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My overwhelming workload continues. I apologize to the fictional people in my head who give a crap. It should ease up soon-ish, I think, so I can get back to the important business of writing run-on sentences about Things, Stuff and Bullshit.

But for now, the work situation is clearly taking a toll on all of us. Ike decided he better pitch in as well.


Putting on Dad's pants and belt. One thing led to another and pretty soon he insisted on full business casual, plus a tie. 


"I'm Dad!" he announced. "I need a hat."


"Dad doesn't wear a hat, Ike."


(Way to disappoint your son, Jason. Why u no wear fetching business fedora to work like all the cool dads?)

My phone died shortly before he completed the outfit with two different shoes and paraded up and down the hallway for awhile, saying things like "I'm Dad, I'm going to work, give me a hug now, bye!"

I have to wonder what outfit he'd chose to represent me "going to work," or if he'd just go with underwear, a ponytail and coffee mug. No time for pants! I'm busy and important! Typing things and stuff and bullshit! DON'T MESS WITH ME I HAVE POST-ITS FREAKING EVERYWHERE. 

In summary, I need to take a shower. Still undecided on the pants. These are my business pajamas.



Haaaaaaahahahahaha. Oh, Ike. <3

Sue W.

Pants are overrated anyway! Ike is totally rockin' the dad look.
Soma has some really cool grown-up wimmens jammies right now. They would totally work as a blouse/pants outfit. And I am in no way affiliated with Soma. I just love their bras, panties, dresses and now their jammies!


soooo the hardest part of being the mom is totally hygiene, shower is actually now an item on my to do list


I am about to die from the cuteness. OMG.


Love this. Business Pajamas, I am so on board with that!


I'm currently in business ripped jeans and plain white T. Jeans are unzipped with bella band for my awkward 16-week phase, and T is a bit too snug, awaiting relief from more maternity T's arriving soon (hurry!).

I have to look presentable for some work travel this fall. Dressing up for work, normally a bit of a fun novelty for me, has become complete and utter BULLSHIT when you add pregnancy to the mix.


The cuteness. Oh, the utter cuteness. This is perfect. The CUTENESS!! I've been reading (started at almost the beginning of the archives) since May and have laughed and smiled and laughed and cried and laughed some more. Thank you for your stories :)

Suzy Q

GOD, Jason. Buy a damn hat!


This is the sort of picture you should show to future prom dates and fiancees.


Ike is adorable! And hey, pajamas are the perks of being a WAHM!


Oooooh I haven't laughed so hard all week. Or, at least since my kid started trying to tell knock knock jokes. Ike, you are AWESOME.


Hahahahah! Ike is so funny, but you are even funnier. Way to make me laugh loudly enough to scare the cats. Thanks - I needed that. That ending…


I also work in business pajamas. It's a thing.


When my son started pre-school he insisted on wearing his (at that time limited selection of) khakis and button down shirts to school every day. For some reason it took me weeks to realize that it was because that's what daddy wears to work and as a kid with SPD routine is important. His pre-school teachers thought it was adorable but I'm really hoping it doesn't get him teased when he starts kindergarten this year.

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