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Snacks On a Plane! I Mean, In a Box.

Every Morning There's a Halo

Noah woke up this morning convinced that he and his dad were going to play Transformers together. I'm not sure where the idea that he'd been promised a pre-breakfast playdate came from, since our typical weekday mornings are not exactly padded with a lot of downtime.

It's more like: Alarms go off, feet better be hitting the floor. Pajamas off, clothes on, bodies downstairs. Mom to blearily follow and promptly brew the coffee using the power of muscle memory. And then it's a sea of constant motion and tasks with a wary eye on the clock at all times. 

But then this morning, seconds after Jason stepped out of the shower, a heartbreakingly impossible request: "Dad, you wanna play Transformers with me?" 

Meanwhile, Ezra was lying on his back in the hallway, buck naked and making floor angels, having apparently gotten distracted by the ceiling light fixture somewhere between "pajamas off" and clothes on." 

"Not right now, buddy," Jason told Noah, who of course translated "not right now" into "I'll be there in five minutes." He ran to his room to finish setting the toys (all Jason's handmedowns from the 80s) up for battle, shooing his brothers away because we need to wait for Dad!

Ike still had his pajamas on, completely backwards. A change-up from what I remember from last night. I told him to get dressed. 

"Not quite yet!" he replied cheerfully and then climbed into bed with me. He pulled the covers up and proceeded to stroke the sides of my face. "I like you Mommy."

"I'M DRESSED!" Ezra announced at the top of his lungs. "I LOOK HANDSOME! TAKE MY PICTURE!"

"DAAAAD." Noah tried again. "COME PLAAAAY."

Ike responded to a follow-up request (made by me, unintelligibly with my toothbrush in my mouth) to put clothes on by diving under the covers and sticking his butt in the air. 

There was no time for any of this nonsense. Jason needed to leave for work, I needed to get the kids and the pets and the library books and the lunches and everything taken care of before school and my workday and seriously, all five of us should have been downstairs already a good 15 minutes ago oh my God get moving

In the end, breakfast was had by all. Coffee was made. Pets were fed. Transformers playdate rescheduled for this afternoon. Backpacks were packed and everybody made it to school and work on time. I dropped Ike off last, came home, breathed a sigh of relief. I pushed aside a mess of Legos on my desk to make room for my laptop. There's a clock ticking somewhere, a clock I no longer have to worry about for the rest of the day, and I am suddenly overwhelmed by this house and its silent, boring emptiness. 



I say I don't missing getting juice for everyone all day long when they're home for the summer, but I secretly miss them when they go back to school. Don't tell them, I'll deny it.


Loved this. The kind of snapshot that's even better than a picture.


The quiet after a crazy morning makes me a little jumpy. I need to crank up some music or something.


Yep. this.


Has Ezra gotten his longed-for homework yet?

Leigh Ann

Last year I almost couldn't wait to drop off the youngest and get home to my quiet house so I could work or clean or read the entire internet. This year I'm just not into it. I miss my youngest. I miss them all. Maybe i'm still getting adjusted to the new school year too.

Sue C

Well done! Beautiful word picture.


I'm touched...My house Every Day!! So glad we aren't the only ones.

Tatyana cute. This is why I want a chaotic full house :)

Also, floor angels...haha

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