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This post is sponsored by OneDay and the OneDay Instant Movie Maker App.

Ezra six

(Almost) every time I upload and share one of my boys' birthday montages, I get comments and emails asking how I make them. And I generally respond with a hybrid of truth and a lie:

1) I use iMovie currently, although Noah's earliest videos were made with Windows Movie Maker, so basically: I use whatever what program that done came free with my computing lapbox. 

2) It's easy! 

Okay, so maybe "It's easy!" isn't a complete lie, but definitely oversimplifies the time commitment involved. Here's how the production cycle usually goes down:

7 DAYS BEFORE BDAY: La la la la la

6 DAYS BEFORE BDAY: Hmm, I should probably start getting all the video clips togeth-la la la la la

5 DAYS BEFORE BDAY: *hears song on radio, cries in car, declares it PERFECT*

4 DAYS BEFORE BDAY: *goes online, reads perfect song's actual lyrics, discovers it's actually about butts*

3 DAYS BEFORE BDAY: *spends entire day waiting for 146 different video clips from three different recording devices to import into iMovie*


1 DAY BEFORE BDAY: *spends entire day piecing clips together, changing mind, moving them around, usually starting from scratch at least once due to a software freeze n' crash*

BDAY: I triumphantly upload a whopping three-minute video to Vimeo, only to once again be reminded that I am too cheap to spring for a Vimeo Plus account and thus my video will be "processing" for the next two hours. 

Not to get all infomercially on you, but there's GOT to be a better way, right?

*walks across room, trips on banana peel, strangles self with USB cable*

You guys. How cute is this:

That movie, on the other hand, took all of 10 minutes to make. Ezra and I settled down after birthday cake and I interviewed him about Ezra's Favorite Things, As Of The Day He Turned Six Years Old. The prompts are all provided by the OneDay Instant Movie Maker App (which is FREE for iPhone, by the way, at least for now, FREEEE). After each question you can decide to keep the answer or try again or skip it entirely, and once you're done, it very literally requires a single tap on your screen to create the full, stitched-together movie, complete with transitions and music. You can then share it or just keep it on your camera roll. 

(Full disclosure #1: I still had to wait for Vimeo so I could embed here. Not so if you want to share it via Twitter or Facebook or email, or if you are not too cheap to spring for a Vimeo Plus account already, AMY.)

(Full disclosure #2: The "favorite place" question was in fact, a do-over, because Ezra's original response was the full name of his elementary school. Absolutely preshus and adorable, but sadly not fit for Internet consumption. Definitely one for my own file-hoard though.)

(Full disclosure #3: My kids all love the Washington, D.C. football team. However, we are a pro-change-the-name-already family. Just putting that out there, as I think the video edited out my audible cringe at that one.)

There are a whole slew of topics and prompts available, from very simple ones for babies/toddlers, to bigger kid options that range from potentially hilarious ("God" or "Advice For My Parents") to potentially perfect gift-making ("About Mommy/Daddy" and "All About My Grandmother/Grandfather"). 

A even us Olds can make movies for the Youngs in our lives — advice, words of wisdom, or just stories from different phases of our lives. If you've got an iPhone and an older relative with great stories, point the camera at them, ask a question, hit record, and get those stories down and stitched together, BAM. 

Anyway, I showed the boys' Ezra's finished movie and not surprisingly, both Noah and Ike demanded in on the action. They always like watching the birthday montages I make for them — they're fascinated with old footage and photos of themselves in general — but this was genuinely COOL. Especially since it was very instant gratification. 10 questions, 10 minutes, and you're the star of your very own show. 

Here's Noah talking (and talking) about school:

And here's Ike being completely, typically stubborn, after 20 solid minutes of "ME TOO! ME TOO!"

And if you'd like proof that the app is easy to use, here's a Ninja Turtle interviewing Optimus Prime about his plans for Halloween.


BREAKING NEWS: Optimus Prime plans to pass on going to a haunted house but hopes to score some chocolate while treat-or-treating. 

In summary, you should get the OneDay app and try it out. Yes, they sponsored this post but all words and thoughts and opinions are mine (except for the ones in the videos, which belong to my kids). I think you'll have a lot of fun with it. 



No Android love.... :(


Haha, totally heard your groan after "the Redskins" :)


OK, I never comment, but the "I'm Hungry" about killed me. So freakin' cute!


The picture of Ezra at the top of this post is like the little photo of you on this site! Love it!

Sue W.

Too. Damn. Preshus.


Love! What do you do about songs and copyright laws? Every time I try to make a montage with music behind it, my movie gets removed (from FB, from youtube) for copyright violation. Is there a secret?



YOu are my favorite blogger of all and my children are now 24 and 27;).


Also, Noah is wicked smart, isn't he!?!


Yes indeed!!!

And Ike's "I'm Hungry" face is one of the Top All-Time Interwebz Stuff.

Still standing is Noah as my Favorite Internet Boy, particularly when he realized Rachel would catch up with him in 6th/7th grade. And he can tell time! I *still* haven't caught up to Daylight Saving Time this year; glad it's almost over! :-)


Also? I'm hoping this is *never* Jason and Ezra discussing Bloon:

Megan aka Joe's Mom

OMG Noah is awesome. He reminds me so much of my Joe. So well spoken :)


Your kids are so, so beautiful. I know you know this but, sheesh! Love the birthday boy but was so entirely charmed by Noah and his bright, sweet earnestness. And, of course, Ike's "I'm hungry" face is to-die.


Love this idea! Downloading it right now. Thanks for the suggestion!


Love One Day! My 3.5yo is super excited to make movies, the 5yo less so... but still, they make her giggle.


Has anybody had success with the OneDay website? I got super excited when Amy posted about it a while back, but I can't get it to import any of my stuffs (e.g. from Facebook) and my customer service inquiry to OneDay seems to have fallen into a black hole. :(

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