The Longest Goodbye
Turtles on Promenade

A Thrilling Update on My Lack of Updates





*deep breath*

My new job (which I guess isn't THAT new anymore, but since I'm still in that learning-curve stage where getting asked a direct question during a meeting results in momentary panic of I PROBABLY DON'T KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION OH SHIT EVERYBODY IS LOOKING AT ME I CAN'T THINK OF ANY WORDS PASS PASS PASS!, I think it still qualifies as new-ish) continues to be very cool and also very time consuming.

We all work from home most of the time, but there's also some travel, and we get together as a team as often as we can, spending long days in various hotel lobby restaurants or wherever we can score free wifi, strategerizing and planning to plan and mapping out campaign sequences on whiteboards and then taking photos of the whiteboards so we can all go home and spend the next couple days trying to read each other's chickenscratch handwriting. 

This week a couple people I actually hadn't met yet joined us, except that I totally had met them. Over 10 years ago, at my old job, the one I quit after Noah was born to stay home and ride the blogging money wave that would never end, oh no, mwa ha haaa. 

*washes up facedown on beach*

Their very first question, actually, was about this blog and whether I was still writing it.

(Apparently my blog-related exit from the company back in 2006 caused quite a splash, and I remain semi-famous among the 100 or so people who I worked with at the time. All of whom have also moved on, because it was a publishing company that published things. ACTUAL PAPER THINGS. You can guess how that worked out.)

I laughed because TECHNICALLY YES, but I admitted that I definitely don't post as often as I used to, or view it as anything other than a hobby again, all full-circle like. Because now I do this job which is like my old job, only Internettierand days spent analyzing online marketing-speak whiteboard doodles don't really make for compelling blog entries.

*damn shit just got meta*

I'm also still copywriting for other clients in my "spare" time (hahahahahahaaaaaaa), but I'm not sure anybody else cares to hear my thoughts on market trends in the hospitality industry as they relates to procurement services. 

I mean, if you do, that's cool. I won't judge. But maybe let's find something else to talk about during happy hour.

Anyway, that's life now. It's very busy. I have a very long to-do list today and only have until 1:40 p.m. to make a dent in it, because that's when I need to head to the Halloween parade and parties at Noah & Ezra's school, where I will need to technically attend two different parties at the same time, because both boys are insisting on my presence. But I managed to find Noah's lost Ninja Turtle mask under a chair in the living room like five minutes before the bus came thing morning so clearly I am a goddamned superhero who will make it all work. 



Isabel @alphamom

You will always be a superhero to me. Your compassionate words have helped to save lives, lady. Seriously, don't forget that.


Great to see an update from you! Totally understand that "real life" takes time away from "blog life" and I've heard from other mom-bloggers or podcasters that as the kids get older, it gets harder to share things about them, too. With the recent shuttering of YHL, I hope that you won't do the same, and will keep reading whenever you can get here. Thank you for posting!


Ooh, who are you working with from the old days? See, this entry actually IS thrilling to me :)
Also, hi!


Man, you have a way of making the mundane funny. I can apply caps and profanity & it just doesn't have the same effect. And I know we're heading into holiday hijinx season, so there will be stooorieees!


You're breaking up with us.


First commenter, you remind me to mention that I'm back on the pregnancy calendar bandwagon again. Woo hoo!

It's just as useful as last time in normalizing things, particularly for my husband.

And it also made me wonder more about how life has changed for you Amalah as Ike hits three...I've heard that life gets easier once the youngest turns 4. You're not quite there yet, but I wondered how that's all going. What's getting easier? What isn't?

Suzy Q


A. P.

I fully get the real life is busy stuff. Just please promise you won't stop writing here, even if it is sporadic. I literally cannot think of a single other blog that I consistently find funny, touching, and also so entirely relatable. Soooo many blogs fall either on the side of too perfect and posed or kinda whiny or just honestly not funny even though they mean to be. Please don't go away. I'll have nothing left to read!


you are my favorite. seriously. please don't stop writing.

(also, thanks for passing along the Rebel Baby Co. diapers to another cute bum... makes me so happy because, FLUFF!!! perhaps someday i will make them again when i don't have this damn work outside the home job. someday.)


As a long-time reader and non-commenter, I have to say I'm pretty sad that this official-job-thing has worked out so well for you. Mostly kidding, but you are also my favorite and we miss you!


Please put a note somewhere if you're ever looking for inspiration for a blog entry - I would LOVE to hear how you manage to work a full time job from home and get other stuff done. I drop my kids (2 & 4) off at preschool at 9ish, go to the office from 10-1, then pick them up (separately) and do all the other mom stuff until 7:30-8ish when they go to sleep. I don't have enough hours in the day to do the job I want to do. Would love to hear your tips, stories, etc. (adding my 2 cents in with the above, please don't ever quit blogging here even if it's once a month!!)


The elementary school decided to implement a new bullshit rule about Halloween. Rather than claim to be celebrating death and the devil because that's all it is, you churchless heathens, we will do storybook characters only. Oh. Oh, word? Well guess what, school? The Teenage Motherfucking Ninja Turtles HAVE BOOKS, BITCHES. (Why do I curse so much here? It's really only here that I fall into such horribly stereotypical behavior. It's Obama's fault). Ironman has stories. Be specific and say you don't want pop culture stuff. And then go buy me a Bob the Builder costume because we don't have that type of shit.

But. The student had to HAVE the actual book. And, although I too am usually a goddamned superhero with supergreatterrific lostthings finderability, I could locate nary a ninja turtle book. But you know who also is a turtle sans ninja abilities? Fucking Franklin. Franklin is a cute little green turtle whose books we could find and I even convinced him it would all be okay because later on tonight you will be a ninja turtle, buddy, and I just might give you some vampire teeth. Because you know, churchless Jesus haters.


I DO miss you! But totally understand that you have a lot going on right now.


I feel slighted. We're not your "real" job anymore? Boo hoo.
But we do all love your blog. So glad you're still writing even if we're just your hobby.


I think we need a Venn diagram showing the overlapping of work and life and blogging, cuz I'm pretty sure you have that shit mapped like a boss.

I can't remember how I found your blog, and I don't know how many years it's been, but this is an amazing thing right here -- I have cried happy and sad and proud tears reading what you write. Thank you for sharing so much of your life, even the mundane parts (which you still manage to make funny).


I think we need a Venn diagram showing the overlapping of work and life and blogging, cuz I'm pretty sure you have that shit mapped like a boss.

I can't remember how I found your blog, and I don't know how many years it's been, but this is an amazing thing right here -- I have cried happy and sad and proud tears reading what you write. Thank you for sharing so much of your life, even the mundane parts (which you still manage to make funny).


What they said ^^^. Don't ever leave us. I for one fully expect to ride along whilst your three guys grow older, ride the adolescent train, and then go on to graduate, alongside other endeavors.
So keep this as a hobby--that's a command :)


You're awesome, no matter where your cash flow comes from (and I have fond, fond memories of MamaPop and the food one, you did good stuff there. Times change.)
And oh, the bullshit that is happening in schools around Halloween, FFS. Just got informed that 3rd grade and up aren't supposed to wear costumes, so enjoy the last year of your 7yo's childhood! Love-fucking-ly.


Just adding my .02 to the "don't leave us" chorus! We'll be here, whenever you have something to say. :)


Yes, I've missed you. Is that super creepy?

Leigh Ann

I do miss your updates, but I get it. I just started a part time, 20 hr/wk deal at home, and I can't believe how much trouble I have actually squeezing in 20 hours. I'll add them up on a Friday afternoon and I'm all, "EIGHT? EIGHT HOURS??? Shiiiiiiit."

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