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Three-Child Pile-Up

When I wrapped up my work on Friday afternoon, I felt awfully damn good and smug and having-shit-generally-all-together-like.

Which means I woke up this morning to EVERYTHING BEING ON FIRE.  

Which is great. Just great. Me and my business pajamas approve.

So basically today has been the grown-up worky version of my entire weekend, which was a non-stop blur of this:


And this:


And this:


And this, this and this:




At least nobody is bleeding? In either scenario? Just a couple small kicks to the head. WE'LL BE FINE. 



At least they're all smiling in all the pictures...

Sue W.

No broken bones is a positive, for sure!


I had this going on in my hotel room this weekend, but it was 14 year old hockey players, instead of brothers. =) I was responsible for my own + 2 of his friends. There was a little blood, but it was from on the ice & no stitches required so it's all good... I'm glad to be back in the office today though.


what does it mean that I keep thinking "how do you get them to wear SOCKS?!" as I look at the pictures?

kristin @ going country

And here I am looking at my future: I'm due with my third boy in December. No broken bones or blood sounds like an excellent standard to me.


This could be my house (couch even looks similar!) except I only have two wrestling, dog piling, face kicking boys. Today is my anniversary and my husband is on a plane (alone! in economy plus!) to London for a week long work trip. And school hasn't started yet. Hooray. We had stitches last month (not brother's fault), so I'm hoping to keep this one injury-free.

Jessica V.

Yup. Looks like my house (just one less boy). The CONSTANT wrestling! And then indignant screaming when someone "inexplicably" gets kicked in the face - cuz no one could see that coming! Oye.

Denice Johnson

too much haha pretty soon boohoo?


And they're wearing matching socks? *is impressed*


They look like they're having so much fun! It's so great that they get along and have fun together.

Lynda M Otvos

Memories of my childhood resound those pictures. We tumbled about like a litter of four-legged young ones, mixed litter-two boys and two girls and just as rowdy and fun-loving as anyone. I love your boys, Amester.


The pre-mom me would say "Boys!" and laugh. Now I know better, what with two girls who dogpile constantly, and so I say "Kids!" (And occasionally moms and dads, too!)


you joke about no one caring that you're not posting, but believe me, some of us care! you entertain us when we need a break from work! and when I say "we" I mean "me"!

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