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For the First Time in Forever

Noah's Back to School Night writing assignment. Write a letter to your parents and tell them a few things about school. 


Details to include: 

1) Something you like ("the commutative propertay")

2) Something you LOVE ("the cromebooks")

3) Something new you're learning ("divide and multyply")


4) Your favorite subject ("math is very esay.")

5) How you felt on the first day of school ("excited")...




6) How you feel about school now. 


So yeah. An update in his own words. We're all really, really enjoying third grade so far. 


Plano Mom

That last sentence is everything. AAAAAnd I'm out of tissues.


Awesome! I love that he mentioned the commutative property. (Although if you look at how he is making his Rs, as in the second letter, I believe his spelling is actually "properdy." Which makes me love it even more.)


My heart. Is warm.


I'm so glad.


Dammit, now I'm crying. Way to go, Noah! We're so proud of you.

Suzy Q

So. Awesome.


Noah Rockstar! I am sure you are so proud!
Lucky boy that math is easy! My guy is so visual that he has to see math...which gets tough when we are in the hundreds and thousands. Sigh. Not enough M & M's...must buy more.

Reading is in the bag, though and writing is coming along.

Yay, for awesome teachers and even more awesome kiddos!


Go Noah!!




Noah you are beyond awesome! Hoping 3rd grade continues to be as amazing as you are.


I am so proud of him, I can only imagine how you must feel! Go Noah!


Just learned about the commutative property in my house LAST NIGHT! Third grade is the same everywhere, apparently. so glad he's enjoying it!


Melted. Big ole puddle of goo here.


Aw, Noah.Way to go, buddy.


If our kids only knew how many strangers around the world were rooting for them, caring about them, and proud of their growth...they probably wouldn't understand because strangers are weird.


And a commutative proper story, because I have one: I was 3rd grade teacher when I had my first. She was 3 weeks old (that lovely period when the sleep deprivation has become a serious thing and the baby still does nothing but blink and yell at you) and I was so tired and so out of my depth. We were at the library when I heard a mom say, sorry, but I don't remember what the commutative property is. And I practically jumped and yelled I do! I do! because finally, there was a question I absolutely knew the answer to and solid ground under my feet.
I love the commutative property, too, Noah.


Enlighten me- what is commutative property?

Sue W.

We are in Japan right now where many of our phrases get lost in translation. I told my wonderful masseuse the other day that I felt like a puddle of goo post massage. She didn't get it. So instead, I told her I felt like Milk Pudding, something almost every Japanese person knows. I feel like that right now. Noah has again made me feel like Milk Pudding. I have a feeling that if you scrapbooked, THIS letter would be scrapped! WTG, Noah. And way to go mom and dad.


Did I learn commutative back in the day? Why do I not remember? Arghhhh, math--not my best subject.
Noah, on the other hand, appears to love it. Way to go, kiddo. You rock :)


As an aside to my previous post: here's what a good pair of reading glasses will do--make you realize your email address was off by one digit. So, that is now corrected and I'm throwing all of my dollar store readers away.

Sara M

Um, my oldest is only in 1st grade. What does this commutative property phrase mean?


So awesome that he's enjoying school!

Joel Teller

A commutative operation is one in which the order does not matter. For example, putting on shoes is commutative because whether you start with the right shoe or the left, you will wind up with two shoes on. ALso putting on socks is commutative. But putting on a shoe and a sock is not commutative, because the order matters (sock first, then show).
In math, you can see that addition is commutative because 2 plus 3 is the same result as 3 plus 2. But subtraction is NOT commutative because 2 minus 3 is NOT the same as 3 minus 2.
Most things in life are NOT commutative -- usually the order matters.

Listing commutative operations is left as an exercise for the reader.


I love the way he writes his letters, especially his P's. :)


Happy Tear *sniff*


Yay! Yay yay yay!



Noah writes better than most adults I know. Right on.


Happy Noah! Hooray!


Roasted garlic pumpkin seeds!

Rebekah c

Good job Noah!

On a side note,please try reading this blog posts title without singing it to the tune of frozen. Cannot be done.

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