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Cloth Diaper Showcase Showdown! (Giveaway)

Hey, who wants some free crap?

In particular, who wants some free crap for your baby to crap in?

During the great nursery-to-big-kid-room move, I discovered a carefully packaged hoard of newborn cloth diapers. I only vaguely remember boxing it all up, possibly with the intention of giving it away...but more likely I was still hormonal and crazy and was like, NOOOO MY PRESHUS WITTLE TINY DIAPERS ALLLLL MIIIIIINE.

I'm better now. I would like someone else to have and use them.

I also went through the bigger/next-stage diapers and put together a second little diaper collection that should hopefully help someone get started with cloth (or continue with cloth). 

So, here's what's what.

I have two diaper packages to give away, #1 and #2. I will describe them below. (In excruciating detail, because CLOTH DIAPERS MAKE ME SO TALKY.) Please leave a comment and specify which package you want. If you want both, please specify a FIRST CHOICE. I will use the random number widget thingie to select two winners.

The first commenter chosen will get their first choice. The second commenter will get either their first or second choice, depending on what's left for grabs. If the second commenter only wants the package the first person claimed, I will go back and select a third commenter and so on and so forth. 

I will be happy to ship these anywhere, and can include laundry/care instructions if you need them. If you have a PayPal account and can kick some dollars towards the shipping cost, I would very much appreciate it — BUT if that's a hardship for you, please don't worry about it. If you're local, we can probably arrange for an in-person hand-off/pick-up.

(Disclaimer: This giveaway is sponsored by absolutely no one, other than My Own Ass.)



One dozen NEWBORN unbleached prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers (discontinued green edge; similar to the current yellow edge)

Two PREEMIE organic prefolds (I think they are Bummis but am not totally sure)

Two SMALL doublers from Green Mountain Diapers


Three NEWBORN fitted diapers, handmade by the much-missed Rebel Baby Co., cotton/velour with sewn-in insert

10 SMALL/SIZE ONE fitted diapers from Rebel Baby Co. Please note that these are missing the snap-in inserts. I continued to use the inserts after Ike outgrew these, and they were pretty shot by the time we were done with diapers. You could use just about any insert/doubler style with these, or find a similar diaper-maker on Etsy to make you replacements. (The "originals" were long enough to fold over three times, with one standard diapering snap.)


Three PREEMIE Prorap diaper covers

Three Thirsties covers, one X-SMALL and two SMALL

Four covers from Fluffy's Diapers, three X-SMALL and one SMALL


Four SMALL fleece covers, from a now-closed Etsy shop

One SMALL wool cover, also from a defunct Etsy shop

And for fun: A cute cloth diaper/wipes bag in a Day of the Dead pattern. Just cuz.

Despite a little blue here and there, most of these diapers are pretty gender neutral. There's that blue fleece cover and a couple cars/dinosuar patterns but I dunno. I'm a girl and I think cars and dinosaurs are pretty dope.

Everything in this box is in good to excellent condition. If you notice any discoloring (they've been packed away for awhile), wash the diapers with Charlie's Soap or Rockin Green and let them dry in the sun. 



Six MEDIUM (mix of white and unbleached) prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers

Five LARGE Workhorse fitteds, no-snap style (you'll need Snappis or pins)

One ONE-SIZE fitted diaper from yet-another-closed-Etsy shop, with a snap-in insert


Six ONE-SIZE Flip diaper covers, hook-and-loop closure

Two ONE-SIZE bumGenius pocket diapers, hook-and-loop closure (no microfiber inserts; we used prefolds)

Two MEDIUM Bummis swim diapers


And for fun: I'll toss in four pairs of BabyLegs and the Columbia diaper bag/backpack w/ changing pad. Just cuz.

Again, there's a blue Flip cover but everything else is gender neutral. I only chose diapers and covers that were in SUPER excellent condition for this package. Blah blah please wash and sun anything that appears discolored blah blah I swear I'm not unloading anything disgusting but we are talking about diapers here. 

Soooo...okay. That's all I've got. Comments will remain open for seven days and then I'll pick the winners. Plz to use a valid email address that u check. I can't really control if you comment a million times but I'd prefer if you only enter once, for fairness and shit. (But I know the comment section hiccups sometimes and posts duplicates. I won't like, disqualify you if that happens.) 



ooh i would love to give these to my sister! she could probably use the first batch now (first choice) but would be happy to use the second batch later (second choice). either way, she'd be pretty excited and i'd be the cool big sister!


OMG This is the best day ever. I'm having my first baby in October and we're starting our stash.

First choice is the first batch
Second choice is the second batch


Ooooh. My friend who is expecting her 2nd but didn't cloth until her first was bigger would loooove if I won this for her.


Wow! This would be great!


I was just looking at my stash to see what I'll need to get for baby boy #2 due in December so that newborn package would be fabulous! Thanks for the opportunity!


Oh wow, I would love showcase #2! My 9 week old blew through his newborn cloth dipes in less than a week (he was 10 lb). We weren't ready for such a big kid, so we need bigger diapers! Thank you for the chance!!


Sweet! I think first I would choose the second one first and the first one second. I think.


I don't want either, but just wanted to comment that, technically, isn't this sponsored by your sons' asses, not yours? Carry on.


I would love both! (but would love the first one especially.)


This is awesome! I'd love #2 and then #1. Thanks for doing this.


Ohhh I would love the second one. My baby is about 10 months and I have regretted not using cloth diapers. This would be a great way to start it.


Wow--what a great giveaway! We are expecting our first in early January and just learned today that she is a girl! I am planning to cloth diaper and this would be a great start.


How awesome are you?!

First choice showcase #1
Second choice showcase #2


These look AMAZING!!! First choice is the first showcase, but the second looks amazing as well!


I would LOVE showcase #1! If not, #2 is fine :)


Yay cloth diapers!


Ooh, yes yes yes! I would totally use either package, but the first would be my first pick.


Package #2 please! I cherished your advice on cloth diapers and am going 16 months strong with cloth for my son. Thank you, Amy!

Beth MacKenzie

Wow this is great! I'm local so I could pick them up and I'd prefer #2 but #1 should work for our teeny babies


Mercifully we are out of diapers, but awesome giveaways! I just had a thought - perhaps all those Etsy sellers went out of business when you ran out of excuses to buy diapers? =]


Holy moly, you are one generous lady. We are expecting our first baby (a BOY! like your BOYS!) this December, so showcase #1 is perfect for us now! But I'd gladly take #2 for later on.


Ohhh, fun! I'm due in December! First choice would be #2, but #1 looks awesome too!


First set is first choice - I am having a girl and think dinosaurs are EXCELLENT. Obviously I would also like set 2 to grow into..


This is fabulous! I'm due with my first at the end of January and wouuld really love to cloth diaper... preference would be for package #1 but #2 makes for a great second choice :-)


I am not trying to win...just wanted to comment that this is really really nice of you to do :)


I'd love to win and thank you for being so generous to give these away. My first choice would be the newborn set, but I'd love either.


Best giveaway ever!! I would love set 1.


I'm expecting my second baby boy, so #1 would be great since all I have currently is OS diapers. I would be happy with #2 as well. Hooray for tiny fluff!


ME ME ME!! I just started cloth diapering and already have a 15 pound chunker who outgrew my whole newborn stash so I am in need of new diapers.

Honestly would take either set but the second would be my first choice just because ATM I think those would last a little longer. That being said I am a crazy lady and am hoping to get preggo with number 2 sooner rather then later so the 1st set would so get put to use before too long!

Thanks Amy!! You rock even more then usual :D (and for the record it was your ridiculously long posts that made me commit to cloth, because you are my hero, the wind beneath my wings etc.)


I would love Showcase #1 since baby #1 was supposed to make an appearance today (but seems content to stay in there and continue kicking his mommy's ribs all day) and we have limited newborn options. However, I would also take Showcase #2!


Baby no. 2 on the way, so this is an awesome giveaway! I'll take either set, but if forced to choose, I'd pick no. 1.


What timing! I was just scouring all your diaper posts over the weekend to try to figure this crap out (see what I did there?). I'd be happy with either, but first choice is the #1 package. I'm still a little confused about the whole newborn thing and how many layers they get!


Wow - what a showcase showdown! I'd be happy with either collection. I'm a girl who thinks dinosaurs are pretty friggin' cool, too!


Thanks for the opportunity! Would love either one- first choice #1 and second choice #2.


This is so nice! We cloth diaper but started after the nb phase and I'd love to do it with the next one. First choice is batch 1, second choice is batch two.

Michelle B

We're looking to have a 2nd baby soon and I would love, love showcase #1.


This would be fantastic! I am excpecting a bundle of joy in February, and I am overwhelmed at all the cloth options out there. To have a variety starter kit would be fantastic!

Either option works for me. First choice #1 second choice #2.


These are both great showcases! My first choice would be the first set since we have all of 2 newborn diapers for the next baby but the second set is great, too, and would come in handy!

Kim Z

So generous of you!
First choice #1, second choice #2.


Oh how awesome!

Showcase #2!


Showcase number two would really save my ass! son's ass? Shit. TOO MANY CRAPPY PUNS.

Kate W

Would love to win Showcase #1! Thanks for the chance to win.


Love this!!!

Would love the first showcase :) second choice 2nd showcase..


This is so awesome! And I'm a girl and cars and dinosaurs are high on my list!

Leah Myers

What an awesome give away! I won't lie, I'd actually love both packages! I'd give my the first package to help start her stash. And I could use the second to further my stash for my little guy who's out growing his newborns! Thanks for being awesome!


Cloth diapers! Would love the second batch (I'm at best fair weather cloth-er and really want fitteds, but haven't been able to get over the price). First batch is my #2. My second kiddo is due early spring! So kind of you!


Our first baby is due in just 4 months! Dinosaurs are so hip! Showcase #1 followed by #2.


Ahhhh! Oh I would love either of these, but especially number 1 because I am expecting my second baby in November and I only have OS diapers right now. Awesome!


I would love the showcase number 2!:) I bought quite a bit of smaller cloth diapers and baby outgrew them faster than I thought he would! I decided to start the cloth diaper adventure after reading so many of your blogs on them. So it'd be cool, you know, to get your old ones. Kind of like getting some famous celebrities random crap. Except this one my baby can crap in, hooray!


I'd love stash #2. My baby girl sped through newborn and then small GMD prefolds (she's over 17 pounds at 3.5 months), and now that we've started daycare, we have WAY TOO FEW mediums (even though my husband thinks its fine for us to do laundry every 12 hours). And since I'm local, it would be super cool to meet you!


my sister is due with her first baby in December and planning to cloth diaper. it would be awesome to be able to pass these along to her!
first choice: #1
second choice: #2


First choice, Showcase #1! Second Choice, Showcase #2! Expecting Baby numero dos in December, would love to give cloths a shot this time around.


Yay diapers. #2 would be my choice.


Awesome! Will you give away my CDs for me when we're done? Only showcase #2 for me, please. We are D-O-N-E.


Yes, please! We'd prefer stash #2 but could use stash #1 also.


How fun! #1 would be my first choice, but I'd be happy with #2, too! I'm expecting my second baby in January!


As my almost-two-year old daughter says now, "AH MAH GOODNISH!!!"

I would take either but prefer #1. We're expecting a baby boy in October and have lots of cloth diapers in small/medium sizes left from our daughter, but she was in disposables for awhile before we switched to cloth, so we have no newborn sizes!


Awesome! #1 is my first choice and #2 is my second!


OH Wonderful!! I'd love either, but first choice is NB.... Expecting my first in december :)


Showcase #2 would be so great! Thanks for the chance.


This is so great! Definitely am interested in either but preference is for #1. Love Rebel baby and do not have enough of those. I wish she would return.


I'd take #1 first, then #2.

These would be for a friend about to start cloth-diapering her third!


Oh man, I would love that first set. And then I'd love the second set.


I have a two week old so would be genuinely happy to have either! Maybe #2 is my first choice? Am flexible!

Kristen lemaire

Yay giveaways!

I'd take either too! But first package is my first choice!


The second package is my favorite, but I like the first one also. I am in the TWW right now but kid numero two will be coming at some point. Hopefully in 8.5 months, but I'm not impatient or anything.



First choice, #1
Second choice, #2

You're awesome - I'm so excited to cloth diaper because of you!


I'm due in November and would love #1. I would feel terrible to want both but then give up (am afraid it's tooooo hard), so better someone else win #2.


You are the best!

I'm having a little boy in December so my first choice is Showcase #1, but I'd happily take Showcase #2.

I cloth diapered my daughter (who will be 6 in December) so a lot of my diapers are old and pink. :)


I would love stash #2, but I bet I could use stash #1 next year when we go for another baby. Our plans to cloth diaper got squelched by my son's ten week early arrival and life becoming...complicated. We spent a month at a NICU in NoVa. Now everything has calmed down. It's never too late to ditch the disposables, and I would love to!

Katie D

Showcase #2 please and thank you


"I have two diaper packages to give away, #1 and #2."

You had different diapers for #1 and #2? Wow! You are organized.


I have a month-old little guy, but my children come in giant-size so I'd love Package #2!


#2 please! Those would be perfect for my big bog monster. We haven't had the opportunity to invest in cloth diapers and I feel so guilty every time I toss a disposable one. This would be a great kick start for us.


I'd love Showcase #2 for our almost five-month-old son. Thank you for this giveaway!

Laura 6

Oooh! Showcase #2!!!


wow, this is so cool! I would love either, but especially showcase 2.


Baby making in my future! Would love stash #2, would take stash #1!!

Kate Helmick

I'd love #2. Thank you for this great giveaway!

Linda Giangregorio

I would love package #1. Trying to stock up for twins! I have a paypal, will gladly pay for shipping. Thanks!


Wow--what a terrific idea and opportunity! My first choice would be Showcase #2, second choice would (obviously) be Showcase #2. Thanks, Amalah!


I'd love showcase #2--we're having some issues with overnight leaks and want to try out ALL OF THE OPTIONS!

Bethany West

Awesome! I would like 1, then 2. Thanks for being nice!


First choice is showcase #1, Second choice is Showcase #2


This is so kind of you to do this! I would like #1 and then #2. Thanks again!


Oh man, #1 would be awesome, as we didn't start with cloth until my first was older and the munchkin currently baking needs something to poop in. (would also love #2 if available!)


Thank you! Either is great, #2 then #1.


My twins will not yet be two when baby #3 arrives in December, so I will have three kiddos in cloth diapers! Of course, I gave away all of our newborn diapers after the boys outgrew them, so first choice is #1, but would definitely use #2 as well!


I would love either of these, my sister is expecting and I'm not ready to part with my stash (except the teeny ones). #2 is my first choice, but #1 would be great as well. Oh, and you rock!


This is so amazing! Thanks for sharing your diaper collection!

My first choice: option #2

Second Choice: option #1

My little one will be thrilled! :)

kristin @ going country

How timely. I'm expecting my third boy in December, and FOR SOME REASON (constant washing for three years, maybe?) my prefolds aren't going to come out for round three. They're excellent dust rags, but no longer suitable for a baby's messes. So I would LOVE to have the newborn stuff to get going with on this one.


Oooh, would love #2 as am currently washing diapers every damn day!


Holy comments Batman! I'll throw mine in the ring,
Stash #1 first choice for baby #3 due in March, stash #2 happy second option.
Thanks Amalah!


Oh pick me! Pick me! #2 please oh genius and generous amalah. Number one has much cuteness but my little tank is already outgrowing the nb sizes.


Yay! So excited!!!

First choice showcase #1
Second choice showcase #2


Ooh, these are so cute! Showcase #1 is my first choice, but I would gladly take Showcase #2 if offered. Thanks!

Katie Richards

Showcase #2 would definitely be my first choice because I have an addiction to buying tiny things, diapers are no exception and have more size small than anything BUT with 2 in diapers (starting when youngest son shows up in September sometime), showcase #1 would be super helpful too!


The second group would be awesome!

Julie Beth

My lands, but I would love Showcase #2, if you please!


I would love Showcase #2! I feel like if we got free cloth diapers my husband would be forced to try them. (He is currently grossed out by the idea, but I think he'll come around. Especially with free diapers!)

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