

I am busy. I am too busy to be typing these words, because I really should be typing other words, somewhere else. Two somewhere elses, actually. Possibly three. I'm losing track.

Let's see: I have two PowerPoints to put together by EOD today, one for a training presentation I'm giving tomorrow afternoon, one for a marketing campaign plan I'll be managing later this month, then 18 marketing emails to write, two or three landing pages to build, and finally one research article on capital expenditure budgets that I promised to have done yesterday and I didn't and every minute that goes by without that article being done is making me more and more stabby.

Also, Friday is our wedding anniversary and I promised Jason I'd at least take half of the day off. Just one meeting, I swear. And maybe just a few million emails. 


So. All that's happening. All very boring and non-times-I-got-drunk-and-fell-down. Yet good! And happy! Because using my brain and challenging myself and making money are all excellent, excellent things. I just would maybe prefer to have a little more breathing room between deadlines. And some childcare of the non-glowing-screen variety.  

And then I think about my poor dusty blog and feel sad that I have nothing to really WRITE about these days, other than being busy. (SOBUSY.) At least I can always cop out with cute pictures of my kids, right? I mean, I know they're getting all huge and long and pointy but they still make good faces sometimes. 


I dunno. Not so sure about that.






Here's my best "looking thoughfully adorable" face.


Or maybe it's my "I know I loved this recipe the last time you made it but tonight I'm not touching it and you can't make me" face. 


But this is DEFINITELY my "hmm, I just realized I am not wearing pants and wonder where I left them this time" face. 



Thank you for taking time to share your life with us. Hopefully this superextrabusy time will pass soon, and you'll get a somewhat normal looking schedule.


It's okay, Ike: I wonder where my pants are much of the time, too.


Thanks for post the link to the recipe. The whole time I was scrolling through the photos I was wondering what that was because it looked GOOD. I must be hungry; it IS lunch time. In any case, yay for jobs and busy-ness!


That's ok, we can take care of ourselves. We miss you, but I know I'll keep coming to see if there's something new! You have Seiba, Max and the boys to keep us patient!


Those huge eyes!


What is he eating, it looks really good! I definitely need to eat lunch


I am definitely in the missing-pants phase with #2. I LOVE the general blank stare I get when I present them with the question: "WHERE are your PANTS?" I can almost literally see the thought process:

Pants? Pants? What are these pants you speak of?
Wait, I'm not wearing any pants?
Why am I not wearing any pants?
OMG where are my pants?
Are you saying I took off my pants?
Where ARE my pants?
Do I care about pants?
No, I do not care about pants.

Of course, all I get is "I don't know" and a continued blank stare.


Write about this! There is definitely material in transitioning back into major work stuff and the recalibration that goes along with it. There's often something in the way you write about your professional stuff that's.. self-effacing, minimizing somehow? But it's not boring, and though you are an awesome humor writer, you are great at serious stuff too so it doesn't matter if it's not inherently funny material. I have been reading your stuff since pre-Noah and I don't know, it's all just cool to see. Thanks for sharing more words with us while you're dealing with so much, and happy anniversary!


Busy pays for food and fun and college. Busy is good.

Lynda M Otvos

That look on his little face !~! Which look, you may ask ? ALL of them, I reply, they are all adorable and inimitable.


That last one! Mah butt is cold...oh.

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