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DIY Preshus Memories


For his birthday, Ezra asked for exactly four things:

1) A chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

2) A Lord Business LEGO set.

3) A very specific Transformer that oh God I hope I bought the correct one THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE.


4) A party dress for Bloon

So we took a recent scouting trip to a Big Box Toy Store — the POINT of which was to figure out exactly which Transformer he was talking about, which I completely blanked on while scrolling through Amazon because THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE and there are fourteen million variations of the same robot and now I'm utterly amazed at my parents' ability to always get me the exact pose of Strawberry Shortcake I had my heart set on.

"The Strawberry Shortcake with the watering can! The GREEN watering can. And not the BENDING DOWN one. The STANDING UP one."

While we were there, I figured Ezra might want to have a say in Bloon's party dress selection as well, so after some disoriented wandering around in search of the doll aisle, I asked an employee where we might find doll clothes.

"Like for [DOLL BRAND I'VE NEVER HEARD OF]?" he asked.

"Um, I dunno," I answered. "It's for his bear. I don't know what brand will fit, so is there just an aisle we could look at?"

"All we really have is [DOLL BRAND I'VE NEVER HEARD OF], but it's, you know. For girls."

"Well," I bristled, hoping that Ezra didn't hear that, because NOPE. "His bear is a girl."

"Oh, okay," he laughed and started walking away. We trailed after him, until I realized he was just walking towards the employees-only area of the store.

I asked again where we might find those doll clothes, please. He looked surprised, then gave us the aisle number and general direction.

It turned out that the clothing for [DOLL BRAND I'VE NEVER HEARD OF] was perfectly Bloon sized. Ezra very seriously considered each option, pointedly turning down anything blue or gender neutral.

"That's not beautiful enough," he explained.

He chose this. 

Bloon party

Isn't she beautiful? 

Just like Ezra, my beautiful, amazing boy. He's Transformers and Plastic Battle Droidpod Whatevers and Dirt and Defiance and Stubbornness and the most loving, gentle, and nurturing little person I have every had the honor to meet. 

I started his birthday video the usual way, set to some song that he loves or was just the right blend of sappy/peppy, before realizing that...no. He doesn't need a soundtrack anymore. The one he provides — his singing, dancing, talking — is a better representation of life with Ezra this year than any old rapid-fire clip montage ever could.

Ezra's 6th Birthday from amalah on Vimeo.

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Happy birthday to the Mightiest of Zahs. 



Happy Birthday to the Ezra-iest Ezra that ever was!

Alison C

happy, happy birthday Zah!

Alison C

happy, happy birthday Zah!


Happy birthday, Ezra! Bloon looks beautiful in her new dress.

(Also, WTF, dick Target employee?)

Emily Speight

Happy Birthday Ezra!!

Thank you for the gloomy morning smile today.


He's adorable. Video made me tear up. Happy birthday to your sweet boy!

Sue W.

Your videos always make me cry. Happy 6th birthday Mighty Zah!


He had me with the cooking and yoga. But choosing the perfect dress for Boon. Heart melting. Happy Birthday little dude!


Happy Birthday Ezra!


Happy Birthday, Ezra! Bloon looks lovely in her new dress! (PS - That employee was an idiot.)


What a sweet, adorable boy! Bloon looks beautiful, way to go, Ezra!


Bloon does, indeed, look beautiful. Nice choice, Zah! Happiest of 6th birthdays! :)


How can I adore a child this much that I've never even met?! Love the video. Well, the first 2.5 minutes of it. I had to stop watching because I could feel my ovaries preparing to explode.


Such a sweet boy. Happy Birthday Ezra! And great choice for Bloon's dress. She's looks magnificent!


It would be impossible for that dress story to be any cuter. IMPOSSIBLE.


Happy birthday, Ezra!

And Bloon looks beautiful.


Ez = awesome. Target employee = total idiot.

Happy birthday, Ezra! Bloon's all set for the party.


Speaking of great honors, it is a great honor to read/witness your great love for your boys. I always leave smiling ruefully/joyously thinking of how you shower your boys with love and adoration. It's a wonder to behold --- thank you for sharing.

Suzy Q

Happy Day to the Best Ezra!


Oh! My heart. My 2yr old seems so much like Ezra, and you've filled me with joyful anticipation. Happy birthday little man.


What a joy. What a joy his life is. What a joy he is to you (and of course, also a pain in the tucchus). And what a joy he will someday be to the family he creates.

Cheryl S.

Bloon looks absolutely stunning. And if he's the most kind, gentle soul ever, you helped make him that way.

One of my proudest moments as a mom was when my mother looked at my 9 year old daughter and said "She doesn't have a prejudiced bone in her body, does she?"

For all the time we moms spend beating ourselves up, it's nice to know when I did something right.

And you are definitely doing something right with Ezra, and Noah and Ike.


Happy birthday, ZA!!! And yes, Bloon is beautiful.


Happy Birthday, Ez!
6 is an amazing year.

When I saw 6 I thought
Lol. I know you're done, but I just thought....maybe, 1 more?


Happy birthday to your much-loved boy!

Leigh Ann

I love this times one million.


Am I the only one who wants some bubblegum now?! Please tell Ezra that the Interwebz thinks he's the Greatest Chef Ever! Plus, I personally think he's the best parent that Bloon could ever have. Happy happy, Ezrae!


Happy Birthday Mighty Zah!!


Can't get that bubblegum song out of my head now... Happy birthday!

Kitty Chaos

My Gods, Amy, he is so beautiful. I cannot believe how long and tall he is, now. He is growing into such a handsome little dollface, too, isn't he?! I've been reading your blog for a couple years, and have read all of the children's stories, and Ezra is such a little charmer. I cannot get over how sweet he seems. I love to see how much you cherish those three boys! You and your husband are doing a wonderful job raising amazing little men! Happy birthday to Ezra indeed!


So stinkin cute!! Love his soundtrack! Did I somehow miss the 9 year old slideshow for Noah? Just wondering!


I love him. A party dress for Bloon, a beautiful one. So sweet.

Also, I want to smack that store employee upside the head. There should be training that says NEVER EVER TELL A KID THEY CAN"T HAVE FUN WITH A TOY. Just like that, all caps.


Ezra is the best. And that dress is so perfect for Bloon. Stupid Target employee!


How did you manage to get the cutest babies? And how did they get so old on us? (YOU, I mean, YOU) But, no really?

And Bloon looks gorgeous. Good job Ezra on picking out her digs.


I loved the bubblegum song!


Love that boy! Ezra and my son were born a week apart. So I've always had a soft spot for Ezra (not withstanding that his "mighty Zah-ness" of course!). xo to Ezra, happy 6th birthday!


So freaking adorable. Bloon looks amazing.


Aaaaaa the CUTENESS!! X-D
BTW the kid can sure carry a tune...
Mazal tov Ezra! Happy birthday!


Adorable! He picked a great dress! Can I ask how you made the video? I used to do TrueMedia but they went out of business. Thanks.


That is so beautifully sweet! I love that he wants Transformers and Legos and..........a dress for his baby. Awesome boy!!!


How is he six? How is this possible? Wasn't he just five last year?

Now he's gonna get all tall and long and grown up like Noah. Dangit.

Would you quit feeding your children already?!?

Lynda M Otvos

Happy Birthday to the Mightiest of the ZAH's. He really rocks this growing thing, may each step he takes lead the way to Peace.

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