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Happy New Year From the Village Idiots

We stayed home on New Year's Eve. Grilled up some steaks, made some baller sweet potatoes, sent the kids to bed at the usual hour, settled down on the couch to watch a movie, be exceedingly boring, etc.

After blowing through enough wine and cocktails to bring down an elephant on a metal band's tour bus, we decided to switch to bubbly for the big countdown moment. 

Jason opted to amp the excitement up even further with a champagne-bottle sabering demonstration.

It was very important to him that I record this moment.

(Language NSFW. We talk like I write! HAPPY 2015 MOTHERFUCKERS!)



Isn't that how bottle sabering always ends up?

Sue W.

Oh yeah! There's a little bit left. With GLASS SHARDS in it! Jason, WHAT were you thinking?


@Rebecca USUALLY when we've done it, just the glass lip around the cork snaps off, and the bottle remains intact. We've never had a bottle break in half like that...I think it wasn't cold enough.

(Yaaaaasssss, let's blame the bottle temperature and not the drunk person trying to saber the bottle. Yaaassssssssssssssss.)

Emily Speight

OMG that's hilarious!

We tried letting the older kiddo stay up late, but she ended up hitting the cat so we had to put her to sleep early (the kid, not the cat).


The bessst! So hilarious! You guys are awesome!
Next time strike along the seam of the bottle also with much more force.
It's my favorite trick!


I knew it was about to happen and I still jumped! LOL


Hahahaha. . . Notice Ceiba scuttling out of there.


pretty sure this is why you are still happily married

Katy G

Can I just say that you guys are the awesomest??!!?! Also, omg Ive never everrr wanted to be married before but THIS!! The giggling best friends having fun, years later, omg I want that!! You guys rock


Happy New Year! And also thank you for sharing this. You made an internet stranger who's having a fairly crappy day much happier than she was a minute ago. You're the best.


also, pro tip I learned out of desperation caused by a similar mishap.. put some cheese cloth (even a clean kitchen towel will do if you're stuck) over your glass before you pour to strain out the glass bits. I'm not proud to admit I've resorted to such a thing but it worked. =P




Love the Ceiba cameo, deciding you guys need to be left alone!


I want a still of Jason holding the knife and the broken bottle to be next year's Christmas card.


That is FANTASTIC. This is also why I would never attempt to do something similar, because I am a wuss (unless maybe I was outside).

Sarah the P

From what I've heard, this scene was happening all over that evening!


ive had that recipe bookmarked forever but haven't made it because the cooking time scares me (also because I am mandoline shy after losing the tip of a finger to one) - are they as good as they look? Worth another fingertip even?


Am I the only one who is wanting to reach in and save the phone from the champagne carnage? Move it! Quick!


I love "old" people new year's eve. Our night was about exactly the same, except my husband managed to spill almost the whole bottle (on the carpet) just by opening it normally.


Yesssss! This is hilarious! My husband and I follow your blog and we both got a good laugh out of this one.


@Sarah We made SK's sweet potato roast for thanksgiving and NYE. I would not recommend par-cooking them the day before (mine came out soggy) and think they could maaaybe use about 10 minutes less cooking time...but we have a shit stove so I bet the recipe is correct for most people. I used a mandoline (carefully) and did the creme fraiche/milk/chives topping. Reheated the rest for lunch today for me and Ez. Soooo good!! Do it!

Claudia W

Really funny, but the BEST part is the dog bailing....


Ha ha! Love it. I am just going to hope my husband doesn't see this, because he WILL try this with the champagne we have in our fridge right now.


My trick for non-wine things remaining in wine (usually cork fragments in my case) is to use one of those pour-over coffee things that fancy people use to make coffee (and I also use to filter the non-oil things from the oil for my fry baby before putting it back in the fridge for next time (I am not fancy people)). It is a fairly multi-purpose filterer of small solids from liquids, since coffee filters catch pretty darn small particles.

Cheryl S.

Love Ceiba in the background. "fuck this, I'm out of here!"

Happy new year!


I have to go back and watch again since I missed Ceiba the first two times...
This was hilarious!

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